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Discussion of “Tiling a Bathroom Floor”

Phrasing Of the Specific Purpose and the Main Ideas

The specific purpose tells the audience the main intention of the speech which may include, “to inform, to persuade, or to entertain. Undoubtedly, the specific purpose provided in the speech Outline about “Tilling a Bathroom Floor” is properly phrased because it communicates the intention of the speech to the audience. Conventionally, the main idea should be one sentence long and should relate to the topic, the general as well as the specific purpose of the speech. The main idea should precisely and inform the audience what the whole speech is all about. Arguably, the central idea in the Tiling a Bathroom Floor achieves the objective mentioned above.

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Functions of Introduction

Grabbing Attention of the Audience

A good speech introduction should capture the attention of the audience and persuade them to listen attentively to the speech from the beginning to the end. To achieve the attention of the audience the speaker can use several introducing strategies such as the use of questions or facts. In this case, the speaker could have posed a question to the audience to capture their attention.

Presenting the Topic

A speech introduction serves to give the audience a clear view of the topic of the speech. At this point, the speaker arouses the interest of the audience by giving them a reason to listen. The outline provided does not present the speech topic in the introduction clearly, the Speaker omits mentioning the keywords.

Explains the relevance of the topic

Thirdly, an introduction to a speech also explains how the significance of the speech topic to the audience.1In the outline provided the speaker achieves this goal by explaining how learning to do tiling can help the audience save money.

Presents the Purpose of the Speech

The fourth function served by an introduction is to present the purpose of the speech to the audience. In the introduction of the speech outline on Tiling, a Bathroom Floor the speaker presents the purpose of the speech as (“…teaching you how to make your look great”).

Presenting a Summary of Main Ideas in a Speech

Lastly, the function of the introduction is to present the main points in brief. From an analytical point of view, the introduction part of the speech Outline states the main points clearly as the speaker uses a general statement (…three things).

Organizational Pattern

Generally, the clear pattern of a speech should show the introduction, body, and conclusion, a condition the “Tiling a Bathroom Floor” speech outline satisfies. Organizational patterns are essential in helping the speaker to arrange their central points in a speech. For instance, speakers can use either, chronological, topical, spatial, cause-and-effect Monroe’s sequence or problem-solution patterns. Among patterns mentioned above the speech outline on “Tiling a Bathroom” shows a chronological arrangement of the main points as the speaker starts with the tools, then materials and ends with a step-by-step process of installing tiles on a bathroom floor.

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Transitioning Through the Main Ideas

Transition through the main points of a speech helps in establishing smooth boundaries between two different ideas. In addition, transitioning helps both the speaker and the audience to create a cohesive relationship between the previous point and the current one. There are several types of speech transition which include, similarity, compare and contrasts, explanatory, and numbered points. The latter is the most suitable for a speech illustrating a procedure or a process such as “Tiling a Bathroom Floor” because it can signal the beginning of the entire process to its end stepwise. By numbering the points the listeners can easily identify the number of steps required to tile a bathroom floor and their chronology. By looking at the speech outline about “Tiling a Bathroom” the speaker fails number some of the main points consistently which can make it hard for listeners to understand how the steps follow each other.

Functions Served by the Conclusion

A conclusion of a speech has two main functions which include, summarizing and reminding the audience of the main points and closing the speech. The conclusion in the Tiling a Bathroom Floor speech satisfies the above two functions but the speaker can make the conclusion more appealing to the listener by using a logical closure which provided listeners with a take-away message.

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