College Education: To Do More, To Be More

Many people understand the value of college education as a means of getting an economic payoff in the future. It is easier for college graduates to find work, and they usually earn more than those without a diploma. Although there is a grain of truth in it, and an economic payoff should be one of the things that motivate a student, it can not be the only component of motivation, just as a good job can not be the only factor, which makes the life worth living. My motivation substantially comes from my life values.

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I have lived all my life in the Dominican Republic, and up to this moment, it has been my greatest teacher and mentor. It has taught me what compassion, solidarity and most importantly, unconditional love mean. It has taught me never to lose my faith. It has taught me everything I know and everything I am now.

In my country, basic necessities like food, water and electricity are rare gifts unavailable to the majority of Dominicans. I am in awe of the many corrupted political decisions that sacrifice bettering education and health care and how many do not care enough to help change that. I have stayed optimistic since I see the humility and unbreakable faith Dominicans have. From a very early age, I have been a part of my family’s dedication to improving the lives of many Dominicans. I have taken part in volunteer efforts through our family foundation that aids in the construction of schools and hospitals.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to do more and to be more. I have always wanted to challenge myself and conquer new heights. So, that is the first and probably the most important reason I need to transfer – I want to be challenged. Presently, I am studying at American University, and I am not entirely satisfied with my experience there. I do not want my studying to be easy. I want to expand my potential, both as a student and as a person, so one day I can come back home and change the mindset of the world I live in.

Another thing I expect from college is a diverse community of peers and professors since not only the college program and subjects you have to learn matter. I want to surround myself with individuals that will help me to expand my thoughts and ideas. I hope to encounter mentors that will teach me to understand different values, philosophies and beliefs. I hope to find lifelong friends who will share my opinions and values, as well as the bonds formed during the college years. I want to find confidence and be free to be my true self.

The life journey is not an easy one. Many people do not know what their path is and what goals they should pursue in their lives, and that makes the journey even more difficult. Well, I am a lucky person since I know what my life goals are. All I need is to find the best and the quickest way to achieve those, and I hope that your college will help me with this. If I am bestowed with the opportunity to attend it, I promise I will do my best and make the most of every experience I have.

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