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Modern and Postmodern Nonfiction

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Choose one of NUVHS’s ESLR’s and write a short essay explaining the importance of that result for today’s youth. National University Virtual High School students will be able to become effective communicators. They will learn how to use the tone of voice so that communication is effective and brings the desired result. Students will also have the opportunity to learn how to effectively use many forms of communication and improve their skills through various forms of multimedia and technologies. These skills will help students achieve positive results through negotiations both in everyday life and at work.
Choose one of the Common Core 11/12 Literature standards and writs a short essay explaining why it is important that the youth learn that standard in school. One of the Common Core 11/12 Literature standards is an anchor standard. Students must be able to study the texts and draw logical conclusions carefully. In order to confirm the findings made, it is necessary to be able to cite the evidence found in the text. Moreover, when using this standard, students will be able to identify the main ideas of the text and analyze them. This standard will help students explore the structure of texts and identify how specific parts of the text are related to each other. This standard also helps to understand how the point of view forms the purpose and main idea of the text.

Speeches & Debates

Speeches are designed to be persuasive and motivational. Create a list of the things Churchill and Blair did to persuade and motivate their listeners.
  • Verbosity and old-fashioned vocabulary
  • Formal linguistic tools
  • Ethos, pathos and logos
  • Repetition
  • Historical argumentation
  • Citation
Choose a topic that you feel people need persuasion and motivation towards. Write a speech using similar tactics as Churchill and Blair. Remember to think of any opposing points of view, and address those in your speech. You can earn extra credit if you attach a video of you presenting your speech. I believe that people need to unite to fight racial discrimination. Discrimination has no place in the modern world, and discrimination must be eliminated. Martin Luther King said “We must learn to live together like brothers, or perish together like fools.” People actively fought against discrimination in 1960 and 2021, so it is time to end this struggle and start living a quiet life in a society where everyone is equal. People talk too much about ethics, although they often forget about it. We must remember that there is no higher or lower race. All people are equal, and we need to preserve the idea of equality and carry it through all generations. So the society has a chance to survive and maintain unity.

Essays & Editorials

Both of the essays you read in this unit were making a social commentary. The Editorial section in newspapers is full of social commentaries. Find an editorial article in your local newspaper that speaks to you. You may either agree or disagree with what the article is saying. Write a letter to the editor of the paper expressing your viewpoints on that topic. Extra credit will be earned if your letter is printed (you will need to submit a link so your teacher can view the letter on the newspaper’s website). After reading your article about the racial discrimination that resulted in the death of a black man, I would like to say that I agree with it. Probably, by reading such articles, people will pay attention to the problems that surround them. After all, the issue of discrimination is acute in our time. It is a pity that some people at the head of state and political weight are not set up to fight racism. Even despite such a clash of interests of the whole society and the people connected with the country’s governance, there is still an active struggle against inequality in society. There is no doubt that people like you raise this issue in the newspapers to attract the attention of other people. Only by uniting people will they be able to overcome the problems of modern society.
Look at the political cartoons in your local newspaper or some current ones online. Political cartoons are another method of a social commentary, usually using satire as humor. Choose a topic you feel could be used as a political satire and create a political cartoon. You won’t be graded on your artistic capabilities or your humor, but on your over-all ability to use satire to make a social commentary. The coronavirus pandemic has brought about significant changes in the global economy. They affected many people, and everything has changed very dramatically and does not stop changing. The global economy is depicted in the form of a snail, which is surrounded by a coronavirus infection. She has hidden in the shell and is waiting for the coronavirus to disappear to and to be able to get out of the shell again. It does not want to change rapidly under the influence of the virus but wants to “crawl” again as before the pandemic.

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