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Euthanasia: Advantages and Disadvantages

In some circumstances, a patient may be enduring painful suffering from a terminal disease. Assuming the likelihood of the illness being treated to free the individual from the agony is zero, the client may choose to allow the doctor to intentionally end his life. The act by which a physician deliberately terminates someone’s life to relieve them from constant anguish with their consent or approval from family members is termed euthanasia. This essay explains the concept of euthanasia, gives a recommendation to Maryland, and provides the types and pros and cons of the process.

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The long dying process usually subjects the patient’s family members to emotional discomfort. Furthermore, terminal diagnosis can only consume resources without a positive outcome at the end. After considering several factors like the mental health of the sick person and their wish, the decision to intentionally end their life can be made through an agreement (Kouwenhoven et al., 2019). Euthanasia can offer a great solution to both the patient and family. Thus, Maryland should allow the practice of ending the lives of persons experiencing unbearable pain from incurable diseases.

Assisted dying can either be voluntary or involuntary, depending on the status of the patient. When the patient personally requests the doctor to end their life based on their health condition, it is called voluntary euthanasia (Beardsley et al., 2018). On the other hand, if the victim cannot decide because of permanent incapacitation, their relatives may consent on their behalf to permit the doctor to end the client’s life.

Some advantages of practicing euthanasia include saving the victim from chronic pain and lengthy death, relieving patients from the guilt of being a burden to their caregivers. It follows legal procedures that involve consent from patients with sound minds (Cayetano-Penman et al., 2021). Despite the merits, the act has disadvantages like an inaccurate diagnosis of the terminal disease. It can enable sick persons to choose death based on their reason other than sickness, and physicians may intentionally provide incorrect details.


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