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Corporate Publishing International Company’s Internship

The internship took place at CPI in Dubai, UAE from July 7, 2011. The internship focused on communication and media, which was an essential part of my studies in the degree of management information system. CPI was established over 18 years ago as a first participant in the publishing events in the Middle East region; CPI Company has greatly established itself around an innovative background derived on producing cutting edge plans.

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The company believes in generating a two-sided story, therefore showing the Middle East to the other parts of the world as well as bringing in better international practices to the region. CPI has implemented this method and style in all its entire businesses through establishing a great association with international and well-known companies like Northern & Shell (producers of famous celebrity name OK!), World Wide Media Pvt Ltd, and IDG (well-known international IT publisher).

The company also works in the area of Filmware, which was launched in 1952. Filmware is the oldest film magazine which is published in the English language. It began as an absolute opportunity to the film industry and to provide the customers with a glance of the exiting lives of the star and other tremendous stories. Filmware is debatably the best company in promoting and producing quality films in the Indian film industry.

The Filmware closely engaged with great personalities and when they have something to say, the people would hear it first from CPI. For the interests of their customers, CPI expresses messages concerning the most recent progress in finance and other fields through the use of newsletters and magazines. The ICT systems at CPI attracted me to apply for an internship at the company. It was a great opportunity to be accepted as a part of the CPI team for the period I was assigned. I considered it as a chance to improve and gain more knowledge about the field of information and technology system.

The internship at CPI was an enormous experience for me. I consider that the CPI and I were able to gain from the four months period of my internship. CPI currently has an in-depth technology and media approaches and is on the best way to renovate and update both, the marketing and the attitude and thinking of its workers. Now the company has modern ICT and managerial tools so as to face the current competitive market settings.

The use of these modern technology systems helped me to familiarize with the tools which most of the companies are currently adopting. The opportunity to be included in the web designed team enhanced my knowledge in this field. It was also a great opportunity to participate in idea generation; it helped me to understand the complexities or challenges of establishing a new business in the field of media.

Participating in other fields like marketing helped to understand the use of technology to market the company and get more clients. I am working together with other units of the company as well provided me with an enormous overview on the company and the processes. I now understand the importance of ICT in fastening and improving the production in companies and would also like to part of it.

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Personally, it was a great experience because I was in the capacity to understand various cultures involving new people and a great nation. Additionally, I have enhanced my software and design skills which are essential in the normal business in any company and organization. I thank every person who made this experience possible for me.

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