Classroom Management Ideas


In his article, James Gilliam illustrates the strategies that can be useful for averting and resolving the behavioral crises of students. In turn, Spencer Salend provides valuable recommendations that can help foster friendship between students. The ideas expressed by the authors can significantly facilitate the work of teachers.

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Descriptors and the key points

The article by James Gilliam (1993): classroom management, crisis management;

The article by Spencer Salend (1999): classroom management, peer support, diversity.

The key point made by James Gilliam (1993) is that the ability to manage emotional or behavioral crises is a critical competence of a teacher since it is necessary for ensuring the safety of learners. The author provides specific guidelines for managing various behavioral problems. More importantly, the writer identifies eight precautions that should be taken to reduce the risk of different problems such as aggression. These recommendations should be considered by educators.

In turn, the article by Spencer Salend (1999) is aimed at showing that it is possible to remove the barriers to the friendship between learners with disabilities and their peers who do not have any special needs. The most interesting aspect of this article is that the author identifies and depicts a variety of interventions that can promote cooperation among learners. Many of these interventions have not been familiar to me.

The article written by James Gilliam (1993) can help me become a better educator because I will be able to apply a variety of techniques identified by the author. In particular, the suggestions offered by James Gilliam can assist me in avoiding or resolving various conflicts in the classroom. For instance, I will apply the methods that can minimize disruptive behavior which can be driven by some emotional problems. In turn, Spencer Salend’s article is useful because it shows how a person can promote cooperative learning in schools. For instance, such methods as circles of friends and peer support committees will help me foster teamwork in the classroom (Salend, 1999).

Overall, James Gilliam’s article has strengthened my conviction that emotional and behavioral crises in the classroom can be averted provided that a teacher creates the appropriate atmosphere. For instance, it is critical to identify clear and specific rules that should be followed by every learner. Moreover, one should lay stress on trust which strengthens a student’s sense of belonging. In turn, the examples offered by Spencer Salend have highlighted to me that the alienation of students and their hostility towards one another can be reduced to the minimum if educators can show that these learners have many things in common. For instance, one can speak about learning and extracurricular activities, playing, and so forth. By focusing on these particular activities, one can foster friendship between students.

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Overall, I agree with the arguments put forward by James Gilliam who provides examples demonstrating that emotional and behavioral crises of students can be partly explained by the inefficiencies in the work of a teacher. For instance, one should speak about the attempts to use threats or criticize students during such events. Similarly, the absence of clear rules and expectations significantly contribute to the risk of behavioral problems. So, I also believe that teachers should pay more attention to the flaws of their classroom management policies.

Additionally, I also support the views expressed by Spencer Salend who believes that the promotion of friendship between students should be a continuous activity that includes various interventions. More likely, a teacher should prompt learners to work on the tasks highlighting the importance and benefits of cooperation. Judging from my personal experiences, this approach can help students overcome their differences.

Reference List

Gilliam, J. (1993). Crisis Management for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Problems. Intervention in School and Clinic, 28(4), 99-105.

Salend, S. (1999). Facilitating Friendship among Diverse Students. Intervention in School and Clinic, 35(1), 9-15.

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