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Crisis Situation: Survivals and Prevention

In a crisis situation, the immediate response is vitally important. Timely help to the survivals and the prevention of the disaster spread are the steps to be taken. As long as the situations may be different, each needs a peculiar approach.

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Back Home Again: Evacuations End, but Colorado Fire Still Burns

In Boulder, Colorado, the inhabitants of about 500 houses had to escape a wildfire in mountains. Luckily, they could come back home by Monday. The local rescue teams were dealing with the crisis. Mike Wagner, the Boulder County Sheriff, commented on the situation. He mentioned that the disaster was not typical of the season and that the dry conditions caused the problem (Bacon & Wright, 2017).

There is also a probability that a fire could be human-caused. Both human and technical resources were engaged in fighting the fire. Helicopters were used together with more than 180 firefighters working at the place of a fire. The inhabitants of more than 1,000 households had to evacuate. Fortunately, the buildings were not touched by the fire, so most of the people could return home later that day. The East Boulder Community Center responded to the disaster and sheltered the evacuated citizens.

To my mind, the local authorities acted properly. I would respond the same way. At the time of a big wildfire, the crucial steps are to prevent the spread of fire and to provide the safe shelter to the people who could be harmed. Even if the possibility that the fire can reach the houses, the people should be evacuated.

Falling Tree Kills at Least 18 at Ghana Waterfall

The police reported of the terrible accident at Ghana Waterfall. At least eighteen people were drowned when a tree fell into the pool of a waterfall in Ghana. In addition, twenty people were taken to the hospital with smaller injuries. This place is a popular tourist attraction, so even more people could be hurt. The rescue operation was carried out by the local police officers and firefighters. They reported that the situation was caused by the upper part of a big tree which fell gown (Kpodo, 2017). Some of the public were also eager to help, but the untrained people gust interfered with the work of a rescue team.

If I had to respond the situation like this, I would try to remove the people who were not injured. As soon as the rescue team arrives, the place of a disaster should be free from wandering citizens. They might desire to help, but they can intrude into the effective work of the rescuers or get hurt.

At Least 47 Killed in Baghdad Terror Attack

More than 70 people were reported wounded and 47 killed as a result of terror attack near Baghdad. The majority of the victims were civil. It is the worst car bomb attack in Iraq this year. A terrorist detonated a fuel truck with explosion at a security checkpoint. The survivors were taken to the hospitals to be examined. The Provincial Security Committee proved it was a severe attack and not the first one on this checkpoint (“At least 47 killed in Baghdad terror attack”, 2016).

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The terrorist attacks are, of course, different from the nature disasters. Still, all of them are difficult to predict and involve a lot of people. In a situation like this, I would provide the first aid to the injured people and stop the spread of fire which is a result of the explosion. It is important to separate the victims and the witnesses.

As Trash Avalanche Toll Rises in Ethiopia, Survivors Ask Why

Another disaster took place in Ethiopia. The witnesses observed strange sounds and shaking ground. They were the result of a crash of a huge pile of garbage at a junkyard in the neighborhood. The trash buried the houses located near the landfill. Minimum 113 people were killed in the terrible accident. The survivors and the relatives of the people who died are bothered with only one question: could this tragedy have been prevented? (Ahmed & Fortin, 2017).

The government did not provide any reasoning of the tragedy. Tre receiving some help from the special committee and the community. Volunteers were collecting supplies and money to aid the sufferers. Due to the media coverage, the situation got resonance. However, the actions taken will not replace the lost families and homes.

This tragic disaster is one of those that should be prevented. Ethiopia desires to be treated as a developing country, but the real situation is far from it. The situation has to become a lesson to the authorities. In responding to a similar situation, it is necessary to prevent the threat of garbage ruining the houses. It is also crucial to provide medical aid to the survivors and the psychological assistance to the relatives and close people of the victims. The provision of shelter and food for the survivors should also be organized.


On the whole, the actions in a crisis situation should be provided by the teams of professionals. They are trained to act correspondently in different disasters. The help of volunteers may be also important in some cases, but they should not interfere with the work of professionals. A crisis situation, after everyone is safe, should be carefully analyzed. It is important to find the causes of a situation to prevent similar disasters in the future.


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