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Research in Teacher Decision Making

Work as a teacher involves a wide range of knowledge in various fields. Teachers should be professionals in their area of specialization and be able to give students reliable information. First, they will be authoritative among students, which will positively affect the educational process. Second, this will allow them to make better decisions when teaching, for example, when checking homework or tests. However, knowledge of only one subject cannot guarantee the highest professionalism.

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In addition to scientific knowledge, teachers should conduct research in the field of pedagogy and psychology. These areas of expertise significantly expand their responsibilities, but allow them to become much better professionals. Thanks to research, decision-making depends not only on the intuition or the teachers’ desires. These decisions are based on a solid methodological and scientific basis; they are balanced and correct in terms of education. Thus, students will be more confident in the justice of the praise or punishment of teachers. In addition, they will be brought up in the most appropriate and beneficial conditions for them. All this contributes to the best possible quality of education and the development of full-fledged, successful society members.

One of the skills a teacher needs is knowledge of classrooms. Fortunately, this topic has been studied quite well, so educators have every opportunity to get information about it. In addition, they can educate their students daily by giving them lessons and thus getting experience. Teachers mostly concentrate on their practice, trying to get a deep understanding of the process (Eggen & Kauchak, 2019). However, many neglect this need and rely only on their personal principles. As a result, they do not always make the right decisions and make mistakes both in communication with students and teaching. Nevertheless, a good knowledge of each student and their unity allows communicating with them most productively. Hence, teachers can give different tasks to various students or even communicate with each of them taking a special approach. Thus, teachers should not only teach students but also always learn themselves, improving the educational process.


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