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“Crude Oil” by Wang Bing

Summary of the movie Crude oil film

Steered by Wang Bing, the movie Crude Oil is a documentary, which agitates for environmental conservations bringing to an end the pollution, caused by the companies. The documentary sends a stern warning or rather message to those large corporations that destroy important Ecuadonian Amazon normally called rainforest Chernobyl. This movie is an informative documentary meant to reach to those companies that engage in their activities of harnessing crude without putting in place appropriate measures to prevent pollution to the fauna. They pose a great public health problem if not controlled. If appropriate measures are not put in place urgently, there is a great risk waiting for the future generations. Therefore, it is important that early measures are taken to avoid the escalation of the problems, which poses a great danger to the survival of the future generations.

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I strongly agree with the ideas of the director of the Crude Oil documentary. We are living in very delicate moments especially with over dependence on the scarce natural resources in the ever-increasing population. The increase in populations exerts pressure, which has results in over extortion of the natural resources. It is important that proper measures be used to ensure that safer methods are used in the extractions of these resources to reduce or even eliminate any form of contamination of polluting the environment. The government, by putting in place strict measures to prevent such extractions can achieve this. In addition, they pose a threat to the ecuadonian Amazon that may lead to globalization causing devastating effects to the inhabitant of these areas.

Summary of the movie The Future of Food Film

The Future of Food is a well and organized documentary directed by Deborah. The movie is informing people especially those in U.S on the effects of some of the food they consume in their day-to-day life. This movie illustrates the differences of opinions that have been created between those who are for the genetic modified foods with those that are against. For instance in America, there is a debate between the local farmers and large agricultural corporations which agitate for the genetically modified goods. Influx of these genetically modified foods is taking much space in grocery because of reasons like globalization, government policies, and health factors among others. There is also a tendency by consumers of these food products to be attracted to particular food products because of the way of package without necessary thinking about the contents of the products. The film therefore informs the public on the trickery some of the information the food products contain as being misleading and therefore cautions the consumers. The film Future of Food in summary is warning or rather educating people to take caution about the genetic modified food products. Advancement of technology due to advancement in human thinking and creativity has resulted into plant modifications through scientific modifications of plants. In this movie, this introduction had a negative impact to the local farmers as competition from these genetic modified products intensified. These food products contain chemicals that may not be healthy to the health of the consumers. An example of a company that the movie gives that is engaged in this kind of food modification is Monsanto. Therefore, it is a warning that these food products may have some effects and therefore suggests the consumers to use local produced food products.


I am for the same opinion with the director of the documentary of this movie, Future of Food because it is important for human beings to consume food products that are healthy and having no side effects. Health is an important factor in the wellbeing of human beings. A health people or country is viable in economy as the work force is able to engage in initiatives of building the economy. Many people end up buying this product not because it is their wish but they are the only options which they have since they are do not access the locally produced products which they may consume instead. It is therefore even in this era of increased rate of genetically modified products, that consumers undertake proper food consumptions more specifically putting into consideration the level of nutrition the food products have. Well balanced food products is important as they help the body to have better immune to diseases hence it reduces the costs of seeking medical attentions and complications of the health status of the people. Therefore, despite such factor like development in technology, globalization, and government polices, every person need to be a keeper of is/her own. Disease can be reduced at a higher magnitude if and only people will change their eating habits and be selective in the kind of food they consume. Some of the foods that are consumed do not meet the requirements of a balanced diet and therefore, they end up consuming poisonous chemicals in their body that consume their immunity systematically and end up succumbing to death. A disease like obesity is a good example of poor choice of food. This disease is a devastating disease that may lead to death of a person if immediate remedial measures are not put in place. Therefore, health eating should be a priority of every person who wants to have a healthy and complications free life.

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