The Awaken Delaware Project: Business Plan

Executive Summary

The Awaken Delaware Project implies providing the services of both a coach and a health practitioner. The proposed service will allow developing a unique approach toward the management of addictions, at the same time addressing their personal needs (Agres, 2015). The modified framework will focus on meeting the needs of diverse groups.

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The Awaken Delaware Project will become the platform for managing patients’ needs more carefully. In addition, the combined framework will help to approach each case independently.

Marketing and Customers

In order to appeal to the target population, the Awaken Delaware project will require a multicultural framework. It is critical to appeal to patients from different cultural backgrounds, at the same time subverting stereotypes concerning Ketamine dependency. For this purpose, a combination of traditional and digital marketing techniques will need to be used.


The outcomes of the described change are expected to be rather positive since it is believed that the expansion will lead to meeting the needs of a wider range of customers. In addition, by expanding into three other countries, Awaken Delaware will have to explore the cultural specifics of the new setting and, thus diversify its services by catering to new audiences. For instance, new tools for improving patient education rates and offering consultations to the target demographic will need to be designed (Bobo et al., 2016). Similarly, the company will need to consider using different channels for establishing nurse-patient dialogue and improving its current approach toward research and development.

Financial Projections

It should be noted that the current financial framework could use improvements since the project will need to embrace the needs of people from all social backgrounds. Therefore, the incorporation of the strategies that will make the project less expensive should be taken into consideration (Cleveland Clinic, 2016). Among the key strategies toward reducing costs, one will need to consider the design of an effective risk management tool for avoiding financial concerns in the target environment.

Another framework that will help to make the project less costly should imply a more sensible use of resources. Although the current approach toward resource management used within the project can be described as quite effective, it needs to be supported by more sustainable practices (DeWilde, Levitch, Murrough, Matthew, & Iosifescu, 2015). For example, one will need to incorporate the concepts of a more adequate waste management technique and a more effective framework for providing medications to the target demographic. The levels of waste should be reduced by introducing a more careful strategy for transporting the necessary product and delivering it to the selected setting.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The focus on patients’ needs and the opportunities for adjusting it to the requirements of any customer are the key advantages of the Awaken Delaware project. It is believed that the proposed strategy will help to address the needs of a vast range of people (Olfson, Blanco, & Marcus, 2016). However, the project also has several flaws, the necessity to address highly probable interdisciplinary conflicts being the key one (Gao, Rejaei, & Liu, 2016). Specifically, a tool for managing the communication between coaches and health practitioners will have to be introduced.

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Due to the lack of a universal strategy for managing dieting issues from a complex perspective, which defines the current rise in the levels of obesity in the United States, it is critical to ensure that the Awaken Delaware project functions properly. Moreover, encouraging progress and unceasing development within the selected environment and further expansion for reaching out to a larger population is a crucial stage in improving the quality of nursing care. The effective functioning of the Awaken Delaware will define the availability of the required support to the patients that require the consistent help of cross-disciplinary experts and nurse educators. The proposed change is expected to lead to a rise in the quality of provided interventions and the increase in positive outcomes in patients.


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