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DNA and RNA Transcription

The process of DNA transcription takes place in several stages, during which RNA is first recorded, information from which organizes amino acids into proteins. As a result, the same sequences are transmitted in the cells, preserving certain traits. DNA must be copied and transferred to daughter cells with a vast number of nucleotides in the correct lines throughout a person’s life. Although the process of DNA replication and transcription is quite accurate, errors sometimes appear.

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Such mistakes can occur at the step of transcription of DNA into RNA or during translating RNA into proteins. For example, when reading a DNA nucleotide sequence, an error may occur, and the sequence may not be copied correctly. The same violation can appear during the translation process of RNA with the participation of 20 amino acids (ljcp2010777, 2010). Thus, the entire transcription process depends on the reading and reduplication of the letter sequence, which can be disturbed in two cases. Proteins are the building materials for the human body, so such abnormalities can lead to mutations in genes, which can then be passed to other cells. Such unforeseen changes can also be transmitted to the offspring; in the case of an error in the reproductive cell, the changes become permanent. However, the DNA translation mechanism can be used for deliberate changes, such as inoculation.

As for the vaccination against flu, it should be done for children before going to school as it primarily protects them from infections, viruses, and severe disease consequences. The artificial introduction of a sample of viral DNA into the human body helps to synthesize proteins, which are then transformed into peptides and are involved in immune processes. Hospital workers, before reporting to work, should not be vaccinated unless they were not inoculated in childhood. The genetic information in their cells is preserved throughout life and is reduplicated in the same form. Thus, there is no need to re-vaccinate healthy workers since the introduction of the DNA of the virus is necessary once.

The process of transcribing DNA, writing RNA, and communicating information to make proteins is extremely complex, and sometimes, errors appear. At the stages of transcription and translation, a violation in the sequence of letters or amino acids can occur, which can then lead to mutations. Due to this DNA replication mechanism, vaccination of children is effective in preventing infections, viruses, and the development of severe diseases.


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