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Debunking Myths About Veganism

People should stop believing that veganism is the healthiest diet for humans because all humans need not only vitamins, of which vegan food mostly consists, but also protein and other nutrients for their body. Moreover, many representatives of the movement behave aggressively, giving it the features of fanaticism, which reduces the idea’s constructiveness. Among the nutrients that people can get from plants are mostly vitamins. However, many other trace elements necessary for active existence and well-being are absent. Strict vegans may be deficient in many vital nutrients, and as a result, increase the risk of some illnesses. Of course, unhealthy food for all people, supporters and opponents of the ideas of veganism, is a factor in the emergence of diseases, and therefore it is crucial to find a balance. The most optimal diet for a person should include not only vitamins from vegan products but also protein and other nutrients. Shortages of fat, amino acids, iron, and many other elements lead to long-term complications. Even considering the likelihood of disease, people have the right to choose what they will eat. However, many vegans react too aggressively to those who do not choose their diet and are prone to condemnation. They cannot prove the usefulness and universality of a vegan diet, replacing arguments with accusations of animal murders. As a result, they do not present ideas as an alternative way of life but impose opinions, causing an adverse reaction from society. Thus, veganism can harm health since plant products contain only vitamins necessary for the human body but not enough other nutrients. Although everyone has a right to choose a diet, vegans tend to impose ideas, which can harm other people’s health.

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