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Chief Executive Officers Payments

There have been many issues concerning with the Chief Executive Officers are paid highly and enjoy a lot of incentives in the originations compared to the staff in the same organizations. This argumentative essay will try to support my stand on whether I agree that CEOs should be paid highly or not. I will discuss both sides on why they should be paid and why they should not be paid highly and conclude by giving my stand on this argument.

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Reasons why they should not be paid highly, firstly, there has been an ongoing debate that the CEOs do not work the same hours and speed as the other junior staff work; thus, paying them more than the junior staff is unjustifiable (Jouber, 2019). It indicates that the pay should be determined by the number of hours worked and productivity in that organization. Also, some junior staffs are more experienced than the CEOs themselves (Murphy & Sandino, 2020). For example, for a fresh graduate who has been employed in the company as the CEO is not fair to be paid more than the staff they find in that company (Murphy & Sandino, 2020). Alternatively, most of the time, they are not found in their offices since they are primarily committed to doing benchmarking, conferences, and other outside meetings.

All this said and done, the CEOs are the most qualified staff in any organization. Their educational background is of high quality compared to the other team. They qualify for higher payments since they negotiate them using their academic qualifications and experiences (Cziraki & Jenter, 2021). Also, the CEO pays a lot of tuition fees to attain their academic paper, and they use a lot of time in school for the qualification; thus, their pay should be high to compensate for this. In addition, these CEOs qualify for the higher payment since some of them have experience in their field of work since they have worked in different companies making their skills remain on toes to the company needs (Aguinis, Gomez-Mejia, Martin, & Joo, 2018). Alternatively, these CEOs are the overall supervisors to the junior staff. They remain answerable to any question concerning the company’s good or bad performance at the end of the day; therefore, they qualify to be paid a lot.


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