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Developing a Safe Work Policy for Employees

The key safety and OSHA compliance issues to be reviewed in ensuring that the employees working in the premises are safe; the work equipment and infrastructure in use are not endangered; and that costs related to injuries are not incurred as well as avoiding OSHA inspections include the following. To begin with the duty of the workers; every single one of them must adhere to the health and safety rules put in place, as well as utilize or wear all necessary job gear and tools that include items like Helmets. Employees should also adhere to the safe work practices directed by the employer in carrying out their respective jobs. Workers should further assume the initiative of making known any harmful situations they come across within the workplace to an administrator, safety administrator or the safety board. In the case that the employer does not fix the hazardous condition; then the employee should report the issue to the OSHA officials (Hopwood &Thompson, 2006).

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With regard to the responsibility of the employer; the company should provide training, medical assessment and record maintenance regarding the health status and safety awareness of employees. The corporation should also examine the workplace conditions, equipment, tools and their maintenance to ensure that they meet the OSHA standards. The corporation should employ the use of placards, color codes, symbols and tags to caution workers of possible threats and hazards. The company should also update or establish the operating procedures to ensure that employees adhere to safety regulations, as well as posting an OSHA poster that communicates the employees’ rights and responsibilities in the case of a hazard. The company should also be in a position to report to the OSHA offices any fatal accidents as well as keep record of work-related illnesses and injuries. Additionally, the company should be able to provide the different parties with information regarding work-related illnesses on a non-discriminatory basis. The company should also be able to correct areas of violations pointed out by OSHA within the deadlines given (Hopwood &Thompson, 2006).

The personnel at the office towers should ensure that all employees enter the premises through the main gateway. At the main gateway, there should be a detection system to detect items like firearms, explosives and metallic tools. From the main gateway, the detection system should relay any such cases to the tower security; so that they can administer an individual check. The company should also install CCTV cameras to monitor the movements of employees as they enter and within the premises, so as to ensure that their conduct is not questionable. Employees should also be required to provide an identification badge at the entrance; where one of the tower officers working together with the tower officials through radio and telephone communication will be situated. Other individuals entering the premises should be subjected to individual inspection as well as providing identification documents; and in the case of minors’ identification, the adults accompanying them should provide the information (Sweet, 2003).

Any vehicles and individuals delivering goods at the premises and the different floors should be screened at the entry using the detection system, to ensure they are not carrying any questionable items. Employees going out should be subjected to screening and inspection when deemed important, to ensure they don’t leave with company property or bring in questionable items. At the entry points for each floor; there should be a security officer to monitor anything moved into or out of the different floors and offices. The measure of using metal detection systems would ensure that items like firearms and explosives that threaten the safety of workers, are not allowed into the premises. Personal checking as a procedural control; will ensure that the property of the company is safe from theft by employees as they leave. This measure will also be vital in ensuring that employees are not used by the company’s rivals or enemies, to plant threats like bombs into the company premises. Employees should also report at the security desk as they enter or leave the premises; taking account of their moves as monitored by the CCTV cameras, so as to be held suspects incase of security threats that could be associated to their moves (Sweet, 2003).

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