Crime and Criminals: General Characteristics

For a long time, crime has been a subject of discussion among various countries across the globe, with various strategies and inventions being developed to curb the same. Many researchers have also made in-depth discoveries about crimes and criminal activities, most of which are interesting, fascinating and clear pointers to certain common phenomenon in the current social setting. Chapter 3 of the book “Criminology” under the topic “General characteristics of crime and criminals” not only presents amazing facts, but also interesting ideologies that explicitly explain why crime and criminals are the way they are.

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One of the most amazing facts that the author presents in the chapter, is that crime patterns are closely linked to high economic developments and income inequality. The world is fast transforming and major significant changes are brought into place every time. Most of these are economic in nature, and their threshold often accommodates only people of a certain class or caliber. Thus, large groups of people are often left out and in such cases, survival becomes inevitable. Crime rates are often high in places where there is economic advancement. This is because such advancement presents these individuals with a serene environment to perform their criminal activities. Consequently, income inequalities among people in any given social setting are a great determinant of crime patterns in a particular area. Where there is high-income inequality, there is often a tendency of crime rates being high as compared to places where people have equal or almost equal incomes. Thus, in any given place, the economic development and the levels of income inequality can be used to predict the trend of crime and criminal activities.

The author also presents a much more fascinating fact about crime and criminals when he talks about the intra-racial nature of crime. In this perspective, the author is of the opinion that crime from the past has always been intra-racial in nature; this insinuates that in most instances, whites victimize their fellow whites, and blacks do the same to their black counterparts. The UCR data presented by the author reveals that 62% of the robbers that were arrested are black. This is not only fascinating, but funny as well. One of the things that are likely to facilitate this is the location boundaries. Criminals often perform their criminal activities within their environments. This means that they operate within the localities of their familiarity. The data also reveals that black people commit a high number of crimes. This can be attributed to the high levels of poverty and joblessness that the blacks are often faced with.

The third fact presented by the author is quite interesting, but largely relevant and applicable in most social settings. Complex economic, social and political factors often contribute to the formation of a large new class of poor people that have less education and have a high likelihood of giving birth sooner. This means that in the face of tough political, social and economic times, there will be a large population of uneducated persons that are likely to give birth to more children who will take similar trend. Such a trend may result in high population with few resources for education and basic needs. In the end, crime would be the only viable option for them. The above opinions are true and fascinating, despite the fact that they clearly point out at various things in the society.

Interesting Facts From the Article

“Crime patterns also appear to be closely related to high economic developments and income inequality.”

“Crime in the past has been primarily interracial in nature: that is, in most cases, whites victimize whites and blacks victimize blacks. According to UCR arrest data, blacks constitute 62 percent of robbers and exhibit particularly disproportionate rates for murder rape and assaults.”

“Complex, Social, economic and political factors are contributing to the creation of a vast new class of poor persons who are younger and more poorly educated and more likely to give birth sooner.”

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