College Teacher’s Personality and Skills

The profession of a teacher is one of the most important in the world. In fact, teaching is a kind of art. A good teacher is not only knowledgeable in his or her field of study; he or she also has the excellent rhetorical skills, the ability to prepossess the audience and to captivate attention. The talent of being a good teacher, unfortunately, isn’t given to everyone, but those who have this teaching gift outstand among the others. The talented teacher can affect your skills, knowledge and even life in a positive way.

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Mr. Eugene Grimes was a teacher of the English Language in our college. As a professional he gave a taste of his quality in intellect, erudition, and high education. He could answer any question both related to his subject and unrelated. During his classes, Mr. Grimes always tried to transfer his knowledge to the students in an unconstrained, natural and informal manner. Usually, in his classes the students felt free to show their abilities in English, they could make mistakes without any fear. Mr. Grimes always emphasized the importance of mistakes and especially their admitting for the learning process. If you make mistakes, and you notice them it means that you are on the right way, it means that you actually learn.

Mr. Grimes taught the necessity of staying true to yourself, your choices and opinions. In the classes we often had conversations in English on multiple topics: politics, art, religion, philosophy, literature and various social issues. Most of the topics required the personal opinions and perspectives. In these conversations the students attempted to sharpen their thinking, to state their opinions and to improve the conversational skills. The conversations in the Mr. Grimes classes were the liberating experience through which we learned the ability to express ourselves without shyness or a fear of being derided.

As s person, Mr. Eugene Grimes was inspirational, friendly, enthusiastic and open. He was a person of tremendous intellect that matched perfectly with his easiness and openness. He always managed to transfer his passion and eagerness of learning new things to us. Mr. Grimes’s personality was an example to follow for many college students. By his example he showed that the person can attain anything through the hard work, inspiration and the desire to become better.

The classes of Mr. Grimes gave a solid basis for the development of the skills in the English language. Along with this, we learned to stick to the personal opinions and decisions, to look at ourselves critically, and never to give up because of mistakes. The skills learned in the English classes of Mr. Eugene Grimes are useful in all the aspects of life because they help to become a better person day by day.

Mr. Grimes’s personality and skills exemplify the inborn talent for teaching. The example of his work and his attitude depict that the efficient teaching implies the variety of aspects: the perfect knowledge, the open mind, friendliness and the creative approach. Furthermore, the most important qualities the teacher must have are the respect of the students, perceptiveness, and support that allows the learners to grow and refine themselves. The authentic teacher always instills confidence and makes you believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve great results.

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