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Communications and Mass Media Impact on It

The world of mass media is a versatile thing full of contrasting ideas and standpoints according to the current problems or events at a local place or in the world. Many of the scholars tend to analyze and find out the approaches to the audience so that to emphasize the function of media sources in terms of their influence on the publicity and defined group of people.

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With regards to ‘Mass Communication in Canada’ and its chapter 5, it is necessary to gaze at the key points which authors give as a fundamental base under analysis. On standpoint is rather interesting in terms of today’s flow of technological and scientific researches and inventions. It is considered that media impact is enormous and sometimes outrageous because of many methods involved in order to gain more attention of people to be applied to some definite messages.

This terrible news provokes the situation when the social and societal equilibrium can bevel unless break down. Last researches in the field of media showed the statistics according to which many people are involved in social processes maintained via mass media. In accordance with one of the respective sources the audience of people sharing media is separated like this:

  • Illiterates – visuals only; 60% of the general audience; sex fiction and adventure comics
  • Pragmatists – 30% general audience; social beings, interested in status, thing-oriented, advertising targets; Readers Digest, Time
  • Intellectuals – less than 10%; concerned with issues and ideas; thinkers; Harpers, Atlantic Monthly (Media Audience Behavior 12)

Thus, the theoretical improvement of mass media is still considered on examples viewed in practice. The impact is increasing every now and then as the number of current and potential spectators grows as well. This mechanism applies to the fact that some categories of the society provide money-making processes due to the total involvement of people worldwide and in Canada, in particular.

Another standpoint deals with the importance of cultural studies which are implied in terms of the audience’s characteristic features in the acceptance of this or that information. The thing is that every message or piece of information provided by the media sources bears some extra meaning in its extent for the publicity in the person of every ordinary individual to obtain needful information in time.

Media studies recognize that no media text is just “neutral”, instead it is recognized that each media text carries a range of meanings that have been encoded into the text either deliberately or at a more unconscious level. The meanings are embedded by using a range of technical codes such as camera angles which can often imply power relationships. (The Production Process 2008)

That is why it is so necessary especially for social figures or officials representing authority in the country to choose the right background of thoughts as well as concepts. Such advertisements create an entire picture of the way people should think or follow in actions. In fact, today it is known that many secret services and people interested use special technologies incorporated in a sort of setups for manipulating people’s consciousness. This is a further step of mass media evolution.

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