Cheryl Hayashi’s “The Magnificence of Spider Silk”

The speaker giving the speech begins by clearly stating the contents of the speech about to be delivered. Clearly defining the contents of speech provide the audience with a perception of the expectations from the speech. The speaker does not state the substance discussed within the context of the speech. He presents a descriptive explanation of what the substance appears to be. The speaker creates suspense by describing the substance without quoting the substance, therefore, increasing the desire for the audience to keep listening.

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The speaker describes the innovative ideas regarding the subject under discussion. This leaves the audience guessing the substance identified. Suspense imminently assists the speaker in gaining the attention of the audience. Through the created suspense, the audience remains interested in seeking to know the substance referred to.

As the speaker progresses, he begins describing the significant aspects of the substance to keep the audience attentive. The speaker highlights the impacts of the substance on society while still not mentioning the name of the substance. The speaker continues to describe the impacts of the substance within different aspects of life vividly. He integrates the importance of this substance into different professions. Knowing the audience comprises of different professionals, the speaker tries to imply the substance could essentially benefit every one of them.

This captures the interest of any persons within the audience lacking interest in the topic under discussion. The speaker becomes specific about the topic under discussion. This captures the attention of the individuals making the audience. The audience becomes increasingly interested as each person seeks to find out the suitability of the substance in their profession.

The speaker continues to explain to the audience about the advantages of using the substance and informs the audience that the substance does not react negatively with the human skin. At this point, the speaker provides a visual object and identifies the material making the object as silk. Identifying the substance at this stage leaves the audience perplexed at how the substance under discussion could be silk. The speaker amazes the audience by providing a totally different version of silk from what the audience knows.

This inherently captures the imaginative abilities of the audience. The audience seeks to hear the explanation concerning the formation of silk. The interest of the audience increases upon realizing the capabilities of the substance constantly utilized in manufacturing numerous items used daily. The audience becomes interested in establishing the relationship between the displayed substance and the silk the audience knows.

The speaker continues and provides an explanation of the processes involved in the natural manufacturing of silk by bombyx more worms. The speaker narrates the events, chronologically taking the audience through the manufacturing process. During the process, the speaker essentially identifies the components of the substance. The speaker begins explaining the highlight of his speech after finishing with the formation process. The audience listens carefully and attentively as attention remains focused on the different applications of silk.

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The speaker reaches the climax while maintaining the captured attention of the audience. After gaining the interest and attention of the audience, the speaker diverts from the topic to provide a deeper explanation regarding the subject under discussion. The speaker maintains the attention of the audience by reaching the climax of the speech towards the end. This becomes evident through the standing ovation the audience gives the speaker at the end.

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