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Coaching at the University Level

Physical education is an indispensable part of a learning process, from elementary school to university. Sports not only help students develop their physical abilities but also relieve tension, build confidence, and improve self-discipline and teamwork skills. In this sense, coaching, specifically at the university level, plays a crucial part. The successful development of good exercise habits and team spirit improvement are the significant benefits of coach teaching classes at universities.

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Coaching students at the university plays an influential role in the physical development of the students. Coaches are considered to be figures of authority and respect; however, they also are approachable enough and are often viewed as mentors (Gels, 2017). By teaching that sport can be entertaining and beneficial, coaches can influence the students to live a healthy lifestyle off the sports field (Understanding the importance of coaches, n. d.). Coaching classes contribute to continuous engagement in sport (Ellerton, 2018). Therefore, these types of classes play a crucial part in getting students physically active and healthy.

Coach teaching classes are an essential tool to improve the team spirit of the students. According to Ellerton (2018), sports “provides opportunities to develop a strong sense of belonging” (para. 13). Interaction between the coach and the students develops trust and promotes open communication (Gels, 2017). By learning how to play in a team, students practice tolerance and good morale (Ellerton, 2018). Therefore, coaching classes help students learn how to cooperate with other people, which can be beneficial in other aspects of life.

Thorough research of the topic, it became apparent to me that coaching classes are crucial due to the many positive benefits they provide both for the school and for the students. Experienced coaching staff at the university level increases the efficiency of intercollegiate athletics. However, apart from promoting well-being and motivating the students, sports coaching also supports better academics. It also instills a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to the educational institution.


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