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Decisive Action Training Environment (Date) Overview

Military operations and the relevant environment for activities are highly dependent on a wide range of factors included in a region’s PMESII-PT. In the case of Caucasus, the political sphere affects the operations through a bipolar form of governance, such as democracy and autocracy. Military power concentration also influences the local segments, whereas energy and service sectors dominate economic prosperity. In addition, the region is religious, which makes the social sphere both Muslim and Christian. Differences in information control and infrastructure also affect military operations. In the case of the physical environment, access to the Caspian Sea is critical, and the time cycles for power change are variant across areas.

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The operational environment and military operations heavily rely on the underlying factor. The latter primarily influence the commander’s decision-making process during such operations (Ward, 2016). The most important factor in the political sphere is a form of governance, where the conditions can be authoritarian or democratic. Thus, military operations need to consider that a region’s interests are represented by either one authority or masses. Military force condition in the environment is the lack of strong air force, which means that air clash will meet a minor resistance during military operations (“The Caucasus,” n.d.). The economic condition is oil, which makes the oil reserves an important influencer, and these will be essential checkpoints during operations.

Social conditions are manifested in the presence of both Islam and Christianity, which makes the negotiating environment widely variant, and military actions need to consider the potential for radicalism. Information condition is the level of control, which can make any operations to be perceived as hostile by masses, and thus, the environment relies on transparency (Kaune, 2016). Infrastructure condition is the lack of a transportation network, which can hinder the deliverance and military movement across the regions. The main condition in the physical environment is the fact that the territory is highly mountainous, which makes land operations less preferred, and thus, the air force is relevant (“The Caucasus,” n.d.). Lastly, time condition is the use of the Gregorian calendar, which means that all regions follow similar patterns, and military actions may not consider or adjust these differences.


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