Crusades and Western Europe-Eurasia Relationship

The first Crusade has various effects on the development of the world. It gave significant stimuli to the development of trade and the interaction of cultures. Of course, it led to the development of prejudice and hostility as well. One of the most important consequences of the crusade was the development of a more cooperative relationship between the west and Byzantine. The rulers of the west and the Emperor of Byzantine made several agreements concerning territories that had been disputed for years.

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However, the image of Alexios was damaged due to a number of reasons that were not totally based on his insufficient involvement or compliance with the agreements. Western knights and rulers tended to accuse the emperor to seem heroes instead of traitors or ineffective commanders.

Despite the deteriorating image of Alexios and growing tension between the west and the east, both parties understood that they were important allies. Thus, western soldiers were necessary for maintaining the control over Asia Minor while Byzantine was an important outpost that ensured protection from the growing Muslim world. Therefore, the cooperation between the two parties did not end after the first crusade.

On the contrary, it could be regarded as the trigger that led to new crusades. However, the cooperation was often undermined by mutual accusations as western people and Byzantine people accused each other of betrayal. Again, this led to new crusades. However, the damaged image of the Emperor made Constantinople also a target for western knights who often attacked the city as well as other territories of the empire. Therefore, it is possible to note that the first crusade did not resolve the issues between the West and the rest of Eurasia but led to new issues, bias and crusades.

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