82 Strategic Planning Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Strategic Planning

  1. Strategic Plan of Vietnam Business Evaluation
    The paper consists of a business evaluation of Vietnam and a strategic plan for starting a business there. It includes country summary, SWOT analysis, proposal and implementation.
  2. Healthcare Institutions Strategic Planning
    This article discusses how patient safety goals, data management, and informatics, marketing, and hazards preparedness fits into the strategic plan of an institution.
  3. SunTrust Company Strategic Plan
    SunTrust is a Banking industry that was founded in 1811. Its headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, in U.S and it has about 1,800 branches in the Southeast of the United States.
  4. Banner Healthcare Strategic Planning
    This is a strategic plan for Banner Healthcare that addresses issues of network growth, nurse staffing, resource management and patient satisfaction for the next decade.
  5. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Audit and Strategic Plan
    The main objective of this report is to present a full situational audit of Jumbo Seafood and develop a strategic plan for the next 3 years.
  6. Vanguard Healthcare System’s Strategic Plan
    Vanguard Health is a long-term care provider. The paper outlines the measures the organization should take to continue providing the excellent long term care in the next decade.
  7. Nursing Care: Costs and Strategic Planning Process
    The strategic planning process in nursing care focuses on patient-centered care, decision-making process, evidence-based practice, innovation, and continuous learning.
  8. Performance Management and Strategic Planning
    The purpose of this paper is to attempt to identify a link between performance management and strategic planning in an organization.
  9. Huron County Health Department’s Strategic Planning
    The paper presents Huron County Health Department’s SWOT and appreciative inquiry 4-D cycle analyses and discusses their influence on the Strategic Planning Process.
  10. The Importance of Strategic Management and Planning
    The following paper is devoted to strategy, strategic management, and strategic planning. The paper outlines the above mentioned notions, which constitute the baseline for strategic management.
  11. Strategic Planning: Internal and External Factors
    Strategic planning is used to guide an organization during times of change. The plan applies external environments like the industrial environment and the economy.
  12. Global Strategic Business Plan in International Business
    This paper will provide the proposals for developing a strategic plan for expanding business to Russia and potential problems, which might emerge in this process.
  13. Jaguar and Tata Companies’ Strategic Planning
    The first long-term objective of Jaguar is to venture into environmentally friendly vehicles. It also will participate in a joint venture and partner with the Tata Company.
  14. Nurse Engagement in the Strategic Planning Process
    Strategic planning allows organizations to be proactive, solve critical issues, and enhance performance. Nurses are also engaged in strategic planning.
  15. Proctor and Gamble Company: Strategic Planning
    This strategic plan analyze the strategic corporate development history, strategic direction for the future, and the current strategic situation of the Proctor & Gamble company.
  16. Mental Health: Strategic Action Plan
    The essay investigates how mentally ill people and their families are affected economically and emotionally, how they lose productivity and stability in society.
  17. The Indian Creek Foundation Strategic Plan
    The strategic plan will imply a list of things and goals that are essential to accomplish during the project of the Indian Creek Foundation.
  18. Netflix Inc.’s Strategic Communication Plan
    Netflix, Inc., initially started as the world’s leading DVD rent-by-mail company with more than one million subscribers.
  19. United Healthcare Group and Its Strategic Plan
    United Healthcare Group is a for-profit managed organization and one of the largest health care companies in the US, which provides a wide range of services to its clients.
  20. Logistics Operations and Strategic Planning: Ethical Issues
    Reverse logistics managers and strategic planners possess informational needs that should be satisfied to ensure the success of processes.

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  1. Mountain View Health Center: Strategic Planning
    Based on the activities of Mountain View Health Center, the main stakeholders that would be involved in the strategic planning process are patients, and insurance companies.
  2. ABC Company’s Public Relations: Strategic Plan
    The strategic public relations plan seeks to help ABC Company to develop a close relationship with various strategic stakeholders.
  3. Anthem Blue Cross: Strategic Healthcare Planning
    The environment analysis and TOWS matrix both contribute to creating a strategic plan for an organization since they synthesize the factors that influence the operations.
  4. Leadership Skills Development: Strategic Plan
    A leader is an individual who has the motivation, which is important in the process of achieving the set goals. This work presents a leadership plan to improve leadership skills.
  5. Factors Affecting Strategic Planning in Universities
    The role that universities play is of great importance in any society. This study discusses the relevance of communication in successful strategic planning in universities.
  6. Dynamic Shots Company’s Strategic Analysis and Plan
    The company Dynamic Shots has been able to constantly outdo the competition by the insistence on high-quality product development.
  7. Managing Organizational Change and Strategic Planning
    The six-images framework is a mental model that describes various roles performed by change managers as well as their perceptions of change management.
  8. Strategic Planning and Success
    The positive side of strategy looks at the success of various strategies and draws principles out of them with an aim of creating success.
  9. Social Responsibility in Strategic Plan Development
    Businesses in the energy sector have the role of conducting their businesses ethically as they play a vital role in the world’s economic, social, and political development.
  10. Strategic Controls: Implementation and Contingency Plan
    To make sure that the performance levels should be high in the target environment, one should consider using the Balanced Scorecard approach.
  11. Bronzer Tanning Solutions Company’s Strategic Plan
    It is expected that Bronzer Tanning Solutions will have a market share of at least 4% within the next month of operating in the global economy realm.
  12. Cybersecurity Strategic Plan and the Best Practices in the Healthcare Sector
    Technology is changing at a rate that most institutions cannot keep pace with; hence, introducing a large that makes organizations susceptible to cyber breaches.
  13. Obesity Prevention in Community: Strategic Plan
    This paper is a plan of how to change the way the community should treat obesity and improve people’s health through the required number of interventions.
  14. The Practice of Strategic Marketing Planning
    The work is aimed to reveal the sense of strategic marketing planning, its tools, and its importance in the company`s operating.
  15. The Concepts of Strategic Planning, Project Management, Risk Management in Business Event Planning
    The present paper argues that successful business event planning is not possible without careful strategic planning and project management along with risk management.
  16. Disney Plus Service’s Strategic Marketing Plan
    Disney Plus is a proposed over-the-top subscription service whereby customers will be able to identify and watch videos on-demand without any form of restriction.
  17. City Hospital’s Reorganization and Strategic Planning
    To address the challenges related to the drop in admissions, the Chief of Operations of City Hospital proposes to shut down a few departments of the hospital or reorganize them.
  18. Healthcare Technology and Strategic Planning
    It is vital for nurses to learn how to budget for technology properly, as unsuccessful budgeting decisions may negatively impact nurses, patients, and the establishment as well.
  19. Analysis of Toyota Strategic Planning
    The report describes the methods of solving urgent and long-term problems for Toyota Company, and the only condition of its success is the proper conduct by Toyota officials.
  20. Strategic Management: Art of Planning Business
    Strategic management is the so called art of planning business at the highest level and to the greatest extent.

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  1. Strategic Planning: Research and Development
    Different types of strategies allow companies to select the best approach to marketing and management. If the planning process has been faithfully followed, the strategies are obvious.
  2. The Challenge of Long-Term Strategic Planning in the Modern Business
    Strategic planning is simply the art and science of using a proposed or intended course of action in a procedural manner to achieve defined goals and objectives.
  3. Importance of ‘Strategic Planning’ in the Marketing Process
    Strategic planning can be defined as “determination of the steps required to reach an objective of achieving the optimum fit between the organization and the marketplace”
  4. Influence of Geography on Strategic and Defense Planning
    Geography is a decisive factor in the determination of a nation’s defensive foreign policy. The geographical situation is determining whether a country is defensible or not.
  5. Du Telecommunications Ltd.: Strategic Planning
    Du has already earned several awards in a competitive market and it has higher chances of success in the future if it makes good strategic plans.
  6. Strategic Management and Strategic Planning Roles in Business Development
    Strategic planning is aimed at the long-term goals of the business, while it is carried out at every management stage and pursues short-term results in business development.
  7. Global Strategic Planning: The Case of Ford
    Ford has been employing different strategies in order to market its products. One such strategy is a manufacturing strategy referred to as delayed differentiation.
  8. Strategic Plan: SWOT Analysis
    This paper seeks to analyze the SWOT analysis, a method used in strategic planning concerning Picosam technologies.
  9. Comprehensive Strategic Plan for GM Company
    The purpose of paper is to prepare a comprehensive strategic plan for ‘new’ GM Company. Also, report discusses the vision, mission, objectives of GM, Porter’s 5 Forces, etc.
  10. Strategic Planning and Outsourcing
    Strategic planning defines a strategy or approach that would be use in a certain situation or while solving a certain problem.
  11. Kudler Fine Foods Company’s Strategic Plan
    Kudler Fine Foods is currently evaluating some promising commercial properties in Southern California to drive the planned expansion of its businesses.
  12. Strategic Planning for Collegiate Athletics
    Sports planning should also take place because sports management is a science. Athletes’ performance can be measured and analyzed.
  13. Critical Analysis on IT Strategic Planning
    The paper will discuss IT planning and development, their benefits, drawbacks, and application in organizations, and recommendations about utilizing specific approaches.
  14. Exelon Corporation: Strategic Planning
    Exelon Corporation is one of the largest electric utilities based in U.S, Chicago. The company primarily engaged in generation of energy and distribution of energy.
  15. A Strategic Plan for Troy University
    This paper has deliberated to address a Strategic Plan for Troy University to increase its enrollments and marketing in the Washington, DC Metro, Arlington.
  16. The Strategic Planning in Business
    Strategic planning is the initial stage in the development of a plan of action. It will determine the structure of the involvement and the future distribution of resources.
  17. Strategic Plan of Arizona University Technology Office
    The strategic plan, which state the primary objectives of the institution compiled by the The Arizona State University Technology Office specialists, are outlined in this report.
  18. Sports Strategic Planning in the UK
    The study focused on determining whether United Kingdom university athletic departments engaged in strategic planning.
  19. Strategic Planning in Nonprofit Organizations
    The process of making choice usually takes place when leaders need to be supported when making their goals international.
  20. The Banner Health Care System Strategic Plan
    This paper aims at expounding on a strategic plan for Banner Healthcare non-profit organization that provides medical care services to communities.

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  1. Corporate Management: Tactical Planning vs. Strategic Planning
    Understanding differences between tactical and strategic planning in an organizational context is critical for the effective management of resources.
  2. Transportation Forecasting: Strategic Planning
    The purpose of this paper is to understand what measures can be taken to decrease the spending of transportation and define the application area and planning level of the work.
  3. Coca-Cola: Strategic, Marketing Plans and Opportunities
    The paper investigates the Coca-Cola Company’s strategic, marketing plans, and identifies opportunities for growth. It presents a precise study of various aspects of the company.
  4. Ireland’s Aviation Safety Strategic Plan
    Safety is one of the primary concerns for air transport. This report is concerned with the Irish aviation safety strategy and the ways to improve it.
  5. AIDS Project Los Angeles Organization’s Strategic Planning Process
    This paper seeks to bring to the fore the typical managerial challenges faced by non-profit health organizations and recommend a strategic planning process.
  6. Strategic Planning in Current Hospitality Industry
    Tourism commerce has faced significant challenges such as declined productivity, spillover, and increased operating costs since the global spread of COVID-19.
  7. Information Systems Strategic Planning
    Strategic planning is about the careful organization of the resources available for a given chore, so that maximum gain is reaped while minimum losses are incurred.
  8. Analysis of IT Strategic Planning
    Information technology (IT) strategic planning involves several activities that concern an organization’s goals and objectives being achieved through the use of technology.
  9. Strategic Therapy Monitoring Plan Development
    Developing the monitoring plan consists of 4 stages; it is necessary to identify existing problems as deeply as possible and predict changes in management processes.
  10. Strategic Planning and Factors of Influence
    Various external and internal influencing factors may affect strategic plans. Some are related simultaneously to internal and external areas of influence.
  11. Reasons that May Make a Strategic Plan Unsuccessful
    The general implementation of a strategic plan depends on adequate information on the markets and the organization in question.
  12. Strategic Plans for Service Businesses in Adopting Economies of Scale
    Economies of scale can be defined as a way of cutting down the average cost of a product to the customer by producing more products.
  13. Elements of Strategic Planning in Health Organizations
    The strategic planning process is a critical component of the health care delivery system. Its application cuts across governmental and private practice institutions.
  14. Strategic Planning in the Homeland Security Organization
    Strategic planning helps organizations plan for the future. The Homeland Security organization employs strategic planning, which enhances its competitiveness.
  15. Perisher Blue Pty Limited: IT Strategic Plan
    The main objective of this report is to prepare an IT strategic plan for Perisher Blue Pty Limited – Australia’s biggest and most popular ski resort.
  16. Walmart’s Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Plan
    This paper provides the strategic plan for Walmart, including customer objectives, internal business process objectives, learning and growth objectives, and their justification.
  17. Perisher Blue Company: IT Strategic Plan
    This paper aims to conduct a strategic analysis and then prepare an IT strategic plan for Perisher Blue Company – Perisher Blue Alpine resort.
  18. Strategic Planning and Forces That Impact the Industries Development
    This paper analyzes strategic planning – differentiation strategy and PESTEL analysis, and forces that are likely to have a high impact on the industry’s future development.
  19. Chick-fil-A’s: Strategic Plan, SMART Goals
    The paper aims to analyze Chick-fil-A company in the fast-food industry, ascertain potential venues for its development and pinpoint goals that should be achieved in five years.
  20. Strategic Marketing Plan: Apple Corporation Inc.
    This paper examines the marketing strategies Apple used in marketing the iPhone, its strengths and weaknesses, and provides a detailed outline of its future marketing strategies.
  21. Strategic Planning: Healthcare Organizations
    Having a strategy is crucial for a healthcare institution, as the increase in services’ quality allows them to improve patients’ health and creates a competitive advantage.
  22. Strategic Planning: Nursing Shortage
    The goal of this planning is to provide a strategic plan for addressing the issue of nursing shortage in the health care organization from the perspective of a nursing executive.
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