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Types of Communication: Verbal and Non-Verbal


Communication is the most important aspect of human life. Without communication, there would be literally no activity that can take place. Choosing an effective means of communication is very important, and this should be done consideration of the parties concerned and the degree of formality of the message. To be able to choose the best means of communication, requires emotional, technical and interpersonal skills…these skills may require changing of rules every now and again depending on the nature of the information to be passed (Severin et al, pp.14-15). Good communication requires that the two parties are in some kind of communicative commonality. This paper contains highlights of some forms of communication that are used to pass information in order to achieve a shared understanding.

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Types of Communication

Communication types fall into two main branches types of communication; that is Verbal and Non-Verbal. Under verbal communication, there are three subdivisions namely Oral, Written and E-mail. Nonverbal type of communication can either be through expression, Expressive behaviors and through body language (Wark, p.22). In a broader sense, communication has been classified into verbal and non-verbal, intentional and unintentional, oral and written, and finally intrapersonal and interpersonal. Intrapersonal communication is that communication between oneself, i.e. during a deep thinking, daydreaming, feeling of hunger, pain and pleasure. All those actions that depict an individual’s reflection of contemplation and meditation are classified under intrapersonal communication.

Interpersonal communication on the other side is the interaction between two parties (the giver and the receiver of the information). Conversations, interviews and conferences and other face-to-face forums fall under this category. It involves the application of all the five human senses combining to form an interplay of words and gestures as the message is conveyed; with an idea of getting an instantaneous feedback. Then there is the group Communication which shares all the above qualities but with relatively less measure. As the group grows bigger and bigger, the communication becomes more of a monologue and in the process active participation tends to be difficult (Severin et al, p.29). Then finally there is the mass communication which is employed when the information is targeted to meet many people. Mediums used in this concept can be Television, Radios or the electronic mediums with wider coverage. All the above types of communication make part of human social self, making communication be a very important pillar in human relations…it bondsman to man relationship, not machine to man (Wark, p.25).


This essay paper has illustrated different types of communication, and from the facts presented here, it can be concluded that all the types are equally important in the society. What matters is only finding the right skills to use them. The primary skills required in this context are the expressive and listening skills between the parties to give and get the right interpretation of the information. Following the communication rules, as one passes information will go a long way to break any ensuing communication barriers (Montana et al, p333).

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