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Customer Service at Boeing


Boeing, like many other aerospace companies, needs to ensure that its clients are fully satisfied with their services or that their consumer expectations have been fully met. The paper shall look at how Boeing does this and analysis carried out on its effectiveness.

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Customer service at Boeing

There are several customer service activities carried out by Boeing. First of all, it has a website where consumers can access twenty-four-hour support for their merchandise. In so doing, the company can receive feedback from buyers about their services and suggestions on possible improvements. (Boeing par 15)

The company offers training opportunities to its employees to ascertain that they are in good shape to deal with any problems or discrepancies. By doing this, it has eliminated the possibility of their staff appearing ignorant before valuable clients. Training is knowledge-based but at the same time, people-centered. This means that their employees are a valuable asset in making customer satisfaction possible within the company.

The company has a series of field representatives whose main purpose is to ensure that whenever a client purchases a certain aircraft from then, then everything goes according to plan. Here, pilots are informed on how best to fly their aircraft to receive maximum utility and they are also taught some of the necessary maintenance methods required to take care of the aircraft. This goes a long way towards boosting consumer satisfaction. One of the most dominant areas that their representatives focus on is the provision and availability of spare parts. Overly, these representatives boost client satisfaction by dealing with hurdles that arise out of the use of their products and offering real-time solutions.

There are a series of dedicated engineers within Boeing Corporation whose main tasks are to handle consumer needs and concerns. When a certain airline claims that it would prefer a specific engine type in its jets, Boeing’s engineers are quick to partner with those companies to boost their experience.

The company has special units designed to meet common but unique problems in aircraft flying. One such group is its Airplane on Ground Unit (AOG). The latter group largely focuses on the repair and maintenance of aircraft that cannot function in remote locations. This customer service unit was established as far back as the nineteen sixties but has continuously improved over the past few years. It is now possible for the team to repair a damaged Boeing aircraft in record time at any remote location in the world. This aspect is a highly creative one that has gone a long way in exceeding consumer expectations. (Dall 304)

The company also considers technology a crucial part of its customer service activities. It employs solutions such as People soft data management support to boost customer relationships.

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It can be said that the major aspect of the company that employs customer relations management is its operational side. Communication functions especially through IT are also another area. After-sales service functions also depict customer services.

Strengths in Boeing’ customer care are:

  • Employs technology in increasing flexibility
  • Has special units for peculiar clients problems
  • Trains workers and clients on its products and services


  • Lacks major performance indicators that can be linked to its customer care strategy
  • Has not employed current customer service standards such as 1S0 10003 on dispute resolution


Boeing has continuously improved customer service over the years as reflected in its data management systems, continuous support, training programs, and special units. Some of the activities that harm this company’s customer services include its inability to employ customer service standards in operations and its lack of alignment of key performance indicators to its customer care strategy


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