Dara Richardson-Heron’s Interview Preparation

Dara Richardson-Heron is one of the remarkable females of modern US society who can bring long-awaited changes. This woman of color has an impressive biography. This leader holds a degree in biology and also has a doctorate in medicine (National Institutes of Health, 2017). Dr. Richardson-Heron has been involved in numerous projects targeting such populations as females, people of color, indigenous people, and underprivileged groups. She was also selected as chief engagement officer of the research program All of Us aimed at addressing gender and race-related inequality. This renowned woman has 20-year experience in healthcare leadership, as well as in nonprofit and corporate settings (Caprino, 2015). She claims that she is committed to using her experience and a substantial network of links in various spheres to diminish the adverse effects of gender issues that jeopardize the development of the nation.

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This individual was chosen for an interview since Dr. Richardson-Heron can provide helpful insights into the process of inequality elimination in the USA. Being an ardent advocate for women’s rights, she points to the need to conduct wide-scale research. This study could unveil females’ needs, different facets of the issues (violence and discrimination, to name a few), and possible strategies to successfully solve the problem (National Institutes of Health, 2017). Her ideas are consistent with the existing evidence concerning the matter, and her effort can ensure the development of an effective treatment.

For instance, Michau, Horn, Bank, Dutt, and Zimmerman (2015) note that interventions targeting vulnerable populations should be available on different levels including community, state, and federal projects. García-Moreno et al. (2015) stress that extensive research is still necessary to come up with the most cost-effective strategies that could eliminate the negative consequences of gender and racial inequality. Dr. Richardson-Heron is a member of the team that will ensure the collection and analysis of a considerable bulk of data based on the involvement of a million participants.

This person is also chosen due to her achievements. This woman of color managed to obtain higher education, occupy managerial positions in for-profit companies, and become an agent of change in nonprofit and governmental settings. Dr. Richardson-Heron’s experience can help young women of color find their inner strength and resist the suppression they may face. It is essential to make the voice of such successful females heard. Therefore, the interview will be concerned with personal experiences rather than some general aspects of the projects the leader is involved in. The open-ended questions will help the interviewee express her ideas and articulate the message she finds the most effective. These questions are also made so that Dara Richardson-Heron could show that every woman or girl can achieve any established goal as the sky is the only limit. The interviewee will be given the pseudonym Dr. Johns, and she will be informed that her personal information will not be disclosed. Below are the questions for a 30-minute interview.

  1. How did your educational background affect your career and personal life, as well as your advocacy?
  2. What makes you feel empowered and capable of solving such major issues as inequality in the USA?
  3. What events or people made you become an active advocate for females’ rights?
  4. What leadership skills are necessary to be successful in the corporate, governmental, and nonprofit sectors?
  5. What can every woman do to help in addressing the issue?
  6. Should programs aimed at eliminating violence (including domestic violence) discrimination included in the K-12 curriculum? Should elementary students be involved in the discussion?


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Michau, L., Horn, J., Bank, A., Dutt, M., & Zimmerman, C. (2015). Prevention of violence against women and girls: lessons from practice. The Lancet, 385(9978), 1672-1684. Web.

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National Institutes of Health. (2017). Dara Richardson-Heron, M.D. named chief engagement officer of the All of Us research program. Web.

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