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Cyberlux Corporation’s Report for Shareholders

Dear Fellow Cyberlux Shareholders,

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Cyberlux Corporation thanks you all for trusting in our company as investors. We are pleased to keep all of you informed on the progression of the company and plans laid down for next year. To start with the already guaranteed contracts require confidential agreements that do not allow us to expose them unless they are required. You have to understand that we would like to promote our company using these accomplishments through the media, but due to the ramifications on our clients’ base, it becomes difficult. From previous experience, the release of this information can cause criticism from clients and most importantly, increase competition.

However, this does not mean that the company is not transparent enough because all regulations have been complied with. In 2010, the company concentrated competitiveness in the market by strengthening its relationship with the government and product introduction in wider areas. These efforts saw the company sign its initial contracts, all of which resulted in income production. This amount is enough profit to provide funds for other development projects in the company considering the company’s size. As we had publicized, we are working together with other brands to help improve our balance sheet as well as our company image.

Improvements in the company’s income have already been experienced in the year 2010 with a drastic reduction in incurred losses as all balance sheets have reflected opposed to the same period in the previous year where losses exceeded the income amount. Initially, the Company had encountered great losses and debts due to lack of market, but the Management has now made agreements with the largest, and earliest investors on settling of the debts.

The agreement allows for the debt to be paid as stock or in cash. The number of shares is directly related to the company’s ability to pay off the debts and, therefore, this can affect all the company’s shareholders as well as all other parties involved. However, due to the anticipated high market capitalization, it is in our best interest that we serve all shareholders and management by resolving this debt in cash.

Since the market determines the prices of the company’s shares, our committed management does not doubt that our stock will not be affected by these debts in any way. Shareholders, therefore, need not worry because we are putting our efforts at growing the company, and plans are already underway to solve the legal issues we are facing. As a result, we are expecting the share price to increase by the end of next year.

However, there are very minute chances that the weakening of our company may occur in the future, but we are working on increasing the prices of shares by improving our performance in the market. With these goals and objectives, we are looking forward to producing sustainable income for our company’s, further growth, which, of course, will benefit all stakeholders, including the investors.

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It is, therefore, necessary for the company to always keep the estimated value of its stock. Some changes by the company’s management team are already proving to be effective, although there are still some challenges on the part of the employees. The employees have been ordered to focus on quality delivery of services to eliminate these challenges to improve the image of our company as well as the market.

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