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Data Presentation and Method Variance in Research

Use of Tables and Figures in Research

Research is an essential aspect that enables people to make appropriate use of the available information to handle issues that affect their lives. Data collecting, recording, and analyzing are critical aspects of any research process. Data collected by researchers forms the basis for further studies and evaluations of various situations (Creswell 2008). It is necessary to consider effective ways through which research projects reflect the correct behavior of samples in their study.

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Various approaches are applicable in various research methods depending on the nature of the research and other factors. A brilliant researcher should consider some vital aspects of data collection and presentation before presenting their data. The use of tables and figures form vital ways through which researchers present their data to the audience.

Tables are common when presenting data that contain values that can be presented in terms of numbers, fractions or ratios (Plichta 2012). When collecting data from a given sample it is necessary to use a table to present the data collected. This is done by creating a table that has columns and rows. Researchers fill these provisions according to the data collected in order to show the number of participants that respond to a question. Moreover, they use tables to make analysis that involves calculations like tallying and totaling. They use tables to present data that can not be recorded in other forms like photographs, tape and video recordings. It is necessary to use tables when recording data that require comparisons in the behavior of samples used.

Lastly, tables are necessary when a researcher wants to record samples that are large in order to make it easy to analyze them. Figures give illustrations that can not be estimated. These illustrations include movement and growth of samples. When the researcher wants to give clear explanations regarding a sample it is necessary to use tables to present their data (Plichta 2012). It is essential for researchers to use figures in order to emphasize on other types of data collected like population samples and descriptive essays. Lastly, the use of figures is common when analyzing certain aspects of research findings like trends exhibited by the sample used.

Method Variance

Method variance is a statistical method used to establish the distribution of a sample from other variables in a population. This method is used to estimate a computational or mathematical distribution in a sample. It is pertinent to note that apart from the mean, mode and median analysis of data there are other ways through which these characteristics can be analyzed (Williamson 2011).

Method variance is one of the best ways of analyzing data from the sample used. These analyses are made using extremely detailed data analysis methods that ensure there is a comprehensive understanding of the data collected. Method variance plays a crucial role in all practitioners’ careers since it forms the basis of analyzing various situations. It is necessary to consider the importance of analyzing data in details in order to identify all necessary details that will contribute to a detailed analysis of the data (Williamson 2011).

Method variance is relevant to my job since it ensures that I have an elaborate analysis of all data collected. It is necessary to include the use of mathematical and computational methods of analyzing data apart from the general methods used to analyze data. Moreover, the use of variance method enables me to present my data in a manner that reflects the deviations from the standard measures of central tendencies.

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