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Creation of Successful Presentation


Presentation is an important part for companies and individuals in selling themselves or their products and services. This paper looks at some professional advice on how to carryout a successful presentation.

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Requirements and don’ts

Before making the actual presentation, adequate planning on the presentation is required. This may involve extensive research on the topic for comprehensive understanding of the topic subject. Again the presenter should make it a point to list down objectives of his presentation clearly listing down what he aims to accomplish and the benefit or impact and how the audience will digest the presentation for it to be useful. Therefore, the objectives should be precise, achievable and relevant and at the same time measurable. Other considerations should be put in place so as to involve and engage the audience in order to enhance concentration.

However, care should be taken so as not to allow the audience to intimidate the presenter through questions that he/she is not in a position to answer. To avoid exposing oneself from intimidation by the audience, apologies in case of narration blunders such as pronunciation should be avoided. Doing so will cost much than overlooking the blunder hence we prefer the latter. One way easing of pressure on oneself is incorporating humor in the presentation though over indulgence in doing so is detrimental and undermines the credibility of the presenter. Though not to a great extent, the presenter should be keen to command the presentation giving room for questions the way a tutor in a lecture room does and ignore questions that he feels do not add value to the topic at hand.

Secrets to winning sales presentation

Still on the issue of capturing the full attention and concentration of the audience, graphics where applicable come in handy thereby saving the presenter from making long speeches whose message can be conveniently communicated through graphics. Care should be taken so as to avoid delegating presentation alone to the graphics themselves. Part of the audience may not readily grasp the message of the graphics hence further explanation to accompany the graphics is necessary.

Too obvious pictures/graphics are discouraged. Signs of creativity such as bringing on symbolism in the pictures do wonders as it attracts attention and is more captivating thus a convenient way of driving the message home. Pictures are the most favored form of graphics as slides and other forms of presentation may lack the creativity bit that helps in kicking out boredom and monotony in speeches and presentations. The pictures on the other hand should not deviate so much from the topic to the side of art as they need to have a touch of professionalism which makes the audience feel valued and as a result end up valuing the presentation. The pictures if many should be labeled clearly each with a definite message to avoid confusion either by the presenter or the audience.

Identifying needs of international audience

A diversified audience calls for a diversified form of presentation that fits all. Now, this is very difficult to achieve. However, substantial achievement can be made through prior research about the audience to acquire basic knowledge about their expectations in attending the presentation and their work habits. Introducing completely new methods of presentation that part of the audience may not be familiar with creates a feeling of alienation. The trick is thus making everyone feel at home by accommodating all in the best way possible.

Practical tips

The advice shown in the above articles can be employed practically in today’s world by people who might not necessarily have had the opportunity to make a presentation. As for me, I think the following broad tips would pull it off:

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  • Be confident
  • Have basic knowledge of your audience,
  • Make the audience feel important,
  • Have extensive knowledge of the topic,
  • Be captivating a bit humorous
  • Involve the audience,
  • Try and think like the audience,
  • Use graphics and pictures where necessary and
  • Be in charge and avoid intimidation.

If the above tips are followed keenly with a bit personal touch, then a successful presentation is guaranteed.


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