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Fukushima and Chernobyl’ Nuclear Disasters Comparison

Introduction Both Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters were nuclear crises that occurred accidentally in Japan and Ukraine respectively. The Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant while the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Both disasters were rated seven, which is the highest in the scale due to its severity. The Chernobyl disaster occurred…

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Belo Monte Dam Project Environmental Controversies

Introduction In the city of Para in Brazil where the third largest dam in the world is to be built has run into legal controversies for years now. The Belo Monte dam project was proposed back in 1975 at an estimated cost of US$18.5 billion. The dam lies in the Amazon region along the Xingu River. The multi-billion-dollar project has…

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The B.E.A.C.H. Environmental Campaign

With the growing environmental change awareness, more nongovernment organizations engage in the development and environmental campaigns. These campaigns pursue two essential goals. First, they are intended to educate the public about the severity and irreversible consequences of environmental change. Second, they deliver important information on how communities can promote positive behaviors to reduce the damage they cause to the environment.…

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Green Energy and Carbon Capture

Introduction For a very long time, human beings relied mostly on natural sources of energy, including solar, wind, and water resources (Jeffs 1). Oil and coal were also used for the same purpose. As a result of population increase and the onset of the industrial revolution, energy demands by human beings and industries went up. Undoubtedly, this created a strain…

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Extreme Weather and Global Warming

One of the major issues confronting the current world is global warming. Scientists have argued that our production of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide is having an impact of heating on the atmosphere, and as a result, this could be harmful to for human life. The Global warming is a bad phenomenon that is causing to see level raise, change…

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Ecological Balance: Environmentally Friendly Cars

Introduction It is beyond doubt to the ordinary public that global climate is drastically shifting from bad to worse. According to Butler (2009, p. 4), this menace is not only acknowledged by the common citizens, but also by the authorities who should bring to an end the nuisance. In this regard, several conferences, summits, and seminars have been organised to…

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The Beach and Its Benefits

Introduction Beaches are the landforms that exist along large water bodies and they are made up of various materials that might include sand, gravel, or rock. Haller states that the term ‘beach’ is widely defined as “the zone of loose or unconsolidated material extending from the mean low water line to a point landward where the topography abruptly changes or…

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The Issue of Environment Pollution in Peru

Introduction During the millions of years of evolution, our species have left their footprints all over the Earth, but it was not until a couple of centuries ago that they started to think about ecology and environment. Today, the harm we have done to the planet is just too critical to pass unnoticed. Sustainability has become the key concept of…

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Environmental Change Effects on Health

Abstract Environmental changes have both negative and positive impacts on human health. While some effects are direct, others are hard to decipher. Researchers claim that environmental changes create a favorable condition for the proliferation of deadly diseases. For instance, floods facilitate the breeding of mosquitoes, which spread malaria and dengue fever. The environmental factors that impact human health include heat…

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Humans Contribution to Global Climate Change

Scientists asserted that due to global climate change, average temperatures had increased measurably in the past century (Lunine 279). The impacts of global climate change are manifested through rising sea levels, shrinking polar ice, warmer winters, and retreating glaciers (Lunine 279). As a result, summers are growing hotter, and weather events are becoming more unpredictable (Casper 14). This revelation is…

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Sea Dumping: Legal and Ethical Issues

The issue regarding the pollution of the environment seems to be significantly important to solve; otherwise, the society will be in a threat. The unlimited human activity has already influenced the surrounding. The negative impact resulted in climate change. One of the most dangerous factors that contribute to the problem is industries and fossil fuels. However, not everyone is aware…

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Bottled Water Impacts on Environment

As the use of bottled water continue to rise steadily around the world, many critics have focused on its impacts on the environment, economy and other social implications related to the use, including waste management issues, depletion of groundwater, energy consumption and many more. In the US, for instance, in the previous year, Americans bought more than 4 billion gallons…

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Environment Protection in the U.S. and the Hawaii State

Introduction The protection of the environment is an urgent issue in many countries nowadays. The United States of America is not an exception. The rapid industrialization and devastating human activity have led to the terrible condition of the environment. The government of the U.S. realizes the urgency of the problem and takes necessary measures on both state and local levels.…

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The Seriousness of Global Warming

One of the most troubling ecological issues of the contemporary world is global warming. It is defined as an increase of global average surface temperature at an alarming rate; due to extra release of greenhouse gases, the temperature rose 0.6 to 0.9 degrees over the approximate span of the last century, and the pace of rise doubled over the last…

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Natural Disasters: the Budalangi Flood

The world is full of natural occurrences. Sometimes floods come when people are not aware. The Budalangi flood occurred when people believed that the dykes the government had constructed would protect them. When natural disasters occur, it is how people respond that determines the extent of the damage on human life. It was on a Monday, and people had woken…

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Environment in the Book “Paths to a Green World”

As numerous problems related to environmental crisis continue to emerge, the urgency of searching for appropriate solutions is increasing. There are plenty of publications covering environmental issues. However, the innovative approaches to the widely discussed issues are still to be developed. Jennifer Clapp and Peter Dauvergne presented their view on the nature of global environmental politics in the book Paths…

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Energy Independence in the USA

Energy independence and energy security are two of the most important objectives of the United States government. Energy independence affects America’s national security. At the present time, the United States is dependent on oil imports coming from politically unstable regions in the world, especially producers that are located in the Middle East. Although it is critically important for the U.S.…

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Blowouts in Bangladesh

Introduction The energy sector is crucial for the development of the Bangladesh’s economy. Natural gas has numerous socio-economic benefits such as the generation of power for industrial use and household consumption. Bangladesh is endowed with numerous natural resource reserves that have been exploited by the Niko Resources Limited, a Canadian company that is based in Calgary, Alberta. It has established…

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Petroleum Products Problem in the USA

America’s overdependence on petroleum products is one of the main reasons for the sluggish economy. The cost of importing crude oil creates a trade deficit, and it increases the debt burden of the United States. Also, policymakers must explore other sources of energy because petroleum products contribute to the degradation of the environment. Government officials and other stakeholders must work…

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“The Corn is a Lie” – Environment

Introduction The essay The Corn is a Lie discusses the use of the ethanol and its impact on the environment from various perspectives. The essay has quite a catchy and interesting title, but at the same time, there is the professional expertise and the insider opinion. There are, however, some ideas and arguments to analyze, and the rhetoric content to…

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Hurricane Katrina’ Meaning

Introduction Hurricane Katrina was an unprecedented and devastating hurricane that caused catastrophic damage to property and a high loss of life. Katrina was reported as one of the five powerful and deadly hurricanes in the history of the United States. On August 23, 2005, Katrina first carved a vast swath of fatalities in southern Florida, extended to the central Gulf…

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Hurricane Katrina Emergency Management

Introduction Hurricane Katrina caused immense devastation to the people of Orleans and the entire Gulf Coast. The catastrophe occurred at a time when the US government was emphasizing the need for disaster preparedness. However, it is crucial to point out the disaster did not occur because Orleans’ emergency response systems had failed or were ineffective. Research on disaster risk management…

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Environmental Pollution Effects on Health

Introduction Humans do not live in a vacuum but in a damaged environment that impacts individuals’ health every second of their existence. People cannot avoid air as they must breathe, water as they must drink, or land as they must eat what is grown in it. When polluted substances from the environment come to a human’s organism, they affect its…

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Shark Finning Causes, Impact and Solutions

Introduction Sharks are among the most endangered species in the modern ecosystem. Sharks are under huge threat from an illegal practice called finning. Shark finning refers to the practice of cutting off the fin of a shark and throwing it back to the sea (Harden par. 5). Although the practice does not involve killing the sharks in order to get…

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Environmental Studies: the Global Warming Holocaust

The Problem: Social Need Global climate change is a social issue that has captured the imagination of the world’s population. This issue is discussed in mass media and social media platforms. According to analysts, change is good. However, it is not a welcome development when it comes to the realm of the natural environment. The planet’s natural environment ceases to…

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Environmental Studies: Tragedy of the Commons

Introduction In the modern world, environmentalists are divided over the best way to conserve the environment. Some claim that the corporate world or the private sector should be given the responsibility of ensuring that the environment is safe while some are of the view that the government should always take full control. In this regard, the corporate-led environmentalists suggest that…

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Managing Energy Demand in Abu Dhabi: Toward Sustainable City

Introduction The Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates’ capital, is undergoing an ambitious growth plan that is destined to make the UAE one of the regional powerhouses within the gulf area. The growth and development, however, has resulted in a number of challenges that pose a threat to the actual growth plans of the economy. A capacity shortfall in electricity consumption…

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Waste Management Inc.: Accounting Principles

Nowadays, all organizations have to use unified accounting concepts to ensure sufficient reporting of their financial transactions.[1] Waste Management Inc. was one of the organizations that violated these standards while being accused of financial manipulations and fraud. In this instance, reviewing its accounting principles can help understand the actual financial process with the help of a real-life example.[2] Consequently, the…

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Water Pollution

Introduction Rivers are common sources of water in the world. Water is useful in various ways both domestically and in industries. It is imperative that such water remain clean and safe and free from any pollution. Unfortunately, water pollution takes place in various water bodies all over the world. This essay seeks to examine the concept of water pollution, its…

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Global Climate Change

Description of the Issue The warming trend experienced in different parts of the world is unprecedented (Dietz and Garrelts 4). The rate of climate change is of much interest because human-induced activities are to blame. Modern technologies such as “the use of satellites have made it easier for scientists to analyze climate on a global scale” (Gardiner par. 4). Scientific…

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Nuclear Disasters: Fukushima and Chernobyl

Introduction Both Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters were nuclear crises that occurred accidentally in Japan and Ukraine respectively. The Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant while the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Both disasters were rated seven, which is the highest in the scale due to its severity. The Chernobyl disaster occurred…

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Going Green-Saving the Environment

Currently, there is evidence of extreme weather changes and global catastrophes due to global warming, environmental pollution, erosion, depletion of natural resources, and diminution of the ozone layer. As a result, the planet earth is dying little by little because studies show that the plants, animals, rain forests, and water sources that were once the definitive characteristic of different ecosystems…

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Environmental Pollution (Fresh Water)

With the development of civilization, one of the more important concerns that are fast becoming a major threat is pollution and no form of pollution seemed to be bigger than that of fresh water pollution. Thus, the focal point of this dissertation is based on the factors and affects of the fresh water pollution. Within this given parameter emphasis would…

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Globe Environment Communities

The defining factors of a prosperous society in the modern-day era has been the level of industrial and technological achievement from which that society derives a certain degree of economic success and creates the trappings of what is known as the “modern-day lifestyle.” Organizations all over the world continue to strive to reach this supposed pinnacle of success; yet, the…

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Protection of the Environment in the U.S. and the State of Hawaii

[toc title=”Contents”] Introduction Environmental Protection — General Information Overview of the Current Issues in the U.S. History of the Need for Government Regulation in the U.S. Major Laws that Regulate the Protection of the Environment in the U.S. EPA and CEQ as Primary Federal Organizations for Protection of the Environment Recent Controversy and Recommendations for Future Reforms The State of…

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Effects of Global Warming

Introduction Over the past 50-60 years, there has been a build up of greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor as a result of rapid industrialization in the world. As a result of these concentrations, the green house effects emerged thereby reflecting back heat radiation to the earth. The largest contributory gas to…

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The Effect of Global Warming and the Future

Introduction Global warming can be described as the increasing average temperature of the oceans and atmosphere of the Earth which began to go-up in the late 19th century and it’s expected to keep rising (Simon 45). Ever since the early 20th century, the average surface temperature of the Earth has gone up by approximately 0.8 °C (1.4 °F), with about…

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Environment: Accidents and Catastrophes

Introduction Accidents refer to the events that occur without the involvement of human beings (Kunstler 28). In most cases, accidents are beyond human control and may therefore be considered to be supernatural occurrences. Such unnatural events include earthquakes, storms, landslides and tornados. Death itself is catastrophic and a fate that befalls mankind accidentally. All living creatures die. Human beings succumb…

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Earth in Danger

Introduction: The Concept of Global Warming The notion of global warming implies a complex environmental procedure, which evolves as a natural consequence of the harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The activity is inflicted by human activities. Specifically, the gasses are produced by the machinery and electricity processes. According to the assessment of environmental problems in America, burning gasses and fuels accounts…

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The Amazon Rainforest, an Integral Component of the Environment

The Amazon rainforest, the largest rainforest on Earth, encompasses an area roughly the size of the United States (the 48 contiguous states), contains most of the plant and animal species found on the planet and contributes to weather patterns on a global scale. This natural wonder is disappearing at an alarming rate due to deforestation and with it the animals,…

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Climate Change Impacts

[toc title=”Contents”] Introduction Climate change Climate change impacts Managing climate change Conclusion References [/toc] Introduction It is doubtless that global change has become one the challenges, which encompasses a wide range of human life, including social and economical aspects of human life. Research has indicated that climate change will continue affecting the world as long as proper measures are not…

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Concept of Global Warming

Introduction Global warming is a term commonly used to describe the consequences of man- made pollutants overloading the naturally-occurring greenhouse gases causing an increase of the average global temperature, the subject of great debate and concern worldwide. According to all peer-reviewed scientific studies, if the amount of greenhouse gasses being pumped into the air by factories, power plants and automobiles…

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Eco-Friendly Packaging and Its Issues

Sustainability has recently become a new trend in doing business. As the overall green consciousness grows and consumers worldwide prefer buying eco-friendly products, companies tend to become more environmentally friendly reducing their impact on the environment. In most cases, the areas for influence reductions are minimizing the level of greenhouse gases emission during the process of manufacturing and transportation of…

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Mining as a Cause of Environmental Disaster

Unfortunately, a tremendous upgrowth of the production sector requires the extraction of more and more materials that can be found on our planet. Mother Nature is generous, but we tend to impose upon her kindness and use her gifts in a way that does hurt our planet. Our industrial activity on the planet costs it dearly as we already see…

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Earthquakes: History and Studies

Summary Earthquakes are sudden and unprecedented movements of the earth’s surface that are caused by the abrupt release of energy into the earth’s crust. The accumulation of this energy and its subsequent release causes seismic waves that lead to dislodgement of underground rocks, causing faults along which earthquakes take place the point from which an earthquake originated is known as…

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Avalanches, Their Nature and Safety Precautions

Snow avalanches are a frequent occurrence in the mountainous regions of our planet, where the mountain caps are covered with many layers of snow. Everyone is familiar with a cinematic cliché, were loud screaming or noises manage to trigger an avalanche, sending powerful and destructive waves of stone and snow down the mountainside. The widespread use of this cliché represents…

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Floods: Stages, Types, Effects, and Prevention

[toc title=”Contents”] Introduction Stages of Floods Types of Floods Effects of Floods Floods have had one beneficial and two adverse effects on mankind Flood Risk Reduction Methods Flood Prevention Methods Conclusion References [/toc] Introduction Floods rank as the most destructive water-related problem that faces mankind. It is also the most regularly occurring natural disaster. While the most flood-prone area in…

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Causes and Effects of Global Warming on the Environment

Global Warming is a process that points out an increase in approximate temperature in different spots of Earth. This is caused due to two factors that are responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. Causes and effects of global Warming bear in present days an equivocal character. The number of causes of the problem is increasing. The number of effects…

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Environmental Studies: Water Recycling

Introduction Water shortage is a situation where the available water cannot meet the demands of the population sufficiently. With the continued rise of the population and industrialization, there is much pressure on water sources to serve the growing needs of the people. The rise in demand for water has led to water scarcity due to the high usage rates of…

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Environmental Studies: Plastics Recycling and Recovery

It is amazing when one considers the number of plastics that are produced and consumed annually. Plastic bags contribute greatly to this increasing number of plastics because people are always buying things. Plastic bugs provide the immediate and available material in which shopping can be loaded into. The large number of waste that is produced by the use of these…

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