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Discussion of Essay Development

Essay development pattern refers to different techniques writers employ in developing ideas. It assists the writers in categorizing information to shape paragraphs that make up an essay. Patterns of essay development are also used in outline organization based on the purpose of writing to determine the form of the paper (Budiyono, 2020). There is a variety of important deliberations that are made while developing an essay. Such concerns are significant since they impact the performance and the effectiveness of the essay. Topic is the primary crucial aspect used in writing a paper (Fatsah et al., 2020). The subject is described as the general subject of an essay.

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Most of the topics taken by the essay should be simple and described by a word or phrase. The subject matter leads to the main idea the author or writer would like to talk about. The topic is important since it supports and substantiates the thesis statement of an essay and directs the sentence orders and the contents to be used in each paragraph. Additionally, the topic advises the essay reader about the issue of discussion and the thought line of every paragraph.

The outline makes another significant consideration of essay development. It helps organize and construct the essay thoughtfully and sequentially to create the flow. The other important deliberation while developing an article is the audience. The person or people you are writing to or the potential readers of the essay are the audiences (Fatsah et al., 2020). The audience of an academic essay may be the class professor, examiner, thesis committee, or advisors. Accounting for the audience helps the writer shape the content of the piece.

Introduction is the fourth noteworthy concern of essay development. It is the essay’s opening that informs the audience about the topic of writing. The introduction is where the stance or the opinion of the topic is stated. It creates the first impression of the essay to the audience and therefore is very important. The other essential consideration of essay development is the body. This aspect of the essay is vital since it is the part where the main points forming the basis of the topic being discussed. The body completely develops the arguments delineated in the introduction in paragraph form containing major points. Conclusion is the last key consideration in essay writing. This part of the paper’s development summaries the points of the essay and the writer’s overall discussion viewpoint.

The text suggests and determines my point of view in various ways. The first way the text suggests and determines my viewpoint is on the choice of the right topic. My viewpoint is that developing a good essay selection of a relevant and manageable topic is necessary to enhance the idea development success. For example, one should choose a topic like ‘The Role of Mobile Phone on Communication’ rather than ‘The mechanisms of Mobile Phone in Communication,’ which might make one make the worst mistakes in the process of how the phone operates in communication. The text also determines my viewpoint on the significance of outline in improving essays sequence and flow (Budiyono, 2020).

For example, when handling an assignment essay outlining is important before writing since it makes an efficient control mechanism for the writer to see where they could stray out of the topic. Therefore, the outline helps to focus on the topic and sequentially arrange ideas.

My viewpoint of audience consideration to shape what is to be included in the essay is also determined by the text. For example, if guidelines of the professor (the audience) direct that the paper is to be drafted in simple language, the writer should not include jargon and other technical languages. The text also suggests the creation of an introduction to highlight the opinion fronted by the topic of the essay. For example, the introduction of the subject matter ‘The Role of Mobile Phone on Communication’ should be developed to develop the right image in the reader’s mind.

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Furthermore, the text suggests and determines the creation of the body as an important part of the essay. The text recognizes that the body that forms the basis of the whole essay’s discussion points. It is the essay’s bread and butter that determines what each paragraph is to contain. For example, the significant points of the essay could be the social roles of mobile phones in communication. This point could expound how the mobile phone has improved communication among people in society, resulting in the peaceful coexistence and economic connections that have enhanced people’s livelihoods. Finally, the text suggests and determines that the conclusion is a phenomenal part of the essay.

The essay is incomplete until the overall summary is written in the conclusion. For example, the conclusion of the essay on the roles of phones in communication should provide a summary of the social, economic, political, and cultural roles of mobile phones in communication to make a comprehensively developed essay.


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