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Decision Making Process

Steps taken to make decision

Making a decision is always a challenge, even if it concerns such insignificant issues as choosing which place to travel and what clothes to wear. Hence, when I decided to travel to another state, I faced a number of problems, like what things I need to take with me, how long it would take to me to pack up things, as well as what else need to be done to ensure a good journey.

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As soon as I made up a list of problems, I started thinking over the schedule to solve all these problems. I decided to attend a shop and buy the most important things to make my journey comfortable. I also thought a lot about the main advantages of the journey, as well as the reasons for travelling to make sure that they prevail over the shortcomings. When I gathered all the things I needed for a journey, I decided to return to the beginning and check whether everything in the list corresponded to the thing that I bought.

When I made sure that I packed up all I needed for the trip, I started thinking of the contingencies during the journey, as well as what I am going to do in a new place. I have to acquire more information to avoid the unexpected complications. I start thinking of other possible destinations and defining which variants are economically beneficial and which ones would bring me more pleasure in terms of attraction sports and historical value. As soon as all the alternatives have been measured, I went out of home and got into the car.

Similarities between the decision making process with the one presented in the text

When I read about important steps in a decision making process, I realized that my plan of making decision was almost identical to the presented one. Specifically, the decision making process is divided into five steps, including problem identification, generating alternative ideas, analyzing the best alternatives, making a choice, choosing the right decision, and evaluating the decision made.

I have managed to apply to the majority of the above-mentioned steps. Specifically, I identified a problem (there were some things to be bought because I needed them for the journey), defined possible variant and evaluated advantage and benefits of travelling. Finally, I made a choice and solved a problem.

Differences between the decision making process with the one presented in the text

Despite the similarities, there were some steps and solutions that differ from the one established in the book. Specifically, I failed to adequately generate alternatives and evaluate those. For instance, I had to define where I could buy some things at a cheaper price, which transport suited best for the trip, as well as what clothes should be taken. The decision itself was not evaluated properly because I did not present a rationale for my decision.

At the same time, there were some aspect that I added to my decision making plan. In particular, I found it important to include a schedule for accomplishing the identified steps. I also decided to double check whether these steps were fulfilled in an effective way.

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In such a manner, I compensated the process of predicting consequences and possible contingency ways because the chosen alternatives were relevant for a successful journey. Finally, I thought about the advantages and disadvantages of travelling various place with regard to the list of things I was going to take with me. Overall, my plan was very close to the one presented in the text.

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