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Clinical Practice Guidelines Overview

Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) refer to the analytically established statements that help support the choice of medical practitioners and patients about the proper health care for definite conditions. These guidelines are planned to offer summarized suggestions aimed at providing better healthcare services. A trustworthy CPG relies on a review of verifiable evidence and consideration of essential patient categories and their preferences. Moreover, it is built on explicit and transparent strategies to eliminate conflicts of interest, distortions, and biases (Curtis et al., 2017). Furthermore, it is reviewed, reconsidered, and revised by a team of multidisciplinary experts and representatives from key affected groups, which confirms its trustworthiness.

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Being considered the cure for tension between healthcare cost and quality, CPGs offer a broad range of uses other than just being a means for controlling the clinicians. CPGs are applied to enhance care by reducing variation in practice and adherence to good standards of care. The CPG development was done by a multidisciplinary committee comprised of experts from the College of Family Practitioners Singapore, Academy of Medicine Singapore, other professional societies, and patient representatives (Curtis et al., 2017). The development incorporated a scientific evidence-based approach combined with the best available research pieces as dictated by experts and professionals. The approach systematically guided the latter in establishing research evidence and values that were of significance in providing fair decisions and judgment when offering medical services. The committee also drafted laws on how the guidelines are to be recommended (American Academy of Pediatrics, n.d.). According to such regulations, the stakeholders would sit, brainstorm on the topic at hand, and thus develop a standard guideline for the issue supported by scientific evidence-based suggestions or data. Transparency and rating of the recommendations based on their strength were the law’s objectives.


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