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Classical Conditioning as a Marketing Strategy


Classical conditioning is a process that manipulates the human brain by associating everyday items with specific terms. During the elections, this guideline is utilized to painstakingly express politicians’ messages to the residents. For instance, they get the artists to sing them at their assemblies (Quickel, 2020). Classical conditioning has always been a useful tool for promoting and publicizing. The overall thought is to make an ad with positive highlights to make the individual who watches it feel pleasure (Biegler & Vargas, 2016). Since the item being promoted is referenced in the advertisement, it becomes associated with its use. Eventually, if the commercial is successful, seeing the item on the web or in the store will at that point make a positive reaction for the purchaser, driving the person in question to be bound to buy it.

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It is unethical and unfair to use the psychological concept to manipulate humans’ cognition. Politicians must be transparent to the greatest extent to provide an effective service to the whole community. The same applies to marketing agencies which try to influence customer’s choice. The product that is being advertised is not necessarily a high quality than other items of the same use. Advertisers only think about their profits but not the morals.

Online Media

There are many concerns regarding what individuals read on the web since it is a higher priority than any time to focus on moral issues in substance and web-based media. Different connections between social media use and emotional wellness have been explored, discussed, and examined among specialists and have produced debate in clinical, logical, and mechanical networks (Duffett, 2017). The development and ascent of online media have been a distinct advantage for the universe of PR. Today, these controls have consolidated, and it is essential to take a more comprehensive view with regards to showcasing both on the web and off (Felix et al., 2017). There is a whole other world to online media than ordinary promoting that is shown in the newsfeed. Thus, social media uses numerous manners to control customers conceivably.


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