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Daytime Robbery Investigation Plan


Robbery is an offensive and unlawful action of taking a victim’s property. It often involves violence and threats, making the activity a severe crime. The offender is usually armed with a weapon and uses it to threaten the victim. The criminal might not use the gun, but it makes the victim frightened and shocked. This crime often happens in public places or shops and is motivated by receiving money.

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Planning the Investigation

It is vital to have a written or digital plan of action to understand the order of steps. Therefore, the plan for this investigation will include planning an investigative unit – the group which will help explore crimes. Moreover, technological assistance is vital; it is the form of aid provided by governmental structures. It may include technical devices and human assistance. For investigating crimes, it is necessary to have various human and artificial resources. Moreover, it is unknown whether the crimes were committed by one person or group of people; offenders might be armed or protected.

Gathering an Investigative Unit

Assistants might help in following and tracing the way of the criminal. It is known that the budget is limited, and probably professional assistants are expensive to afford. Therefore, it can be possible to post a message on several social networks and ask for volunteers for the crime investigation. The power of social networks is enormous, and it is hoped that the volunteer requirement will go viral. It is possible to seek help in the governmental structure, such as the FBI, which deals with many crimes.

Technological Assistance Provision

For investigation, it is necessary to have a computer with headphones. Moreover, the group of assistants will help investigate crimes. For a consultant, it is crucial to have a good smartphone with a quality camera and microphone. It can be necessary to take a photo or video of the criminal or other related events. In addition, microphone quality is vital for audio records, and it is impossible to investigate the record if the microphone is terrible. Micro-headphones are critical for the consultant and assistants. Moreover, assistants can play the role of secret visitors and trace the criminal. Micro-headphones can become one of the tools for communication between the investigative group.

Self-Defense for the Consultant

Moreover, it is possible to think about weapons for self-defense, but the police or other governmental structures should provide them. The crime consultant should have a right to use this weapon and have essential documents. In the given case, amateur performance might end up with an arrest for illegal usage of the weapon. Probably, gas bottles are crucial, especially for women consultants. Gas bottles are practical tools to immobilize the criminal for some minutes, but there is a high chance of the wrong usage of this tool. Wind, disorientation, and darkness are enemies for the person who wants to use the gas bottle immediately. Therefore, it would be helpful to undergo training to learn about this weapon usage. Indeed, there is a significant advantage – this device is not expensive, and every member of the investigatory group may afford it. It is also vital that this tool is not considered a severe weapon, and people may use it in an emergency.

Sometimes, crime consultants use stun guns for self-defense and immobilizing the criminal. This device uses high voltage to cause a short-period muscle shock. The stun gun is provided by the police as well, as this weapon might seriously harm the person, and people should not use it thoughtlessly. Moreover, one of the conducted scientific studies proved the harmful effects of the stun gun on people with cardiac stimulators (Mattei et al., 2020). Therefore, the usage of this weapon should be approved by the government and the police; the consultant will not receive accusations in case something goes wrong.

Understanding Victim’s Actions

Robbery investigation depends on the type of the committed crime. In general, robbery is the most common crime involving violence, risks, and threats to health and life. It often happens in shops and usually near the refueling stations for the criminal to quickly go away. Offenders generally wear masks covering their faces and have weapons, usually guns. There is no wonder why people who became victims of the criminals suffer from nightmares; offenders behave aggressively, touch and beat the victim and threat with a weapon.

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Investigation and analysis of the structure of robbery is the priority for exploring crimes. It is essential to analyze the criminal’s behavior and order of actions to guide the population on defending themselves. For investigating the daytime robbery, it is critical to protect areas already robbed emergently. For example, it is possible to set daytime cameras in shops where criminals conduct their offenses. Probably, if the crime were successful, the offender would return to commit another robbery crime. Therefore, it is crucial to make the workplace safe for people who work in robbed shops. Understanding the criminal’s motives, style, and behavior starts with conducting interviews and gathering information about offenders. Nowadays, the police widely use artificial intelligence in the investigation, as this method is faster and requires less time (Schiliro et al., 2020). However, it is expensive, and this investigation should be conducted manually, with the help of human resources, textual, visual, and audio data.

Attracting Federal Agency

It might be conducted with the help of the police, who will provide sellers with the abovementioned self-defense tools. Gas bottles and stun guns will become perfect tools to immobilize the offender. Moreover, it is essential to check whether the shop’s telephone works well. In case of a crime, the victim must have the ability to call the police urgently. It is also not excluded that robbers will guess that the shops are protected in the daytime and might try to commit crimes at night. Thus, night-vision cameras will help protection of the place.

As the budget is limited, there is an issue with organizing the proper investigation and protection of the district. It is probably possible to seek the governmental help and facilitation of the police, for instance, the FBI organization. FBI offers cooperation for people who suspect or witness crimes, which suggests an active involvement of FBI specialists in the investigation (FBI, 2021). What is more, it is feasible to approach this agency through email and telephone numbers. It is hoped that this federal agency will provide all the necessary tools for investigating the case. Indeed, it is essential to prove that the current crime has national interest and importance for attracting the FBI, and it is why proofs are imperative.

Conducting Victims’ Interviews

Interviewing is one of the essential parts of any investigation. With the help of witnesses’ interviews, it is possible to understand the motives, the style, appearance, and frequency of crimes. Usually, people who work or live in the robbed areas are interviewed in detail for consultants to get as much information as possible. Moreover, it is necessary to ask people who live near places where criminals are active. It is also required to conduct multiple interviews to attract federal agencies.

First of all, the consultant should ask the victims of robbery criminals. The interview should be recorded in audio or video format, and the consultant should take some notes if possible. The interviewed person must answer the interviewer’s questions, which are usually very detailed. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the list of questions not to confuse the victim, as sometimes, the person might forget some crucial details. The interviewee will answer questions about the appearance of the criminal, behavior, speech, manners, and other related issues. It is also fundamental to know what criminals stole – money or goods. It might also help the investigation and grasp the motives of robbers.

Conducting Interviews with Witnesses

Next, it is necessary to ask neighbors and citizens who have recently visited the robbed shops and places. Their information can be helpful and will help understand whether there are one or several offenders in the district. People from other areas will be asked, too; they may have seen the criminal or a group of offenders. It is also essential to acquire whether some people spoke with suggested criminals; it will facilitate recognizing robbers’ behavior and speech.

Draft of the Crime Scene

For investigation, it is vital to make the plan of crime scenes. It will help understand the scheme which the criminal follows. It becomes possible to make the draft after interviewing witnesses and victims of offenders. The draft might also help understand in which districts the criminal activity is higher. Moreover, it is feasible to post the received information on social networks to make people aware of the high level of offenders’ illegal actions.

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Analysis of the Data

The manual method of recording and analyzing information requires time; however, it is one of the few options with a limited budget. It is necessary to gather all available information and create a suggested image of one or several offenders. Accordingly, it becomes possible to generate an identikit and spread it within social networks. People will be aware of the appearance of the criminal, and it is hoped that identikit will go viral.

Corrective Actions and Reporting

It is essential to remind that criminals might act in other city or town areas. Therefore, there is a possibility of criminal recurrence if the investigation deals with direct causes and ignores other districts, which are safe at the moment. Thus, warning citizens of different areas is necessary; it is also vital to note other crimes unrelated to a robbery. There might be a possibility that criminals want to divert attention from their further intentions. After gathering the data and analysis, it is essential to report to governmental structures and the FBI for additional guidance.


Overall, there are ten steps for the investigation of daytime robbery. These steps should help understand the number of criminals, their behavior, appearance, and frequency of offenses committed in one or several areas. It is essential to consider that the money allocated for this criminal investigation is low, and it is possible to ask the police and the government for assistance. Moreover, it was decided to act with the help of volunteers, who strive to help protect the country from criminals. There is a chance that the conducted investigation plan helps make robbed areas of the country safe and calm, and offenders will be arrested soon due to the thorough plan of action.


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