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Evaluation as Part of a Disaster Management Plan

Response to Kimberly’s Post Using the case of the Indonesian earthquake of 2004, the student has presented meaningful recommendations that can be used after a disaster. The idea of using adequate planning after a disaster can minimize wastes and promote recovery efforts (Reiss-Brennan et al., 2016). The decision of different responders and aid agencies involved after the natural disaster to…

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The Effects of Climate on the Ways of Life

The current state of the environment is classified as disturbing. Various pieces of evidence prove that the climate change is a real problem facing the today’s society. While some officials still deny the existence of this problem, various weather disasters become more frequent each year, causing changes in people’s lives. Scientific Evaluation Asia One of the most unstable regions affected…

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Topic: Environment

Energy Efficiency and Economic Approaches

Introduction The economics of energy efficiency form one of the highly debated topics on natural resource economics. Natural resource economies focus on the efficient utilization of natural resources, which include energy deposits, minerals, water resources, land, forests, and fish, among others. Public reliance and control of these resources, their significant addition to the economy, and competition of these natural stocks…

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“Erin Brockovich” Film and 2014 Flint Water Crisis

Introduction The physical and natural environments affect human life in various ways, as outlined by ecological studies. Environmental education is essential in informing individuals on how to deal with ecosystems to attain life sustainability. When discussing the environment, chief elements like soil, organisms, air, water, and solar energy have to be incorporated. This paper analyzes the movie, Erin Brockovich, and…

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Sustainability and Energy Politics by G. Curran

Abstract The paper deals with the descriptive review of the book Sustainability and Energy Politics: Ecological Modernization and Corporate Social Responsibility by Giorel Curran. It deals with the relevant issues that should be solved immediately, namely the role of the ecological modernization and corporate social responsibility to the environmental politics. The paper provides the detailed information regarding the structure of…

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Topic: Environment

Brazil’s Deforestation and Governmental Activities

Deforestation is considered to be an internal problem for not only the affected countries but for the whole world because it does not only cause harm to the country in question but to the entire ecosystem of the planet. This explains why any bit of deforestation experienced in any country is normally given international attention all over the world, and…

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Topic: Environment

Renewable Energy Sources: Popularity and Benefits

Energy is provided in many forms by nature (Luo and Hong, 2016). We need the energy to perform work and operate other tools. Energy helps us to maintain life in the cities. The sources of energy we rely upon are fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) and solar, wind, tidal, and hydroelectric energy (Einspruch, 2013). Energy consumption grows because of…

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Topic: Environment

Waste Management in Acres Homes of Houston, Texas

Abstract The research findings suggest illegal dumping is detrimental to the ecosystems and the biodiversity, implying it affects life. The Houston community has no option other than adopting the radical measures proposed, which include recycling of the waste products, dumping the waste products in accordance to the set laws and regulations, and finally shifting to the alternative sources of energy.…

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Topic: Environment

The Future of Energy in California

Introduction Human beings require energy for survival. This energy is obtained from different sources. However, some sources of energy pollute the natural environment. This situation explains why renewable energy has become common today (Trefil & Hazen, 2012). The American government should use modern technologies to produce alternative sources of energy in order to address the problem of environmental degradation. This…

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Industrial Ecology: Areas for Future Research

The topic of interest My major research interests are related to industrial ecology. Several important aspects can be distinguished. For example, I would like to gain a better understanding of such a phenomenon as industrial metabolism or a set of processes that transform energy and raw materials into products as well as wastes. Additionally, I am willing to examine how…

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Environmental Degradation and Its Impact on Women

The negative effects of environmental degradation on economies and communities have been studied repeatedly. It is generally agreed upon among researchers today that the deterioration of the environment promotes poverty (Haslam et al. 318). Therefore, the global goal of poverty eradication has been widely associated with improving the environmental conditions. However, it can be argued that some groups of people…

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How Changes in the Environment Affect Organizations?

The UK is recovering from the effects of the global financial crisis of 2009. This crisis affected most of the economic powerhouses of the world. The cause of the crisis was a credit crunch triggered by property prices. However, the entire Euro zone is in a crisis that is quite different from the 2009 financial crisis. Greece is the worst…

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Sustainable Development Goals in the UAE

Introduction Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) refer to the global initiatives aimed at ending poverty, protecting the earth, and ensuring that all global citizens have peace and prosperity. They are also known as the Global Goals that focus on building on the achievements of Millennium Development Goals. These goals cover areas such as climate change, financial inequalities, consuming sustainably, acquisition of…

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Mega Energy Projects: China’s Solar Generator

The China’s solar power mega project, which will be implemented in phases, is set to make a remarkable supplement in China total national energy production. The first phase, which will provide 50MW, will set the ball rolling, with the final project expected to provide 1000 MW of electricity by year 2020. The Chinese government reported that the whole project, which…

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The Problem of Global Warming and Its Effects

The Problem of Global Warming General Purpose To persuade. Specific Purpose By the end of my speech, the audience will believe that it is necessary for everyone to contribute to preventing global warming and to take action in the form of a series of easy steps to address the problem. Thesis Statement Global warming is a problem that concerns everyone,…

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Topic: Environment

Vulnerable Population: Disaster Management’ Improvement

Introduction Nowadays, the world experiences continuous changes, and governmental authorities have to design sufficient governmental programs to be prepared for various natural and manmade disasters. The cataclysms with both origins tend to have an adverse and devastating effect on society and infrastructure (Turchetti, Cannizzo, & Trieste, 2012). For example, Hurricane Katrina of 2005 was often referred to as “the most…

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Topic: Environment

Air Pollution Health Risks Information Campaign

Introduction Information campaigns are some of the more frequent methods of healthcare promotion used by hospitals, clinics, and other community healthcare organizations around the world. These campaigns are aimed at the elimination of ignorance, prejudices, and wrong assumptions about certain healthcare issues, diseases, and factors that may contribute to a person’s health. The scopes of these information campaigns can differ…

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Topic: Environment

Natural Disasters: Rebuilding and Recovery

Natural disasters affect the lives of many people without singling out a specific cultural group or family. Human service professionals must, therefore, use adequate initiatives in order to meet the needs of diverse communities. The initiatives should support more people from diverse backgrounds and re-pattern their experiences (Hayden, Williams, Canto, & Finklea, 2015). These measures will result in recovery and…

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Topic: Environment

Waste Elimination: Essential Vocabulary

Elimination The process of eliminating waste, though seemingly simple, in fact, requires a careful analysis of the factors that contribute to it. In the realm of an organization, the identified process will require embracing the operations performed in every single department, which is a rather challenging task. However, reaching the given stage is likely to help the leaders of the…

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Topic: Environment

“Field Notes from a Catastrophe” by Elizabeth Kolbert

Human civilization takes advantage of technological and scientific achievements and can make a certain prognosis about the future. However, the problem of climate change has always been in the scope of researchers, as it is one of the topical and burning questions nowadays. Dangerous natural climate processes and anthropogenic factor in it plays an essential role in Kolbert’s (2006) book…

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Topic: Environment

Crisis Situation: Survivals and Prevention

In a crisis situation, the immediate response is vitally important. Timely help to the survivals and the prevention of the disaster spread are the steps to be taken. As long as the situations may be different, each needs a peculiar approach. Back Home Again: Evacuations End, but Colorado Fire Still Burns In Boulder, Colorado, the inhabitants of about 500 houses…

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Topic: Environment

Potential Sources of Environmental Risks

Introduction First phase of the environmental assessment on the site had already been done. The investigation was done to complete a cursory assessment of the abandoned industrial site so as to determine its conditions which indicate the prospects of environmental liability. Assessment Process Objectives The purpose of the environmental risk assessment of the site was to identify the actual and…

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Topic: Environment

The Environmental Valuation in Economic Terms

Introduction and Context There is an increasing recognition that environmental valuation in economic terms is crucial to determine costs and hence aid in policy considerations. It is through environmental valuation that economic benefits can be realized (Health and Environment Linkages Initiative par. 1). By putting into consideration the implications of environmental pollution, this is a summary and analysis of the…

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Topic: Environment

Virtual Water Savings and Trade in Agriculture

The idea of virtual, or embedded, water was initially created as a method for assessing how water-rare nations could offer food, clothing and other water-intensive products to their residents (Water Footprint Network para. 1). The global commerce of products has ensured that nations with minimum water resources can depend on water resources in different countries to address their citizens’ issues.…

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Topic: Environment

British Petroleum’s Risks due to Climate Changes

Context of Climate Change and Its Importance The issues related to climate change have attracted a lot of attention and have become a part of the agenda of socially responsible companies. According to IPCC (2014), there is no doubt about “human influence on the climate system” and its “widespread impacts on human and natural systems” (p. 2). The temperature on…

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Topic: Environment

Paris Agreement: Climate Change Deal

In this essay, a main theme, two subthemes, and global connections are presented. For several years, global leaders have proposed various recommendations to curb climate change, but with minimal results. However, on November 18, the United Nations announced a big news that the conclusion of the Marrakech meeting led to about 200 countries demonstrating their commitments to execute the Paris…

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Topic: Environment

Global Warming as a Humanity’s Fault

Abstract World leaders were forced to hold discussions in Kigali, Rwanda, in late 2016 to establish a deal addressing mechanisms to be adopted to curb global warming. Although nature is responsible for harboring harmful elements that trigger climatic changes, it is alarming that all talks seem to agree that human beings are to blame for the observed considerable rise in…

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“The Earth’s Sixth Extinction” by Elizabeth Kolbert

Elizabeth Kolbert in her book The Earth’s Sixth Extinction aims to discover the reasons and peculiarities of the sixth extinction claiming that human activity plays a significant role in this process. The journalist traveled with the scientists around the world to conduct experiments and measure the hazardous impact of human activity on the ecosystem and marine life. According to the…

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Topic: Environment

Environmental Conservation Project Management

Introduction The world is increasingly getting competitive. Firms are faced with a difficult situation of having to deal with the dynamics in the corporate world. The emerging technologies and environmental concerns are some of the factors that corporate bodies have to deal with in order to ensure smooth operations. According to Kousholt (2007, p.56), management units in the current society…

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Topic: Environment

Houston’s Revitalization After Harvey Hurricane

Introduction Natural disasters are very critical events that affect people’s lives adversely because of the devastations they cause. Such things as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods can result in property damage and also kill people. Realizing how crucial the effects of natural disasters are, governments develop specific emergency management plans that reveal how professionals should act to minimalize adverse effects and…

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Topic: Environment

Florida Native Dune Systems’ Ecological Sustainability

Introduction Florida has been known as a tourist destination and the epicentre of the U.S. agricultural growth for quite a while (Hodges, Rahmani, & Stevens, 2013). However, the recent changes in the environment, particularly, the rise in the sea levels and the subsequent threat of its most attractive and useful areas being flooded has led to the necessity to introduce…

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Topic: Environment

Climate Change: Changing Patterns of Malaria Disease

Significance of the Topic The existing research reveals that inter-annual and inter-decade climate variation has a greater influence on the history of vector-borne maladies. The studies prove that global temperatures are expected to rise from 0.1 to 3.5 degrees centigrade in the near future, which means vector-borne diseases, such as malaria, will have the opportunities of affecting many lives. Higher…

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Topic: Environment

Willingness to Pay for Improved Air Quality in Sweden

Introduction and Context The article in question deals with people’s willingness to pay for better air quality in Sweden. The purpose of the study is to evaluate “individual” willingness to pay for improved air in the areas where the participants of the study lived and worked as well as more distant areas (Carlsson and Johansson-Stenman 661). The researchers focus on…

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Topic: Environment

“The Green Economy” by Mark Wilson

In his article “The Green Economy: The Dangerous Path of Nature Commoditization”, Wilson explores the possible difficulties that can be met on the way to implementation of the ideas described in the paper “Towards a Green Economy – Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication” prepared by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The analysis of the article reveals that…

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Topic: Environment

Energy Crisis and Climate Change

Why are countries of the world facing an energy crisis? Energy consumption is an important condition for the existence of the society. The availability of energy resources was always a necessity for the fulfillment of human needs and escalating life standards (Ghauri, Awan, & Bashir, 2012). Thus, as countries continued to improve the quality of citizens’ life, the level of…

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Topic: Environment

Is Sustainability a Viable Aspiration for Community?

Introduction The global community has been involved in measure to ensure that the world adopts sustainable living standards. For the last few decades, every country has been formulating laws and regulations that are focused on reducing the rampant environmental degradation. Sustainability, in most cases, focuses on the environment and the economy, although other aspects such as our medical care are…

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Topic: Environment

The Oil Situation in Venezuela

Introduction Energy is a fundamental resource due to the critical roles that it plays in running industrial operations and private undertakings. Oil accounts for a huge percentage of the world’s energy requirements, and it is availed by different petroleum-producing countries in different continents. Venezuela is one of the countries endowed with large oil reserves. Venezuela is ranked as the 12th…

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Topic: Environment

Smart Electric Grids: Definition and Advantages

Introduction Smart electric grids are an innovative solution in the field of electric infrastructure. These networks use digital technologies to improve monitoring of networks and address the environmental concerns. Along with the advantages offered by smart electric grids, the installation of these systems is rather costly and their widespread use can lead to serious security breaches. Main body Smart electric…

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Topic: Environment

The Impact of the Human Footprint on World Ecology

Introduction Every human need and activity “demands different natural resources” (Dietz, Rosa, & York, 2007, p. 14). Such activities also produce numerous wastes. The term “human footprint” focuses on the continued use of the earth’s resources for survival. Human activities tend to have copious impacts on the natural environment. Human beings should measure this impact in order to make the…

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Topic: Environment

Global Warming With an Emphasis on the Arctic

Abstract Global warming has been altering climatic rhythms and behavior of different living organisms. This development raises questions on what can be done to slow down the rate at which these changes are taking place. Other people are thinking along the lines of what can be done to enable humanity cope with the problem that is already being experienced. This…

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Topic: Environment

Nationally Determined Contribution of the US

Every effective climate change agreement always requires broad participation, stimulates high compliance rates, and reflects high individual and collective ambitions (Bang, Hovi, & Skodvin, 2016). The 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement aims to meet these high standards and encourages all nations to contribute to the achievement of the formulated global environmental goals including carbon neutrality and restricted mean temperature rise.…

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Topic: Environment

Ecological Thinking and Transformative Learning

Introduction The significance of nature and its purposive relationship with humans have been prevalent throughout the history of mankind. Its aspects affect human life in one way or another. For nature means more than just material abundance of the money-worshiping civilization. It represents an inexhaustible fons et origo (the source and the origin) of many cultures. It nourishes and it…

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Topic: Environment

The US Acid Rain Program: Benefits and Costs

Introduction and Context Authors Lauraine Chestnut and David Mills documented the benefits and cost assessment of the US acid rain reduction platform. Special attention was given to the parameters specified under the US Acid Rain Program, specifically Title IV of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. To accomplish that goal, the proponents of the study compared estimates made in 1990…

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Topic: Environment

Adjusting Forestry to Meet Recreational Demands

Introduction and Context The article “A Note on Benefits and Costs of Adjusting Forestry to Meet Recreational Demands” is devoted to one of the most important environmental issues of Sweden – logging industry. To be more specific, the Swedish government is concerned with the consequences of the most profitable as well as the most vulnerable sector of the state’s economy.…

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Topic: Environment

Depletion of the Beaver Population in Canada

The question regarding the beaver exploitation and the relation of the Native Americans towards the issue seems to be significantly important to examine. As a matter of fact, Indians played an essential role in the depletion of the beaver population in Canada. The major objective of the paper is to discover the arguments provided by Ann Carlos and Frank Lewis…

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Topic: Environment

National Environmental Action Plan of Maldives

Once a territory with unique ecology and a wide range of endemics, the Maldives seem to be threatened by a change in heir climate and, therefore, natural habitats for a number of unique species (Does adaptive management of natural resources enhance resilience to climate change? n. d., par. 3). More to the point, the alterations triggered by a climate change…

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Topic: Environment

Transforming Forestry in Sweden: Costs and Benefits

Introduction and context The article under discussion provides a complex cost and benefit analysis of transforming forestry in Sweden to make the process more compatible with new environmental demands, i.e. the need for recreational areas. Bostedt and Leif point out that the major value of their study resides in the very fact that careful analysis of economically driven environmental demands…

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Topic: Environment

Water Quality and Contamination Experiment Report

Abstract In the contemporary world, industrialization has led to continuous water contamination. Ideally, companies related to water safety should offer a solution to water contamination where distillation is inevitable. The research used various water testing methods. For instance, the pH levels of bottled and tap water ware tested using effective methods such as filtration and water treatment. Thereafter, the observations…

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Topic: Environment

The Effect of Global Warming

Introduction Global warming can be described as the increasing average temperature of the oceans and atmosphere of the Earth which began to go up in the late 19th century and it’s expected to keep rising (Simon 45). Ever since the early 20th century, the average surface temperature of the Earth has gone up by approximately 0.8 °C (1.4 °F), with…

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Topic: Environment

Environmental Festivals and Fairs: Function and Importance

Introduction Environmental festivals are becoming increasingly popular, and many countries that desire to create environmental awareness are turning to environmental festivals as a means of spreading environmental conservation messages and creating awareness with regards to the importance of resolving environmental problems. The Tbilisi conference on environmental education, held at Tbilisi, Georgia in 1977, identified overriding objectives that the conference participants…

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