Diabetic Nutritional Plan

Diabetic nutritional plan for a 15-year-old type 1 diabetes mellitus patient suggests having three meals and two snacks between them, in order to keep the consumption of food even throughout the day. The patient is expected to eat at approximately the same time every day, in order to develop a healthy schedule. Recommended diet includes fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk and margarine, grains and oatmeal, chicken and fish, as well as various soups. The patient’s food should contain a healthy dose of carbohydrates and protein, as well as small amounts of healthy fat. The unhealthy sources of fats, such as butter, sugary treats, and similar products are to be avoided. Their consumption could increase the level of glucose in the blood, which is dangerous for diabetics.

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The patient should check the level of glucose and insulin according to the schedule given out by the doctor. As a rule, however, the patient should monitor these levels at least 4 times a day using a glucose meter, which requires a drop of blood in order to analyze glucose. Insulin levels are usually measured using the same device.

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes mellitus include thirst, weakness, and fatigue after exercise, frequent urination, weight loss, and blurred vision. Mood changes and irritability are also rather common (“Symptoms,” n.d.). However, these symptoms are similar to a variety of other diseases, and it takes additional tests, such as taking blood samples, in order to positively identify a case of type 1 diabetes mellitus.


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