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Citizens and Liberal Government

As a general outlook on the liberal ideology in America, this ideology delineates a system of government where the emphasis is put on the intervention in the economy to respond appropriately to the market forces. Hence, in that sense, liberal ideology views taxation as a means of wealth redistribution and a means by which public works can be funded especially when the free market is not capable of supplying such works adequately. Liberal outlook has certain beliefs that are paramount to human living even though some individuals do dissent from some of these beliefs. Beliefs that are attributed to pure liberals’ government include a version of privatization of government Assets. This is what makes me adhere to liberal ideologies. Privatization of public property is very important in the sense that it enhances the right to property in the country. The belief in income redistribution is another imperative element that fosters equality in the country which is a very supreme element in fighting cases of poverty that is very dominant in most third world countries (David, 2001).

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The arguments that liberals have as their foundation are quite relevant to everyday life. The argument that free will can be achieved effectively through mutual relationships is very important in society and the country at large. The common interests of all the stakeholders are taken into consideration which results in optimal benefit. This eliminates the scenario where there are people who enjoy more than the others i.e. dominance of a group of people who are considered to be of higher classes than other members in the society. Under the natural law, liberals have well established practices that offer protection to individual rights and ensure that relations are observed for the betterment of society (Green, 1998).

The assumptions that were dominant in the earlier theories of government did not favor all individuals in the society. These earlier theories were based on certain assumptions that did not guard the rights of all before in society. Some individuals were considered more important than others. The main foundational assumptions such as the Divine Right of Kings and hereditary status made certain classes of people enjoy more privileges. This was a major hindering factor to equality. The lower class of people has been deprived of their rights and this resulted in a great gap between the rich and the poor. Another factor that makes me stand on the liberal ideology is that it allowed a free market economy as the basis for economic systems and this enhances economic prosperity in most countries of the world. The principle that was dominant among the liberal state was that “all men are created equal and that all of them are endowed by the creator with certain unalienable rights.” The rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were guarded very much by the liberal system. The liberal government follows the policy that political moguls should derive their powers from the consent of the governance and if in any case there is a breach of duty, then they are liable for any damages that the society suffers. Liberal assumptions and thoughts have dominated the politics of countries such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (Harold, 2004).

Pure liberals laws are very sensitive to any kind of abortion that takes place in the country. There are certain exceptions that the law allows abortion to be done. As it stands, liberal regulations and rules allow abortions in case of rape, if the health of the mother is in danger, and when the fetus is experiencing serious abnormality. Illegal abortions amount to a breach of law hence sentence. Liberal government at all times stand for the people and it is there to protect them from being accused for things they have never done. Political liberalism stands on the foundation that individuals are the basis of the law and the society. It is also based on the idea that society is for the individuals and it has the duty to ensure that individuals exist and progress very well. It protects the rights of all the people without considering the social class i.e. those people who are considered to be of higher class. It emphasizes on the social contract where citizens are considered to be the makers of the law and they agree to follow it to the later without breaking it (Jonathan, 2000).

Ideologies of pure liberals promise to protect all kind of freedom. The practice of liberal ideology is common in most western countries where the virtue of individual liberty is dominates all aspects of life. The citizens of these countries enjoy full liberty and any one who goes against the rights of an individual citizen is considered to have broken the law. The philosophies of liberalism are based on individual liberty and equality in conjunction with the political objectives of the nation. Equality and justice is stressed by the liberal politics and ideologies. The variety of thoughts that encompasses liberal ideologies is very supportive when it comes to protection of the rights of all the individuals. The principles do not allow the government to exercise total rights at its own discretion but the government should be very transparent and accountable enough. The liberal ideologies that are adopted by the liberal government support economic liberalism where the citizens enjoy full rights of property of right to enter into contract. This is not a misguided issue since it has been practically done by the US government where the Democrats and the Republicans has had differences over. The liberals were against the policies of WTO which had imposed a lot of restriction on business operations between countries (David, 2001). The liberals wanted to reduce the powers of the World Bank as demanded by the Republicans. It does not allow the state to intervene or regulate market operations.It argues that the value of goods and services should be allowed to operate freely in the market with the prices been determined by choices of individuals. The US government has adopted liberal ideology in making foreign policies; Obama’s liberal gained a lot of fame as it was accepted by many citizens.

In conclusion, liberal government ensures that protects the rights of the citizens to conscience and lifestyle. These rights include sexual freedom, freedom of cognition and religious freedom (Chris, 2004)


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