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Writing Skills Developed in the Comp 101 Course


Throughout the Comp 101 class, I have come to appreciate and understand the core elements of writing, research, and the general reading criteria which will further my endeavors in other areas of study or work. This is because communication is exceedingly required to better identify with other areas of study through group discussions or even as a concept in the workplace. In the medical field, my Comp 101 skills can greatly help me note, understand, and cater to patient needs while also making me eligible to work with various research companies.

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Moreover, the learning objectives throughout the semester have enabled me to gain prioritized integrative attention, adaptive timing, and anticipatory auditory imagery which must act together in my concept of reading, research, and writing for different purposes. We are therefore going to look at the learning objectives and how they apply to my Comp 101 skills and other areas of study and work.

Using critical reading and writing skills to respond to an author’s work

Through critical reading and analysis, I have learned to appreciate an artist’s work and techniques respectively, and also know their thoughts, perspective, and feeling by relating to their piece of work and having a broader envision of it. I also do appreciate the art of writing due to its motivational, informative, or even inspiring qualities and writer’s techniques that can have an emotional effect on its readers as seen in many books or magazine articles. This appreciation has become part of the creative process that I can apply to the form of reading or writing in any field of study while also improving my library use skills at large(O’Hanlon 107).

Analyzing a Rhetorical Situation

The Comp 101 class has also helped me to be creatively inclined to analyze rhetorical situations and use them as a catalyst for a fictional work or satire that inspires or entertains others. I can achieve this through creative writing that can invite or prolong productive discourse while also supporting an opinion and persuading certain groups or individuals on how the situation needs to be addressed.

By gathering facts, I can inform many people about a situation that is of my concern or that which affects them and give them a report on it because it has a high prospect of impacting them (O’Hanlon 109). I can apply such skills in the fourth-estate and greatly help me in my career as a reporter to account for these rhetorical situations with an unbiased view and opinion to the media. Also in my activism work, I can also use such creative writing to respond and campaign for or against such situations.

Remembering your Audience

One important objective I have learned in the Comp 101 class is the writing skills and ability to present an issue differently for each audience by using facts to capture the trust and confidence of the audience by using the academic tone.

I can considerably use the first-person voice to capture the audience’s attention and keep their interest in a certain topic by using human-interest stories. By using such stories my message will be directed to the needs, wants, and receptiveness of the audience because they provide much of the context of the topic I’m writing on. I can also switch to the second or third person voices to give a step-by-step explanation on a specific process resonating from an issue. This skill has significantly furnished my literature writing abilities on different study forums on any issue. I can also put this skill to author books or articles that are of public concern (O’Hanlon 111).

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Writing a Great Argument

By writing a great argument, I can write defending an issue while also being conscientious to the opposition. I can attain this by writing a reasonable non-confrontational argument that may prove worthwhile to hostile members of my audience. I have learned to leave out a personal opinion and baseless myths on any issue and only use hard evidence and sound logic for my argument. By doing this, the audience will have a different view on the issue at hand and change their own way of thought at the issue (O’Hanlon 111). It will help me have a significant and constructive argument with fellow scholars in my field of study or work.

The Author’s Voice in Fiction

To understand an experience or information I have learned through fictional writing to filter my point-of-view through a narrator just like in movies whereby the director’s point-of-view is filtered through the camera. Through fictional writing, I can extend my personality in a story by choosing a narrator who might be narrow, omniscient, or limited third-person. Although the situation might be absurd with the plausible plot and setting (O’Hanlon 109), I can use such writing to write and direct films that will portray my imagination or personality through a character in the story. By expressing my ‘’inner world’’, I can capture audience attention in the film industry through my own imagination that may arise from a rhetorical situation.


The Comp 101 class has immensely helped me gain strong interpersonal and communication skills that are motivational and mentoring in all fields of study. I have also seen my research and publication skills grow with an excellent foundation of comprehension related to the research topic and project study. This class has also helped me be socially interactive by working collaboratively, a character that will help me in any aspect or field of study and work. I have also developed competence in research design and methodology. In conclusion, I do appreciate the Comp 101 class for passing out to me communications skills that I will greatly need to not only express myself but also to express a public opinion to the world at large.

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