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Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Patient Teaching

Diabetes and high blood pressure (HBP) are widespread diseases that impact many population groups of various ages, ethnic and social origins, and living conditions. However, the impact of these health conditions on people may be quite different. For instance, it is more difficult to control diabetes and HBP in elderly patients than in younger citizens. Therefore, physicians need to develop detailed teaching plans for their patients, which would eliminate the adverse impact of the diseases and help people keep a normal lifestyle. A teaching plan is common for all patients, but there are some specific requirements for elderly and male patients.

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Self-Assessment Measures

Elderly males suffering from HBP and diabetes should be instructed to perform the basic self-assessment operations, such as checking blood pressure regularly, monitoring blood glucose levels every day, and checking skin to notice any significant changes, which might mean serious complications. When the patient is instructed about these basic procedures, the risk of unexpected complications is significantly decreased. Gradually, a person will learn not only to determine these features but also to assess the measurements and notice any significant changes.

Diet, Medications, and Stress Management

Doctors need to teach patients with diabetes and HBP about the significance of proper diet and medicines. An elderly male with these diseases should realize the importance of regular meal times, sufficient intake of fruit and vegetables, counting the carbohydrates he consumes, a restricted amount of alcoholic drinks, and an ample amount of water consumption.

The teaching plan should also incorporate getting the patient acquainted with the basic medicines, which can relieve acute disease symptoms quickly and the everyday drugs needed to sustain proper condition.

Managing stress is a crucial issue in HBP conditions. The patient should be instructed about relaxation techniques such as muscle relaxation or meditation to eliminate high blood pressure and allow the organism to function normally.

Safety and Health Promotion Activities

Certain kinds of physical activity can enhance the patient’s well-being and improve his health status. It may take some time to see the results, but they will appear in a couple of weeks. In the case of an older adult, the amount of exercise may be limited, but the age should not prevent the man from trying this way to improve his condition. Even moderate activity, when it is regular, can help to enhance a person’s condition. Physical activity can promote the improvement of many aspects of older people’s conditions. First of all, it enhances their memory. What concerns diabetes issues, activity promotes lowering of blood glucose levels, and readjusts blood flow. Specific outcomes for HBP patients include lowered blood pressure and keep weight controlled. Additionally, the physical activity allows to regulate the sleep pattern and helps people relax easier. The possibility to burn extra calories provided by physical activity is invaluable for elderly male patients with HBP and diabetes, and excessive weight is frequently a case in such conditions, and extra weight produces adverse outcomes on the organism.


Patient teaching plan for an elderly male suffering from HBP and diabetes does not differ significantly from diabetes and HBP patients’ general teaching methods. Such people should be instructed about self-assessment methods, dietary and medication peculiarities, and the importance of the psychical activity. Particular elements of the patient teaching plan for elderly males are concerned with alcohol consumption and the rate of psychical activity.

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