Substance Abuse Effects on Person and Community

Substance Abuse and Its Effects on a Person

Substance abuse is a well-documented problem that can lead to numerous complications on a personal, family, community, and national level. It creates the potential for numerous health issues associated with the effects of the substance, such as liver cirrhosis for alcohol. Moreover, the habit is associated with many unsanitary practices where drugs are concerned, which can serve as pathways for many dangerous infections.

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In a broader context, Chan, Berven, and Thomas (2015) highlight issues such as employment difficulties, financial concerns, and conflicts with family and friends. A substance abuser harms himself or herself in ways that can be difficult or impossible to remedy. As such, the habit’s negative reputation throughout society is well-deserved, and people should try to prevent the development of the practice and help those who are affected by it recover.

Substance Abuse, the Community, and the Nation

Substance abuse is often a form of escape from one’s circumstances, a trait that informs its high prevalence in disadvantaged communities. As Collins (2015) notes, peer and parent behaviors and controls can significantly increase or reduce the likelihood that a person will resort to the practice. As such, if substance abuse emerges in a community, it can push other members to engage in the same practice.

As a result, the entire group suffers because it now has fewer productive members and more dependents. If the phenomenon manifests on a nationwide scale, it can enter its popular culture and take root there. As a result, the popular perception will normalize substance abuse as part of life for some communities and possibly lead entire groups to fall behind the rest. This possibility exacerbates the dangers of substance abuse and highlights the importance of preventing and addressing it.


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