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Internship at Raith Company’s IT Department


Working for a company can easily change one’s perceptions of the processes behind a product or a service. Raith Nanofabrication provided me with an excellent opportunity to put my skills to practice and work in their IT department. The firm is a world leader in precision technology manufacturing. Raith focuses on business-to-business operations and works with research organizations as well as with industrial enterprises (Raith Group, n.d.). It operates globally via a network of partners that allow it to connect with all parts of the world (Raith Group, n.d.). Its products are incorporated in many innovative technologies produced by private and governmental corporations across the globe. The company prides itself on working closely with its customers to ensure that its products meet the required standards and provide the most value possible. This customer-centric system of values requires an extensive system for communication that exhibits both stability and the potential for innovation. I chose this organization because I believe that Raith develops and produces products that will positively affect technological progress.

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Performed Duties

During my internship, I have been appointed to perform a large variety of tasks related to IT systems under the guidance of my supervisor. Most of the tasks were connected with the customer service and management of the company’s internal network. My roles covered a major part of IT-related tasks performed by the company’s specialists and helped me to shape a vision of my future career.

As has been stated, the company focuses heavily on establishing a close connection with its customers, which includes providing timely support via the Internet. To provide customer service on this level, it is required to ensure that there is a stable and secure direct line to the company’s representatives at all times. I have participated in providing support for end-users to establish this connection.

Raith’s network is one of the most secure frameworks I have seen. I was introduced by the IT department to the processes that ensure its proper functioning, and my duties included the operation and development of the network infrastructure. On several occasions, I have been appointed to Active Directory management and monitoring via software by Citrix. With a multitude of users connecting to the company’s servers at any given moment, an extensive administration and user management solution was crucial. One of my duties was the operation and development of the Windows client infrastructure.

Another step of security measures performed by the IT department is the creation and maintenance of the data backups system. Monitoring and operating it was my duty as well. For a company of this size, the complexity of its IT framework presents several challenges for the creation and storage of backup data. I have learned how this process is automated and monitored in a decentralized network.

At the beginning of pandemics, the IT department was responsible for setting and maintaining a system for remote workers that should ensure secure, stable, and fast connection to the company’s servers. To provide the highest level of security, we have used Thales’s password authentication application for protecting Raith’s infrastructure. We have been configuring laptops and computers in the company’s internal network to ensure that they are appropriately set up to use this solution. Throughout my internship, I have noticed that a significant portion of my department’s attention was paid exclusively to the potential security issues.

There were tasks that were more general in nature, such as providing IT support for other departments’ needs. As an intern, I have participated in the technical management of Office 365 projects for different departments. As a part of this task, I helped with several SharePoint presentations for both employees- and client-oriented materials. As a member of an IT department, my job was also to ensure that any specialist or general applications used by the company must be constantly maintained and developed.

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During my time in this company, I learned and practiced a programming language called Python and also participated in installing a monitoring system called Zabbix. When there was a need for a solution for a monitoring system to prevent any server instability issues, I found this application, tested and installed it into Raith’s network. Due to my involvement in this project, the company now has a fully integrated alert system to warn system administrators about any downtimes. Overall, my duties were diverse, challenging, and enjoyable, as most of them required solutions that involved more than my knowledge, creating a perfect opportunity to learn new skills.

Review of Experience

First and foremost, I would like to mention that the experience of working at Rath Nanofabrication overwhelmingly positive. Not only does this company provides a multitude of opportunities for its employees, but it also nurtures their growth via mindful managerial practices. There were no issues or delays in communication between me and any employees I have been working with, despite their position in the company.

Moreover, the leaders of the company show openness for new ideas and suggestions from any employee. My supervisor promoted my autonomy and allowed me to search for alternative solutions for a critical issue for the company, which eventually led me to make a considerable contribution to the optimization of system administrators’ workflow. I believe that this type of leadership contributes to the overall growth of the skilled workforce in Raith and boosts its competitiveness.

Many tasks that I have performed revealed new information about the processes behind initially simple operations. With the growth in size, an IT system can become a burden for a company when it lacks a proper framework. In Raith, I have observed how this system is supposed to work, what issues can arise during its operation, and why it is crucial to constantly seek new space for improvements.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemics, a major part of my practice was conducted remotely, which helped me to understand the benefits and disadvantages of this working style. I found that it makes the work more enjoyable due to a flexible schedule, more comfortable work environment, and a lesser amount of stress. However, I have noticed that there was a slight delay in response from some team members. While there was no significant impact on the quality of our performance, it could lead to miscommunication and lagging of some team members. A remote workplace can also be detrimental to productivity due to personal distractions and low motivation. Overall, this mode of working is not suitable for all tasks, although an IT specialist can potentially gain more benefits from it than other employees.

Obtained Skills

One of the primary skills that I have acquired during my internship is coding in Python. I did not have any experience with this language prior to this job, and it was challenging for me to learn a new coding language while working on the projects involving it. However, I understood why the IT department insisted on using it and what the benefits are over other choices. Python’s popularity can be addressed to its flexibility, readability, and power. I have also learned that specialists with the knowledge of Python are in high demand globally, and it will have a positive impact on my future career.

I have also learned how to operate several applications for systems management, such as Piax, proALPHA, Thales, Zabbix, and Citrix software. These applications are extensively used for the optimization of employee management and customer support. Moreover, I have learned how to set up these applications to operate at the highest level of security.

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I believe that the most crucial skill that I have obtained during my internship is system testing and integration. As I was responsible for the evaluation, installation, and trial testing of Zabbix, I have understood the complexity of the integration process. Due to the complex, multilayered structure and the high level of security of the company’s servers, any monitoring software had to undergo a meticulous examination, during which I have learned many nuances of open-sourced application integration. Despite studying the testing process prior to this work, I have learned to search for potential holes in security and stability. The process took several months of trials, but the system is now functioning at the company’s standards of quality and safety. At the end of my internship, the system was fully implemented, and my supervisor commended my input.


In conclusion, I have participated in numerous assignments during my internship and have learned several crucial skills for my future jobs at positions in the IT industry. Raith has shown me the importance of a well-maintained internal network of a company and the ways to expand it and maintain it at a high level of quality. This experience made me realize the value of diversity in both team composition and personal skills. Outside of technical skills, I have learned how a positive work environment benefits the productivity of all departments within the organization. I believe that an internship in a highly prestigious company such as Raith boosted my confidence in my skills and raised the bar for future work opportunities. The IT department of Raith Nanofabrication has been very welcoming, and their willingness to teach interns is commendable.

By studying new coding languages, environments, and solutions, I believe that I will provide a significant contribution to any company that seeks to bolster its IT department. During my one-year internship, I have learned numerous skills that make me a valuable employee for a company that struggles to optimize its IT operations. I am currently considering the possibility for my future career in the IT department of Raith Nanofabrication, as my internship in this company gave me not only a significant amount of knowledge about the management systems but also a glimpse into a well-maintained organizational culture that nurtures creativity and critical thinking. I would still like to develop new skills related to this profession and learn coding languages that will be useful for me in the future. Judging from this experience, I think that all challenges related to the job are surmountable with sufficient effort.


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