61 Social Issues Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Social Issues

  1. Social Issues: Discrimination of Black Population in USA
    Despite numerous democratic endeavors, the gap between the representatives of the Black culture and the White residents of the USA is still huge.
  2. Social Issues: Family in Saudi Arabia
    Family is given a lot of importance in the Islamic society, especially Saudi Arabia. Women, whether educated or not, are more respected when they are married.
  3. Teamwork Benefits and Social Loafing Issue
    The self-assessment “Evaluate Team Member Effectiveness” reveals weaknesses and strengths regarding working in a team and illustrates benefits of teamwork.
  4. Social Issues: Digital Divide in Washington
    The term ‘digital divide’ has become popular with the recent developments in the information and technology sector. A major digital divide in Washington involves access to broadband technology.
  5. Social Issues: The Drinking Age Limit
    The drinking age limit refers to the minimum number of years an individual should be allowed to access or consume alcoholic drinks. Majority of the countries prefer 18 years as limit.
  6. Social Issues: America and China Comparison
    This paper compares America and China in such spheres as law, education, medical, and insurance. There are many differences between the Chinese and American systems of education.
  7. Social Issues: Understanding Opinions and Group Pressure by Solomon E. Asch
    Human beings are social creatures by nature. It is noted that most of their behavioral traits are attributed to their social disposition.
  8. Social Issues: Human Condition
    This paper will look at poetry and prose, and how literature has continuously been used in the past to enlighten people and bring to light, the human condition.
  9. Social Psychology and Health Issues
    Social psychologists respond to health issues taking into account people’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. They examine patients and their relations with others.
  10. Artificial Intelligence: Ethical, Social, Legal Issues
    The field of artificial intelligence indeed brings numerous ethical, social, professional and legal issues; but are those so disturbing as some people claim?
  11. Stress Factors: Work, Financial, Social Issues
    The significant causes of stress identified by scholarly studies are problems at work, financial issues, social pressure, and relationship difficulties.
  12. Obesity as American Social Health Issue
    In the public health sector, obesity is defined as a social problem because it is associated with the eating habits and bodily lifestyles of every community.
  13. Drug Abuse, HIV/AIDS, and Songs on Social Issues
    Drug abuse and HIV/AIDS are some of the major social issues affecting society today. Songs have been used in raising awareness about social issues that affect the world.
  14. Artificial Technology’s Ethical, Social, Legal Issues
    Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the creation of intelligent machines that can perform actions that were traditionally reserved for human beings.
  15. Diabetes in Adolescents, Social and Medical Issues
    This essay identifies some of the peer-reviewed articles that qualitatively and/or quantitatively discuss diabetes in adolescents.
  16. War Veterans’ Mental Health as Social Issue
    This work discusses the current issue on the War Veterans returning home and not receiving proper mental health care due to a lack of professionals serving the Armed Forces.
  17. Municipal Waste Disposal as Social and Ecological Issue
    The study aims to ban the location of the waste incineration industry within the urban zones. This topic covers both social and environmental issues.
  18. Accounting, Social Media, Workplace Ethical Issues
    Business ethics is a crucial concept that drives business growth and an important element in guiding strategic goals, short term, and long term focus on sustainability.
  19. Aristotle’s Involvement in Social Issues
    Aristotle’s philosophy united several approaches and regarded a human being as a multidimensional creature, which accounts for his entirely new look at society.
  20. Social Issues Reflected in the Art Works
    Most art pieces are born from real-life experiences of the author. Artworks reflect what happens in the day-to-day life and change the views on certain issues.

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  1. Social Experiment: Informal Norms of Gender Issues
    The social experiment presents a contradiction between the socially-accepted norms and the understanding of equality between men and women.
  2. Gender Pay Gap as a Serious Social Issue
    The purpose of current research is to analyse people’s awareness of and attitudes toward the issue of the gender pay gap.
  3. Social, Legal, And Ethical Issues in the Modern Database Era
    In the past two decades, database-relevant issues have become intense, considering the all-penetrating nature of the data collection.
  4. Social Work Ethics: Issues and Critical Debates
    The paper is based on a value conflict occurred between a social worker and his mentally ill patient. The conflict is caused by religious diversity and different value systems.
  5. Political and Social Issues Discussion in the Classroom
    Author defends opinion that professors shouldn’t be allowed to advocate their views on political or social issues in the classroom cause every has a right to have his/her own views.
  6. Coffee Firm: Environmental and Social Issues
    We take a critical look into some of the environmental and social concerns that may be associated with this Coffee firm in the United Kingdom.
  7. All in the Family and MASH: Addressed Social Issues and Criticism From the Religious Right
    All in the family and MASH addressed several issues that were impacting either positively or negatively on the lives of people at that time and even today.
  8. The Socialization Issue Between Indigenous and Non-indigenous People in Different Societies and Historical Stages
    Economic relations and socialization of aboriginal people can be considered two complex processes that experience the impact of multiple factors impacting their scope and pace.
  9. Social Workers Ethical Issues
    In a scenario where a colleague believes that a particular subset of clients does not deserve the same attention and care as other groups, several ethical issues arise.
  10. Social and Natural Sciences Issues
    Natural science is the best-suited lenses for studying natural phenomena. Social sciences lenses will play a central role in gathering information.
  11. Role Models in Children as a Social Issue
    Understanding how children and adolescent choose their role models is essential to promote socially desirable behaviors.
  12. Addressing Homelessness Issue: Current Policies
    This discussion identifies the latest policies intended to address the social issue of homeless Americans.
  13. The Importance of Solving a Social Issue of Environmental Plastic Pollution
    Plastic single-use cheap objects constitute a large volume of all waste globally, forming big plastic patches in the oceans, seas, and land, thus harming the marine and land wildlife.
  14. Social-Ecological Model for Health Issues Analysis
    This essay analyzes the different spheres that influenced one of the people with eating behavior problems according to the social-ecological model of health.
  15. Social Issues in Sports & Activities: Athletics
    In athletics, gender inequality and racial discrimination are the main social issues that affect females. An especially vivid example is the lower payment.
  16. Analysis of Social Issues Raised in American Literature
    An examination of a narrative’s historical context, its literary features, and plot helps identify and understand such societal issues.
  17. Status of Women and Impact on Health and Social Issues in Honduras
    Gender inequality in Honduras is below the average as women experience significant discrimination in social, political, economic circles.
  18. Social Control Theory: Informal Control Issue
    Social Control Theory consists of a structured human control system that incorporates all the aspects of human living.
  19. Social Media and Issues Regarding the Use of Social Media
    Issues regarding the use of social media by individuals and organizations offering health information usually put them at risk of legal litigation, especially in case of a breach.
  20. Community’s Overall Well-Being: Real-Time Social Issues
    The paper addresses real-time social issues that affect the people residing within a society. Everybody is susceptible to various kinds of social injustices.
  21. The Climate of Social Justice, Racism, COVID-19, and Other Issues
    The paper argues ideas of music, culture and society are contended to be inseparably connected, which can be clarified through the space of ethnomusicology.

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  1. The Key Social Issues Facing Criminal Justice
  2. Social Issues: The Social Context of Adolescent Depression
  3. The Legal and Social Issues Surrounding Dna Databanking
  4. Urban Social Issues Concerning Tourism in Papua New Guinea
  5. Baby Boomers on Their Role in Social Issues and How Luck
  6. The Three Social Issues at the Time of Gandhi
  7. Uniforms Cannot Control School Violence, Social Issues
  8. American Culture and Gender vs. Racial Differences, Social Issues
  9. The Sociological Imagination and Understanding Personal Troubles as Social Issues
  10. Animals Testing Extinctionhabitat Loss and Mass Hunting, Social Issues
  11. The Social Issues and Long-Term Effects of Toddlers and Tiaras on Children
  12. Age Discrimination Within the WorkPlace, Social Issues
  13. The World War Was a Scapegoat for Social Issues
  14. How Are Social Issues Affecting Access to Healthcare in the U.S.?
  15. Attitudes Towards Poverty and Related Social Issues in Ireland
  16. The Social Issues and Legislation of Drug Abuse and Prostitution
  17. American Airlines Environmental, Governance, and Social Issues
  18. The Social Issues Surrounding Women in Ancient Greece
  19. American Social Issues and Revolutionary Ideas
  20. The Social Issues Affecting Our Children
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