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Customer Service Philosophy, Customer Service Statement

Mission statement

We are committed to grow and improve to make our clients happy.

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Our purpose

We will do our best to ensure that our customers needs are met.

Our main values

  • Trust
  • Customer Care
  • Employee Development and Diversity
  • Improvement


  • We understand how important it is that our customers can trust our company. We promise to maintain fair and transparent pricing policies.
  • We consider it our duty to ensure our customers safety.
  • We commit to providing them only with the best quality products. If any faults are noted, we take action immediately.

Customer Care

  • We aim to ensure that our customers have quick access to accurate and understandable information about our company and our products. We provide FAQ to help people solve their problems quickly without the need to reach out for Customer Service Support.
  • If a client prefers to communicate with our Support Team, we promise to provide immediate expert help based on a personalized approach. The basic principles of our communication with customers are respect and efficiency.
  • We always do our best to check whether our clients are satisfied with our Customer Service.

Employee development and Diversity

  • We strive to hire talented and motivated people, but, above all, we aim to increase their engagement by providing them with opportunities that allow them to grow and develop both as professionals and as human beings.
  • We also put efforts into assembling teams of people who come from different backgrounds and bring in different ideas and experiences. We believe that workplace diversity is beneficial for all parties: our companies, our staff members, and our customers. Diversity fosters innovation, allowing us to see our products from various perspectives so as to eventually deliver better services to different people.


  • We commit to ongoing improvement based on our clients feedback they give via Customer Support or through social media. We aim to establish our weaknesses and work hard on eliminating them.
  • Our goal is to ensure continuous research aimed at modernization and development of our products to enhance their quality without increasing prices.
  • We understand that, along with our customers and employees, we should also care about another major stakeholder – our planet. Therefore, we continuously seek to improve our production and transportation processes to make them more environmentally sustainable.

The Research

Developed Customer Service philosophy indicates that a company has an established vision, and its employees – clear guidelines. Many well-known companies address customer care standards in their statements. It is always good to start by indicating the central purpose of a company. For instance, Nestle emphasizes that its goal is to help people live healthier lives (Nestle, n.d.). It is also essential to establish clear values. To illustrate, LEGO has a list of six very specific items (Imagination, Creativity, Fun, Learning, Caring, and Quality) that show a unique and creative approach (LEGO, n.d.). However, for companies who only have just started developing their vision, it might be best to begin with more general values.

For instance, some of the companies mention the ideas of trust and transparency. Universal Health Services, Inc. and Microsoft mention being trustworthy as one of their top values (Universal Health Services, Inc., n.d.; Microsoft, n.d.). Uber emphasizes the importance of “being upfront” – providing clear information about prices and services (Uber, n.d.). It is important to include such promises in one’s customer service statement to indicate their responsibility to be transparent in their operations, in general, and in price formation, in particular. It is also worth mentioning that, considering that many customers prefer quick self-help, companies tend to provide FAQ to ensure that people can solve their problems on their own.

The products and services customers receive largely depend on the team that has been working to deliver them. Hence, Universal Health Services emphasizes the need for employee development and training (Universal Health Services, Inc., n.d.). Microsoft, in turn, indicates how important it is to foster diversity and inclusion (Microsoft, n.d.). Therefore, while outlining customer service standards, it might help to indicate employee development and recruitment principles.

The List of Companies


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