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Criminal Law Relation to Compstat

Compstat is a management and technological program, which is the most viable means of restructuring America’s police domain to such levels of organized bureaucratic structures as would be effective to fight crime. It basically encompasses an elaborate system of integrating cutting–edge crime analysis and harnessing both demographic and geographic data in view of the state – of – art management insights, Compstat was initialized in 1994by William Bratton of the New York City Police Department who was then the in – serving commissioner (Willis, 2010, p. 1).

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Compstat is one of the latest ventures which have been explored in the American policing system; it is privileged with the honor of introducing integrated technological creativity to the managerial position of the American policing domain. Although a great majority of the American populace is pessimistic about the effectiveness of the incorporation of Compstat as one of the core reforms in the policing arena of Federal undertakings.

Based on field research, institutions organizations and technical enterprises have tapped into the enormous positive impact of institutional change induced by Compstat, the net effect of which has been realized not only in the establishment of a stable organizational base capable of withstanding both internal and external pressure but also in a progressive change of the corporate image for a better reputation.

The main area of concern on the introduction of Compstat into the policing system was on those elements of Compstat which would compromise the legal ideals of the police code and the challenge which comes with devising a way in which Compstat could be introduced with minimal institutional alterations to the already existing normal programs of the organization.

The importance of interdisciplinary study and research on public safety and Compstat is realized in the maintenance of public security in the whole nation, this is the main ingredient for the development and growth of the foundational roots of the general welfare of a nation; including a healthy, strong, tranquil, peaceful and confident citizenry. Such tests on the public safety as the 9 / 11 attacks unearthed the dormant public awareness on public security to impressive levels of vigilance and brought about an earnest integration of Comp tat programs into the public safety domain, now that the curiosity on public safety is more predominant than ever before. As such interdisciplinary studies and research on public safety have proved to be an indispensable tool in its theoretical contribution and fieldwork analysis which form the basis of developing public safety policies and blueprints (James, 2008, p. 1).

Compstat is relevant to criminal justice in that public safety is not limited to professionals only, but as a matter of fact, it is crosscutting in virtually every front of our national welfare. For instance, our medical workers in the health sector must be vigilant in advocating and advancing healthcare-related matters for the medical welfare of all the citizenry. It is also evident in the police department and environmental fronts of our national good, so it is incumbent on each citizen to comply with any warnings and precautionary measures issued by respective arms of the government. Public safety is improved to an impressive degree when both professionals and the general body of citizens cooperate in maintaining all the frameworks in the public security domain and in ensuring that the established statutes in the interest of a safe adhere to the latter (Peak, 2010, p. 1).

An analysis of the functions of criminal justice core components in relation to Compstat reveals that Compstat accords police organizations with the power to curb crime by encouraging immediate response to management directives.

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