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Collaborative Learning Community Business Plan

Explain the nature of your assigned CLC Business Plan. What challenges do you anticipate? What information or resources do you need to be successful? Your CLC Business Plan is based on a hypothetical situation. How can you produce a realistic document that maximizes learning in a simulated context?

The assigned Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) Business Plan is a group project that aims at creating a mobile health promotion program that can reach diverse communities in all areas. Its essence is to find and use a vehicle that helps to promote and provide screening tests for the American Heart Association and Hypertension. The plan will also describe the situations where this measure can be used to provide quality care. In short, The CLC Business Plan is a team effort to design a method of community health improvement.

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The group members will have to accumulate a considerable amount of knowledge and resources to ensure the success of the project. The business plan will include finding sufficient funding, selecting and designing a vehicle, creating schedules for staff, finding appropriate locations for events, and providing the supplies needed to perform the screening. Therefore, the group member will have to search for all the possible grants and government subsidies to deal with the financial side of the matter and gather information about vehicles and their maintenance.

Additionally, the group will have to envision and find solutions for all the possible issues and complications concerning staff education, marketing, and dealing with legal authorities. The primary challenge will be to deal with money issues, as the group members do not have much experience in the sphere. Moreover, according to Jolley (2014), it will be challenging to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed activity due to the lack of a universal theoretical framework for the matter. In brief, the CLC project requires gathering much information and resources to be successful.

Even though the document will be based upon a hypothetical situation, it can be very close to reality. The central concern should be accumulating the information of the exact locations, targeted population, and medical condition from credible sources. Additionally, the group members will have to search for examples of similar projects that were implemented and assess their results. In summary, the CLC Business Plan can be realistic if it uses practical knowledge and current research.

How do you envision the knowledge and skills you will acquire in this course helping you succeed in your (nursing) career?

I envision that this course will help me summarize all the knowledge I have acquired in the previous classes and facilitate my ability to implement the theory into practice. Additionally, I believe that the course will be beneficial for enhancing my designing, planning, and evaluation skills of business plans and innovation projects. According to Ostrovsky and Barnett (2014), most ground-breaking ideas in healthcare belong to students or young specialists. The authors state that “payment reform and technology proliferation are creating an unprecedented swell of innovation potential” (Ostrovsky & Barnett, 2014, p. 13). I believe that this course will help me find my path to bring my innovative ideas to life.

I have limited experience in creating and evaluating projects in medicine, as I designed several projects in different spheres including data management solutions. During these courses, I found it particularly difficult to discuss the economic impact of the elaborated plans. According to the description of this course, I will be able to enhance my skills in the matter, which will be helpful for my nursing career. Moreover, I hope to acquire the ability to predict and assess the possible legal and ethical issues of projects and evaluate the environmental impact, which will be a relatively new matter for me. In short, I expect the course to boost my skills in areas in which I have insufficient experience.

While the knowledge described above is crucial for my future career, the primary reason I am looking forward to this course is the ability to improve my team-working skills. The course is a collaborative group project that will help to grasp crucial insights from diverse experiences within the healthcare system. I believe it is practical as my nursing experience confirms that the best way to deliver quality care is by working as a team. In summary, I find all the parts of this course engaging, sensible, and applicable in real-life situations.

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