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Diversity Training for Student Leaders

It is worth noting that with a highly globalized world all sectors including institutions of learning are highly characterized with diversity. People from different cultural backgrounds have found themselves studying together. It is important for institutions of learning to put in place a mechanism that will address the discontent as well as outrage of learners who have gone through an act of alienation or a hostile environment in the institutions of learning. Institutions of higher learning have come up with organs that help impart diversity and multicultural knowledge and skills to student leaders. An example is the Institute for Student Leadership sponsored by Central State University. However the organ has not put into consideration diversity awareness or a multicultural component.

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The multicultural issues and dynamics that play a role in this scenario where Kara has tried to infuse the issue of multiculturalism include the changing nature of student body in terms of race, ethnicity and other important social differences. In my view race seems to play a predominant role. The Chinese students find it difficult or ineffective to fix the issue of multiculturalism and diversity in a schedule already planned and circulated to members.

This might be attributed to the Chinese culture where everything should stick to the initial plan. On the other hand, Corlisse Jordan sees no problem when a diversity session is included in the schedule. While Eric’s view will carter for the interests of those individuals who will be offended by programs that are fixed without prior planning, it will deny the student leaders the opportunity to fully understand the concept of student diversity.

On the other hand, Corlisse’s view to continue with the activity will ensure that students and their leaders become aware of pertinent issues concerning diversity. The challenges faced by learners from different backgrounds will be fully understood and steps taken to ensure that they are comfortable in their new environment. However for those who like sticking to a program and are sensitive to cultural issues this will not auger well with them.

Multicultural awareness refers to a greater understanding, sensitivity as well as appreciation of history, values, experiences as well as lifestyles of an individuals or individuals in terms of race, ethnicity and gender among others. In this case Eric seems to show high level of multicultural awareness. He clearly knows the differences in culture between Chinese and the American way of live. Cultural knowledge is demonstrated by Corlisse when she talked to the student leaders about diversity and multiculturalism. On the other hand Kara has shown an understanding of multicultural skills.

She managed to talk to people from different cultures, for instance she talked with Eric and fully understood his reactions. The later was open with his answers which can only happen when the other party has skills to accommodate cultures of other people. From this case it is evident that every individual is aware of multiculturalism. Concerning multicultural knowledge all the three individuals seem to show high degree of multicultural knowledge and skills.

If I was Kara, I would not fix the issue of diversity and multiculturalism in the present meeting. However I will make the audience understand that the next and subsequent meetings, we will be having activities tied to multiculturalism and diversity. When asked about why there is no diversity program or activity, Kara should say that there is need to make everyone aware of the activity before the same is included in the schedule. There are some who will be disturbed when ambushed with culture and diversity talks. Kara should promise them that the next and subsequent meetings will have activities on diversity.

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