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Coffee Firm: Environmental and Social Issues


Environmental and social issues have become a major business challenge. Since there is interdependency between business and environment, it’s important that care is taken to determine the effect of the relationship. Business depends on the environment, i.e., drawing a large number of natural resources but putting back nothing. Some world agencies have come up with specific environmental regulations that try to compel several enterprises to act with regard to social and environmental status. In this case study, we take a critical look into some of the environmental and social concerns that may be associated with this Coffee firm in the United Kingdom. (Rousseau, 2006)

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This is an agricultural industry, and therefore some of the social and environmental concerns that may be experienced here include; unequal employment opportunity, religious beliefs, taboos, overutilization of natural resources like water, land, and forests. Others could include refusing disposal, etc. the main reason for emphasizing these environmental concerns is to ensure that there is sustainability. Resources used by the firms are the same ones used by the people. It will be in order to ensure that firms do not compete with individuals in utilizing the scarcely available resources, be cautious that they do not introduce substances that are harmful to human beings and the entire environment. Firms should also ensure that the current resource consumption does not compromise the future generation. (Rousseau, 2006)If resources become depleted, the future operations of the firm might be adversely curtailed. This can be detrimental to the firm as well as the people.

The impact of social and environmental issues on marketing

A lot of pressure is mounting on firms to be socially responsible. This is because organizations depend on the entire environment for their present and future operations. If this is not done, it will be difficult to sell the marketing policies to the environment as people are sensitive to organizational behavior. This might lead to a decline in the market share of the organization. The marketing managers will need to take extraordinary steps in explaining to the local environment their activities and what their future plans are. (Kotler, 1994)

Local individuals are also anxious about the way an organization may respond to their needs; for example, if a firm is perceived to be discriminative on employment issues, it might change its purchasing pattern that can adversely affect the business. This will mean difficulty to the marketing manager. If a firm does not have a proper method of disposing of its refuse, then this can lead to complications, including death, injuries, and disability. If this happens, the company can be sued and spend a lot of unnecessary expenditures solving court cases. Failure to properly dispose of firm refuse can also lead to depletion of resources like water. This happens where a firm directs its disposal system to a river or a lake. Truly speaking, failure to appropriately comply with environmental and social issues can plunge a company into serious marketing problems. Imagine an organization that has earned itself a bad name; what responses can you expect? It’s so bad. (Kotler, 1994)

Factors that can make me change my marketing mix

As a marketing manager, a lot of research should have been carried out. This will reveal the marketing position of the firm. If the response is below the company standard, then the manager needs to change the marketing strategy. (Lingham, 2004) Additional factors will include.

Company objective

If the objective of the firm is to maximize profits, then it will be difficult to deviate from it. I will be left with no option but only to do as the company objective stipulates. I will change my market mix to suit the changing circumstances. (Marketing, 2009)

Local response / public reception

If it’s already eminent that the public reception has earned a bad name by not being socially responsible, then it will be ordering that I change to suit the people’s response. Remember that marketing is all about winning the public confidence. (Digital marketing, 2009)

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Presence of competitors

If my competitors have already captured the area and are almost winning the confidence, it will be in order that I change my strategy. This will make me appear unique to strategically attract another opportunity. (Angeles, 2008)

The government

If my marketing policies and activities were perceived to be contravening regulations and laws, then the only option will be to change. If this is not done, then the government can render my policies illegal and hence fail my process. (Jennings, 2007)


Businesses should be socially responsible as this will improve their company image and win more clients. People tend to be locked to a company that is perceived to be responsive to their needs and values. It’s important for organizations, whether small or big, to prioritize the needs of society as well as the environment. (BSR Staff, 2003)

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