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Effective Presentation: Specifics of Presentation

The two parties present for all presentations

According to Boyd (2016), there are always two parties considered during the presentation: the presenter and the audience. Each of these parties have their perceptions and requirements regarding presentation. The aim of the presenter is to introduce an idea, product or service to the audience, while the audience needs to analyze their needs, and preferences for effective communication (Boyd, 2016).

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What should you do if you want to become a more effective communicator/presenter?

The strategy to improve presentation and communication skills include several steps. Firstly, it is critical to identify the objectives of communication and possible outcomes (Boyd, 2016). Moreover, the presenter should know the audience to approach with suitable tone, look, and visual aids. The speaker should not only present and state but also listen and reply. As mentioned by Boyd (2016), active listening presents speaker’s interest in the topic of discussion. Also, the presenter should speak with clarity, use the right pace, and master nonverbal communication.

When delivering a presentation, what is the call to action?

The call of action is the request to complete certain activity. The goal of each presentation is to present and persuade the audience some positions. The call of actions is following and doing something that was mentioned during the presentation (Grayson, 2017).

What type of background you should use in a dark room versus a light room?

To create the contrast and attract attention, the light background should be used in the dark room, and the dark background should be applied in the light room.

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Based on how our brain works the most effective presentations introduce something different at what interval?

Our brain is flexible and could change focus within 0.25 seconds (Boyd, 2016). Neverhtless, to fully observe information more time needed. Therefore, we could expand our interval for 5-10 seconds.

What part of a presentation sets the tone?

Grayson (2017) states that the tone of the presentation is set from the introduction part. Therefore, it should be set from the greetings and announcement.

Why is it important to be engaging when presenting?

Presenter’s attitude is directly related to the audience as well (Grayson, 2017). The presenter should be engaged and interested in topic to persuade the audience.

How should your language change when you are presenting to peers versus clients or people outside your field?

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In both cases, the presenter and the audience should show the subordination and mutual respect. The difference between these two cases in formality and the status of presentation. Additionally, people outside of the field or clients build attitude toward the presenter or the company based on the presentation.

Why should you avoid a monotone voice?

Audience’s perception of the information is directly related to the presenter. Therefore, the presenter should be enthusiastic about the discussion and presentation. Several strategies could be used including appropriate breath techniques, pauses, engagement and conversations. It is important to express emotions and have pauses during the speaking.

The first step to giving clear answers when someone asks a question during or at the end of your presentation?

Firstly, it is needed to set rules for asking questions (Barnard, 2017). For example, questions could be raised during the presentation or at the end. Furthermore, the presenter could identify possible questions and prepare to them.


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