Personal Responsibility, Ethics, and Values


Personal responsibility is defined as being responsible for oneself and the safety and demands of others. For any student to prosper at school, s/he has to be organized, meaning that s/he should be personally responsible for his/her learning by being organized. Students ought to be focused on attaining the grades they wish in their classes. The most important thing about getting through school is being collected. This can be done by finishing assignments on time. A student needs to note down this information because it could help him/her recall what s/he is supposed to do.

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Personal Responsibility

According to Dorn (23), there are several personal responsibilities examples such as money and finances, mission life calling and destiny, relationships and intimacy, health wellness and longevity, psychology and emotions, spirituality, religion, and enlightenment. I determined this book to be reliable because it examines personal responsibility and, therefore, relevant to the topic. I believe that the author is not biased because, at the end of each outlined story, he encourages individuals to use wisdom from various contributors. He notes down how they are helpful to me, and I apply them in my personal life. This will help me to achieve personal transformation as a way of improving personal responsibility.

Consequently, I will benefit after every three months because I will get exclusive and new wisdom in one of the named personal responsibility areas. This enables me to renew and refresh my commitment to meeting my personal obligations. I understand that personal responsibility is a freedom and not a burden, and it aims at bringing power to me by learning something new each day.

As noted by Dorn (56), there is an example of Smith, who provided a real-life story of a committed student of martial arts as he allows for solutions and challenges of physical training and nutrition challenges experienced. In such a situation, there is a need for one to take personal responsibility in order to overcome difficult conditions. I think there is no author bias because the author has outlined several examples in this text and has further explained how one can use personal responsibility to overcome such situations (Berkshire Hathaway Inc 2).

This information is vital for this essay as it helps in enhancing the theme of the paper, personal responsibility. His writings aim at taking individuals to an advanced level of personal growth and development as a way of using personal responsibility in all aspects of life. We understand that life is a creative process, and therefore in whatever we feel, we ought to balance our lives. The essence of personal responsibility is that you are responsible for everything that you think, believe, and do (Bazerman and Tenbrunsel 65).

At such a time that we make choices, we put things in a manner that we want them to be. While taking individual responsibility, I start with my inner feelings that are unspoken and unconscious assumptions. The action that I take to be responsible for what happens in my life is an excellent step of moving from immaturity to maturity.

Personal Ethics

Personal ethics are defined as moral guidelines chosen by an individual in any ethical system. Personal ethics differ from other ethics because, with personal ethics, an individual is committed to his/her moral life. To be committed morally means that you devote to specific values and use them in your daily life. I use personal ethics to determine a course of action, such as to solve a problem in life. It is factual that life has many issues, and therefore, I have to make sure all issues are solved in time.

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I could do this by shaping my life to fit into other peoples’ lives. For instance, I could use moral language. I will also use ethical language by using honest words like ought and good. For example, I conversed with a friend, and the section of the conversation is recorded here. I told him, “you are behaving like a beast.” He answered me, “I do not want to behave better than this because I know I misbehave to express my personal ethics.” I told her, “you ought to change your behavior.”

Personal Viewpoints on Personal Ethics

My personal viewpoint on personal ethics is that ethics are behavioral, and it is a manner of individual conduct based on personal values and beliefs. One’s treatment of others is based on an individual’s well-defined morals. Personal ethics helps one to make a decision between conflicting issues.

My preferred ethical lens is that an individual should make decisions that are dependable on his/her values and the values of the society; s/he should also make a decision on what is wrong or right, bad or good, unjust, or just. While making an ethical decision, one should be specific to the content, especially if it is a similar situation; s/he should make a decision that will benefit an individual and the organization both in the short run and in the long run.

A blind spot is a methodology employed to uncover outdated assumptions in the mental scheme of the decision maker’s environment. It is the value that people attach while determining the bias in themselves and other people. My blind spot can result in unpleasing behavior like lack of humility, defensiveness, and a tendency to be over-controlling. At times I feel that the decisions I make are always right, and there is no need to listen to other peoples’ opinions or incorporate their points of view.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Personal Responsibility

I am in a position to solve my own problems. I also assist groups and communities in solving their problems. In addition, I try to help people to recognize that individuals who are helped are community members who deserve respect, dignity, and responsibility. Furthermore, I help individuals to find out new resources around them and make fair use of them.

My weaknesses in personal responsibility include the following. I lack the ability to understand others. For instance, a person may be making a joke, and because I do not understand him/her, we end up conflicting. The inability to work with others, especially those who feel that they are more competent than others, is my other weakness. Lastly, I have a deficiency of failure to take responsibility since, at times, I fail to take up my responsibilities depending on my moods.

Values of Personal Responsibility

My values in personal responsibility are many and include self-control exercises. A good example is whenever I am angry with someone; I always find a way to control myself to avoid more problems. I fulfill my obligations effectively. For instance, if I start a particular project, I always make sure that its mission has been accomplished. I also make sound judgments, do not blame others, and am still reliable and answerable.

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Resultant Behaviors of Personal Responsibility

My resultant behaviors of personal responsibility include an always awareness of my personal values, demonstration of integrity, and truthfulness in practice. My display of understanding of professional values and application of social work principles and ethical values are vital responsibility behaviors displayed too.


Personal responsibility is an important area of study because it defines how an individual should be responsible for himself and for others. Several studies indicate that personal responsibility contributes to self-awareness, which results in improved individual and organizational performance.


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