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Coca-Cola: Strategic, Marketing Plans and Opportunities


The paper investigates the Coca-Cola Company’s strategic, marketing plans, and identifies growth opportunities. Coke is a worldwide manufacturer; therefore, it presents a great interest. The research presents a precise study of various aspects of the company. There are SWOT, benchmarking, marketing analyses that help to identify areas for improvement. Moreover, the bibliography annotation describes the sources used.

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The Coca-Cola Company is best known in the beverage industry for its long-time commitment to producing drinking goods. The world’s biggest non-alcoholic beverage company is home to over 500 recognizable brands, including Fanta, Sprite, Diet-Coke, and others. The manufacture’s headquarter office is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The chosen company has a significant influence on the global market and does not have a large number of competitors in the industry. With billions of dollars in revenue, the company spends this amount on investments, taxes, public initiatives, and other expenses. Despite its worldwide success, the retailer struggled over numerous issues. Notably, the company faced financially troubled due to rivalry with other manufacturers and economic downturns. Over the past decade, the American and international beverage markets have seen a sharp decline in demand and significant shifts in consumer preferences, driven by growing concerns about obesity and health. Therefore, this paper seeks to compare Coca-Cola’s production with its competitors and suggest operational improvements for better the company’s functioning.


The topic of the paper is “Operational Improvements for the Coca-Cola Company,” and it investigates the necessary changes which will help the manufacturer make a more significant profit. The chosen company is an excellent example of how the industry can improve its operations and increase revenue because its financial transactions are open to the public. Moreover, the topic is quite relevant these days because the pandemic exposed many manufacturers to closing, cutting their expenses, or firing the staff. Therefore, firms, factories, retailers, and companies need to implement amendments in their structure to increase performance and profit. Although it is believed that the company earns a billion dollars annually, a more accurate analysis is needed to determine the direction of improvement for the Coca-Cola Company.


This study is an analysis of the Coca-Cola Company’s monetary Affairs. The purpose of this article is to investigate several financial aspects of Coca-Cola production. First of all, it is essential to examine the income statement and balance sheet to determine total revenue, income before and after-tax, and gross profit. Besides, cash flow analysis will allow you to determine net profit and average shares. The next point to explore is the company’s benchmarking model to compare it with competitors and identify some areas that need to be improved to become a top manufacturer. The article also aims to conduct a SWOT analysis that will determine the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, which will further give a direction for actions. What is more, it is necessary to describe the organizational structure and explore how it functions. The investigation of a marketing plan will let describe Coke’s strategies to attract new customers, investors, and other stakeholders. It will also help to determine the pricing strategy and target customers and assess the level of competition.

The above goals represent the questions that will be answered in this article. In particular, this framework will disclose financial, organizational, marketing, and managerial aspects, as well as their relationships and interdependencies. Moreover, as a result of the analysis will evaluate the necessary improvements for the company to thrive. All the studies of the industry will help the researchers to track the development trends of the Coca-Cola Company and its future directions.


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