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  1. Evolution in Modern Indian Music
    Rich and diverse, Indian folk music is utilized for special occasions and educational purposes. The sources of Indian music are endless and its potentials are without limit.
  2. The Evolution of Business Ethics
    Drastic changes have occurred in the last few years in the position and duties of the leaders of the company or business establishments.
  3. Evolution of Pop Music – Hip-Hop Genre
    The ever-expanding audience of the hip-hop culture has raised the question of the authentic rap music in the market. Hip-hop gained mainstream interest and popularity since the nineties.
  4. Superfine Wool Industry: Evolution and Prediction
    An article, Finally superfine wool pays by Sarina Locke highlights the rising fortunes of superfine wool producers because of good feed and great prices.
  5. Organizational Psychology: Definition, Evolution, and Comparison With Related Disciplines
    The paper defining organizational psychology and offers an account of the evolution of the field, then it compares and contrasts with other related fields.
  6. Human Resource Management Concepts Evolution
    Any organization that aspires to be efficient and effective in its operations requires a vibrant Human Resource Management (HRM) strategy.
  7. Comparison of Evolution Theory vs. Creationism – Philosophy
    The two greatest suppositions the humankind has ever made, the theories of evolution and Creationism fill people’s life with reason, making life worthwhile.
  8. Technology’s Influence on Design Evolution
    The introduction and adoption of the new technology in the contemporary world has significantly intertwined graphic design practices and other reproduction techniques.
  9. The Evolution and History of Numbers and Counting
    This paper will highlight the evolution history of counting by the Egyptians/Babylonians, the Romans, Hindu-Arabic, and the Mayans’ counting systems.
  10. Evolution History and Scientific Discoveries
    Evolution is the theory that stipulates how changes occur among living organisms through the method that proves that all life is connected.
  11. Merrill Lynch: Evolution, Revolution, and Sale
    Since its foundation in 1914, Merrill Lynch transformed from an investing consultant for small businesses to one of the largest firms in Wall Street.
  12. Development of Nursing Specialties: Advanced Practice Nursing Specialties and Nursing Informatics
    The emerging healthcare trends and needs triggered the development of nursing specialties that did not exist previously. They are connected with APN practices and other spheres.
  13. Evolution of the Internet
    The complex history of the evolution of the internet involves many aspects such as technological, organizational, social, and political.
  14. Warfare Evolution Throughout History
    War is known as an ancient social trend that continued to persist throughout centuries ever since humans appeared as a separate species.
  15. Terrorism Evolution from 1972 to 2016
    This paper highlights the evolution of terrorism over the years from 1972 to 2016 by examining attacks on sporting events, commercial airliners and trains, and domestic terrorism.
  16. Hip-Hop Evolution of Rap Movement
    This work explains the rapping element of Hip-Hop as it developed across time, how it has influenced the movement and changed over the years.
  17. Horse Population, Evolution, and Physiology
    The evolution of horses occurred over a period of 55 million years. By analyzing bones and DNA of the ancient horses, we are able to get an idea about their origins.
  18. Dehumanization and Its Evolution in Warfare
    One running theme in the history of warfare is dehumanization, which has often served the purpose of legitimizing the taking of human life during a war.
  19. Contemporary Design: Evolution Queen Wall Bed
    Peculiarities of contemporary design can be easily seen in the Evolution Queen Wall Bed. At the first gaze, it is possible to say that the bed looks very elegant and even exquisite.
  20. The Evolution of Financial Crisis
    The modern world faces numerous problems that could not but impact the state of finances and economy of various countries.
  21. Evolution of Network Systems from 1G to 4G
    This paper is a literature review on the evolution of network systems from 1G to 4G, focusing on key aspects of each generation.
  22. Leadership History and Evolution
    Every century has an example of a capable leader that influenced many people. However, various leaders differ significantly from each other from one period of time to another.
  23. Evolution Psychology: “Is Anatomy Destiny?”
    The media “Is Anatomy Destiny” raises questions relating to the issue of anatomy by arguing that the concept of anatomy is to a large extent influenced by social categorizations of the human body.
  24. American Clothing Evolution and Its Factors
    Plenty of social, economic, and political aspects impacted the American outfits, changing them, and also the appearance of people.
  25. The Evolution of Resistance and Tolerance to Parasites
    Knowing the relation among the terms of resistance and tolerance is essential to biologists that contemplate performing manipulations of host defenses by genetic manipulations.
  26. Parasites: Resistance and Tolerance Evolution
    The protective characteristics and properties hosts use to withstand the damage of parasites have been differentiated into two types.
  27. Selection, Mutation and Other Evolution Drivers
    The paper is focused on describing four basic causes of evolution, namely natural selection, mutation, genetic drift, and gene flow.
  28. Cognition Evolution in Life Span Developmental Model
    Cognitive abilities of the human brain decline over the years due to the degradation of the brain tissue and the eventual decrease in the number of neurons in it.
  29. Quality Evolution in Auto Manufacturing Industry
    Since its first appearance at the end of the 19th century, the automobile has come a long way not only in its appearance and technical capabilities but also in quality standards.
  30. Evolution of Female Sexuality
    Throughout history, views and scientific theories regarding female sexuality have been changeable and controversial.
  31. Advanced Practice Nursing and Nursing Informatics: The Evolution of Nursing
    The field of nursing has evolved within the past three decades to meet the changing health needs of more underserved populations.
  32. Cognitive Development Theories and Their Evolution
    This paper analysis the cognitive development concept with a lot of focus on the various theories, their evolution, and the associated developmental stages.

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  1. Evolution, Prehistory, and Physical Anthropology
    The four evolutionary forces all affect biological variation. Some are at work in individuals while others function at the population level.
  2. Study of Folklore in Terms of Development and Evolution
    According to the psychoanalytic perspective of folklore study, human beings have gone through various stages of psychological development and evolution.
  3. Anthropology: Natural Selection and Evolution
    Natural selection is the process of an organism’s adaptation to the environment that is performed through changing its genotype on a selective basis.
  4. Human Evolution. “Neanderthals on Trial” Documentary
    Neanderthals could have interbred with Homo sapiens due to the DNA evidence, their inclination to producing paintings, tools, music and pieces of jewelry.
  5. Natural Selection and Evolution Impact on Health
    Natural selection has helped humans identify the most crucial areas that impact genetic adjustment to the environment.
  6. Architectural Form Evolution Throughout History
    The evolution of form in art is connected to human development over the years. This paper explores the connection between different art forms and their influence on architecture.
  7. Homo Floresiensis and Human Evolution Models
    Homo florensis were discovered recently as a new hominid species and provided some new evidence for the three models of human origins.
  8. Cleopatra’s Role in the Evolution of Humanity
    Cleopatra managed to effectively rule her country, fostered its development by combining outstanding diplomatic skills, charisma, and knowledge.
  9. Are We Ready for Neo-Evolution?
    The analyzed video is related to biopsychology through the aspect of interfering with human genes to influence different aspects of life, such as longevity and disease resistance.
  10. The Evolution of Cryptography
    In this paper, attention will be paid to the progress of cryptography through ancient, technical, and paradoxical periods, the worth of common encryption methods, and the impact of coding on modern communication.
  11. Nursing Evolution: Future Perspectives and Challenges
    Forensic nursing is the branch of the profession that deals with patients that are involved in various legal issues.
  12. The Evolution of the Nursing Practice Role
    The role of nursing has shifted significantly in the last decades, enabling nurses to become critical and leading professionals in the community and healthcare systems.
  13. Forensic vs. Advanced Practice Nursing Evolution
    The main distinction between forensic nurses’ and advanced practice nurses’ divisions is their scope of practice. Forensic nursing has developed in a direction different from APN.
  14. The Evolution of Special Education
    Special education provides and interprets certain practices that allow addressing the individual needs of each student to assure a better learning environment for everyone.
  15. Aspects of Human Evolution
    The work describes the connections between the Homo Sapiens and related cultures like art, agriculture, and changes in the climate, and how these aspects affected human evolution.
  16. The Evolution of Nursing
    Understanding the differences between various nursing roles performs a vital function in the arrangement of successful collaboration within healthcare settings.
  17. Evolution of the US Healthcare System
    The healthcare system of the US can be regarded as unique since it was changed from the national to the private type.
  18. Aquaman: An Evolution Through the Ages
    Another way of how the Aquaman franchise has evolved to respond to the preoccupations of the time becomes clear when emphasis is placed on the details of Aquaman’s plot.
  19. Automobile Industry and Its Evolution in the US
    The book entitled “Twentieth-Century Technologies” mainly focuses on the automobile industry and its evolution in the United States.
  20. Religion and Science. Intelligent Design vs. Evolution
    In the context of science vs. religion, science will always have an upper hand, because it is always religion that resorts to science, in order to substantiate its own dogmas.
  21. Human Rights: Historical and Conceptual Evolution
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a fundamental document for the world population. It covered all aspects of the social, economic, and political life of human beings.
  22. Human Impact on Evolution and Environment
    Research on positive and negative impacts of humans on evolution and industrial development on the environment.
  23. Evolution of Cell Phones
    For us a cell phone is no more a wonder of engineering, but a usual means of communication and it is more likely that a person without a cell phone will be considered an odd person.
  24. Evolution vs. Religious Dogma
    The religiously fervent still rejects the idea of man evolving from ape but now even the most religious persons today accept evolution to be true.
  25. Evolution by Natural Selection
    Charles Darwin has worked out a theory of evolution according to which all the species are united by a common ancestor. There exist some objections to this theory.
  26. Energy Innovation Evolutionary Economics and Policies
    The use of innovative energy technology is influenced by insights into evolutionary economics. Through such insights, better policies can be formulated.
  27. Evolution of Beauty: The Transformation of Beauty Throughout History
    The description of beauty and what is regarded as good-looking has changed over time. The way people view beauty varies with every culture.
  28. Whittington’s Classical and Evolutionary Approaches Towards Business Analysis
    The key theories that should be analyzed are Whittington’s classical and evolutionary approaches towards business analysis, as well as the resource-based view of decision-making.
  29. Ozone Hole and Atmosphere Evolution
    The main purpose of the atmosphere and all its strata is to protect the earth’s living organisms by absorbing ultraviolet solar radiation or rays through the Ozone stratum.
  30. The Role of Religion in the Evolution and Creation Debate
    In this work, the creation of man, described in world religions and by scientists, and the conflict between different approaches to explaining the origin of mankind are discussed.
  31. Evolution of Rock and Roll in Radio
    Rock and roll is a music genre that emerged during the close of 1940s and the dawn of early 1950s in the southern region of the United States.
  32. Government Power Evolution and Interpretation
    Political voting in America has declined today, for the reason that the level of articulate elite and mass political behavior has changed.

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  1. Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory
    Darwin’s theory portrays that there is no difference that is fundamental between man and other higher mammals (primates) in their faculties of mind.
  2. Intelligent Design and Evolution Theories
    The existing theories of human origin are still controversial, however, Intelligent Design remains a religious belief without clear scientific arguments.
  3. The Theory of Evolution Overview and Analysis
    The theory of biological evolution was firstly developed by British naturalist Charles Darwin in his book On the Origins of Species in 1859.
  4. Evolution of Human Language: Biological Anthropology
    The best way to understand language evolution in the wider spectrum of human culture, is tracing the function of images in the human brain.
  5. Zionism: The Evolution of Judaism
    In this paper I will give a definition of Zionism, a brief history of the Jewish people and explain the two stages that the Jews had to go through before they returned to Israel.
  6. Forensic Psychology, Its History and Evolution
    Forensic psychology refers to an applied discipline focused on the application of psychological research as well as principles within the legal and criminal justice systems.
  7. The Evolution of Taekwondo
    The purpose of this paper is to review the way of the development of taekwondo and highlight the main controversial aspects regarding the origin of this martial art.
  8. Nursing Evolution Analysis: Challenges and Changes in Nursing Practice
    Nursing is a multifaceted profession that requires commitment and constant personal development from anyone who makes the decision to follow this professional path.
  9. “Why Evolution Is True”: A Chapter-Wise Reflection
    This paper reflects on persuasions to accept the evolution theory as a valid discourse of explaining the origin of species in the nine chapters of Coyne’s “Why Evolution is True”.
  10. The Evolution of Family in the USA
    Families are still prevalent and do not lose their significance among people in the U.S. Rather, they are transforming into new kinds that are more appropriate to the current time.
  11. Evolution of Organizational Performance Metrics
    The metric of profit has likely not changed much throughout the 20th century. The rate of return is also calculated in the same manner, but it may have become less significant.
  12. Evolution of the United States Health Care System
    The paper aims to describe how the US health care system has evolved since the early 1900s and what two unique characteristic features this evolution has brought.
  13. Catholic and Scientific View of Evolution
    Evolutionary theory is accepted by the Catholic and the scientific community. The church views evolution as a sign of God’s indirect participation in how living organisms were formed.
  14. The Evolution of Romantic Encounters and Norms and Actions Within Relationships
    The vast majority of young people tend to perceive romantic relationships and actions within them as requiring an extensive amount of responsibility.
  15. Information Systems Evolution in the Banking Industry
    Information systems for banks have come a long way from developing simple DBMSs developed on personal database management systems.
  16. Exploring the Evolution of Fungi: Ancient Origins
    Fungi have ancient origins: the most recent evidence suggests that they appeared as early as one billion years ago.
  17. “Why Evolution is True” by Jerry Coyne
    Jerry Coyne’s work provides some context for certain social issues, such as the misuse of Darwin’s theory, scientific racism, and the ongoing conflict of religion and evolution.
  18. The History of Evolution of Thought and the Significance of the Affirmative Action
    Affirmative action can prevent the dominant part of society from shunning the people belonging to the minority and, thus, establish equality within society.
  19. Characters’ Evolution in The House on Mango Street and Bullet in the Brain
    The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros and Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolff learn the same lesson as Little Prince/Narrator by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry does.
  20. Evolution of Neurogenesis Concepts
    In brain damage, neurogenesis plays an adaptive role in preserving the body’s functionality, and the older the patient becomes, the worse their neurogenesis is.
  21. Language Evolution: The Major Schools of Thought
    The theory of language development and evolution has continued to attract attention of many analysts, researchers, and psychologists.
  22. Civil Rights for African Americans: Evolution From the Civil War to Today
    Due to the efforts of many activists, African Americans gained the status of free citizens and equal rights in the second half of the 20th century, which continues to this day.
  23. Teen Pregnancy. The Evolution of Family Policy
    Teen pregnancy is a devastating issue that probably exists on all levels, and it would be wiser to focus on the local one, but conversations reveal more unfortunate circumstances.
  24. Harvey Fineberg: Are We Ready for Neo-Evolution?
    The speaker explains evolution as an extended process of passing on the genome to the following generations, surviving through, and adapting to future years and environments.
  25. Evolution of Microsoft Windows Operating System
    This paper will cover the road Windows has traveled and continues to explore with Windows 7 that will be launched on the 22nd of October.
  26. Present and Future Population Groups’ Evolution
    Evolution has always been an integral part of humanity. Human bodies still adapt to external conditions, which is confirmed by numerous research studies.
  27. Marsupials: Evolutionary History, Key Features, and Ecological Role
    This paper discusses marsupials to present a phylogeny of their in-group and out-group taxa, key features that unite the clade, ecological roles played by some of these features.
  28. The Evolution of Opportunity in Sports
    The evolution of opportunities can be explained from the two breakthroughs of Jackie Robinson in professional baseball and Tiger Woods in professional golf.
  29. Evolution of Long-Term Care Systems
    More programs like Medicaid and other long-term care initiatives occurred and started registering children and women and helping aged people.
  30. Actinopterygii: The Evolution of Ray-Finned Fishes
    The paper illustrates that the Actinopterygii may be the largest, most varied but there remains much debate about the timing and extent of early evolutionary development.
  31. Evolution of Skyscraper Design Since 1920
    The essay analysis how improved build of tall buildings since the 20th century and provides examples of modern buildings.
  32. The Evolution of Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
    The NINR is the main supporting power for EBP due to the efforts it takes to boost nursing research aimed at disease prevention, symptom management, and life enhancement.

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  1. Natural Selection Process and Evidence of Evolution
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the book “Why Evolution is True” by Coyne. This article assumes that evolution by natural selection is true.
  2. Why Evolution Should Be Taught in Schools
    Evolution should be taught in schools so that we may raise scientists who can be able to give answers to most of the challenges we face today.
  3. iPhone 12 Mini: Apple’s Smartphone Evolution
    The iPhone is one of the most competitive smartphone brands in the world today. This discussion examines how the iPhone has evolved until the latest device, the iPhone 12 mini.
  4. Sainsbury’s Market: Its History and Evolution
    Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 by John James Sainsbury as a small shop in Drury Lane, London, however, in 1922, the company became the largest retailer of groceries.
  5. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: Impact of Genetics
    New research proved that genetics are the driving force of evolution which causes the revision of some of Darwin’s discoveries.
  6. Skull Evolution in the Rhinocerotidae: Phylogeny of Early Rhinocerotoids
    Modern rhinos with a pointed upper lip and a two-horned African rhino with a wide rectangular mouth, are pitiful remnants of a rich in species group of mammals.
  7. Digital Video Evolution and Its Implementation in Australia
    In the current digital era, the production of video has become more effective. This is due to the availability of new technologies that support the production of digital video.
  8. Evolution of Healthcare Information Systems
    Healthcare and hospital information systems have greatly changed in the past twenty years and this has been as a result of the improvement of information technology.
  9. Magnolia Tree: Life Cycle and Evolution
    Magnolia is among the largest genus flowering plants in Texas and eastern North America. Magnolia is derived from the French botanist Pierre Magnol.
  10. Evolution of Societal Norms in “Supergirl”
    As social norms evolve, popular entertainment media, such as Supergirl, have developed stories highlighting traditional and emerging family or relationship arrangements.
  11. The Evolution of the Goals of the Justice System
    The justice system has always focused on reducing crime in society, and it develops policies aimed at helping in the reduction of recidivism.
  12. Religion and Science: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
    From an epistemological point of view, science and religion are two distinct ways of knowing; the first one relies on logic and empirical findings whereas the other is based on faith.
  13. The Evolution of Immunity and Immune Systems
    Immunity is the biological state where an individual has adequate defenses against diseases, infections, and other invasions.
  14. Evolution, Not Revolution: Gender Law and Women Rights in Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabian government should enact policies that promote women to take professional courses such as engineering, medicine among others.
  15. “Frontiers, Borderlands, Wests”: The Evolution of the Historical Study of the American West
    “Frontiers, Borderlands, Wests” explores what connotation the interpretation of certain events takes on depending on the context, for example, the history of the American West.
  16. Evolution of Humans and Natural Selection
    The forces and mechanisms of evolution that can easily be identified are natural selection, mutation, migration which is also called gene flow, and genetic drift.
  17. History and Evolution of Online Education
    This paper aims to explore the evolution and history of online learning to understand its key milestones and recent developments.
  18. Supply Chain Management. Evolution
    Supply chain management (SCM) entails the planning and management of every activity involving sourcing and procurement.
  19. Flashbulb Memories and the Evolutionary Mechanisms
    The paper discusses the prevalence of so-called flashbulb memories and the evolutionary mechanisms that can be connected to them.
  20. DNA and Proteins as Evolutionary Tape Measures
    DNA and proteins can be used as tape measures of evolution but their usage depends on the concept of a linear sequence of nucleotides.
  21. Evolution of Lungs: Understanding the Divergence of Organisms
    Lungs are among the organs highly studied by paleontologists to understand the divergence of organisms over time.
  22. The Evolution of Tragedy: From Greek to American
    The purpose of this paper is to provide a definition of tragedy, a form of drama, and discuss the differences between ancient Greek, Elizabethan, and an American one.
  23. Why Does Schoolboy Tim Choose to Study the Theory of Evolution?
    It is reasonable to conclude that among the two disciplines to be studied in biology class, Tim is studying the theory of evolution.
  24. Darwin and the Theory of Evolution
    Have you ever asked yourself about how life appeared on Earth? This question has always been at the center of attention.
  25. The American Senate and Its Evolution
    The interplay between individual interests and choices of the people, and the existing formal institutions is a fundamental and often complicated part of American politics.
  26. Vertebrate Jaw Evolution From Developmental Perspectives
    The vertebrate jaw is one of the essential developmental features associated with the crest cells’ changes, the history of jaws’ evolution can be traced to early fish species.
  27. Evolutionary Mismatch and Mental Health
    The evolutionary mismatch has led to divergent cultural and lifestyle adaptations that have left current generations at a higher risk for mental illnesses.
  28. The Historical Evolution of the International Community
    The emergence of the international community is linked to the treaty of Westphalia of 1648 which was signed following the thirty-year war.
  29. Healthcare Marketing and Its Evolution
    During the last several decades, much attention has been paid to developing healthcare advertising and replacing traditional marketing principles with innovative ideas.
  30. CompStat: It’s Origins, Evolution, and Integration
    CompStat is effective in monitoring and analyzing crime rates by using comparative statistics and geographical distribution maps.
  31. The Beatles Band’s Strategic Musical Evolution
    This paper provides insights into the formation of the Beatles, the British invasion, and their strategic musical evolution.

❓ Evolution Essay Questions

  1. Which Theory About Human Origin Is Correct: Creation, Evolution or Intervention?
  2. What Do Scientists Say About Evolution of the Telencephalon in Nonmammals?
  3. How Do Scientists Characterize Evolution of the Herpesviruses?
  4. What Is the Application of Genetic Approaches to the Study of Human Evolution?
  5. What Are the Principles of Human Evolution?
  6. Is It Possible to Discover New Theories of Human Evolution?
  7. What Is the Evolution of Sensitive Periods in Development of Insects?
  8. What Are the Three Periods of Regulatory Innovation During Vertebrate Evolution?
  9. What Is the Evolution of Profit Persistence in the USA?
  10. What Is the Evolution of Brain Size and Juvenile Periods in Primates?
  11. What Is the Body Size Evolution During Cold Climatic Periods in the Cenozoic?
  12. What Are the Drivers of the Evolution and Amplitude of African Humid Periods?
  13. What Are the Two Critical Periods in the Evolution of Random Planar Graphs?
  14. What Are the Glacial Periods on Early Earth and Implications for the Evolution of Life?
  15. What Is the Molecular Characterization of the Evolution of Phagosomes?
  16. What Is the Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Damage Evolution in Steels?
  17. Is a New and General Theory of Evolution Emerging?
  18. What Are the Contributions to the Mathematical Theory of Evolution?
  19. What Are College Students’ Perceptions of the Theory of Evolution?
  20. What Is the Theory of Games and the Evolution of Animal Conflicts?
  21. What Is the Relation Between Multilocus Population Genetics and Social Evolution Theory?
  22. What Is the Effect of Quaternary Climatic Changes on Plant Distribution and Evolution?
  23. What Are the Roles of Time and Displacement in the Evolution Effect in Rock Friction?
  24. What Is the Evolution of Binary Stars and the Effect of Tides on Binary Populations?
  25. What Is the Effect of Tolerance on the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance?
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